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Wholesale Champagne Bottles Manufacturer

Glass champagne bottles are suitable packaging for wines and champagnes. They help maintain the desired temperature of the stored beverage. Roetell supplies glass champagne bottles in different sizes, designs, and capacity. We wholesale mini champagne bottles, large champagne bottles, colored glass wine bottles, and clear champagne bottles in bulk . Our bottles are FDA-grade and in high-quality, making them safe for champagne and wine consumers. We offer different tints for our champagne bottles, we have bottles tinted with green and amber, while some are transparent. Our wholesale champagne bottles are available in different capacities 375mL, 500mL, and 750mL. You can ensure that the champagne are well-secured because they have cork caps.

If you are into packing champagnes and wines, it is best to purchase glass champagne bottles in bulk from Roetell. If your needs are not listed, you can get in touch with us. We can assist you in customizing the bottle shape, decorations, tints, and capacity, depending on your needs.Our premium bottles enhance your brand image, leaving a lasting impression on customers. Discover the perfect bottles for your celebration and experience the difference with Roetell Glass.

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Full Solutions From Custom Champagne Bottles

Roetell has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing premium quality custom champagne bottles. We offer both traditional and modernized designs. At Roetell Glass, we understand that every brand is unique, which is why we offer fully customizable champagne bottles tailored to your exact specifications. From color and shape to logo and size, we give you complete control over every aspect of your bottle design, ensuring it perfectly embodies your brand identity and vision.Choose from a wide range of colors to match your brand palette, experiment with different shapes to make a statement, and prominently feature your logo to enhance brand recognition. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design or a classic and elegant aesthetic, our expert team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Glass Champagne Bottle Size

Our champagne bottles are available in a versatile range of sizes, allowing you to cater to various packaging requirements and target markets. Among them, 75ml, 375ml, 500ml, and 750ml champagne bottles are more common and we can ship them quickly. You can also make a custom order for other sizes to customize champagne bottle for special functions or unique champagne blends.

Glass Champagne Bottle Colors

Choose from an array of champagne bottle colors such as olive green, brown, dark green, clear, and classic green. Colored champagne bottles are vital for safeguarding your champagne from sunlight exposure. With our color spray process, you can customize your bottle with any desired color.

Glass Champagne Bottle Shapes

We manufacture champagne bottle designs such as the the slim neck champagne bottlest,a broader-shaped bottles and standard champagne bottle shape.Whatever your preferred design may be, we're here to bring it to life. Our team specializes in customizing designs. From conceptual drawings to tangible samples, we're dedicated to realizing your vision with precision and excellence.

Glass Champagne Bottle Neck Dimensions

Roetell glass champagne bottles have elongated lengths that make it easy to serve bubbly. On width, the necks measure about 18mm to fit a standard champagne cork.

Glass Champagne Bottle Caps

Champagne is ordinarily sealed using a cork to preserve the taste and gas content of the bubbly. We, therefore, manufacture champagne bottle necks with cork finishes.

Glass Champagne Finish Options

We offer numerous finish options including frosting and spray painting. They are all carefully done and do not interfere with bottle density. You could also opt for a limited-edition custom engraved champagne bottle.

Supply Champagne Bottles In Bulk For Packaging Sparkling Wines

Over the years we have perfected our champagne bottle-making skills. We also continue to invest in research to keep up with the latest trends in the market.

Our custom champagne bottles are designed to preserve the crisp fizziness of your bubbly. Each bottle boasts reliable UV protection and features a generous punt, facilitating optimal sediment separation during extended storage. Moreover, our customizable options extend to the neck design, ensuring a perfect fit for corks to prevent leaks and unwanted oxygenation. Elevate your brand with our tailored solutions, where every detail is carefully considered to meet your exact specifications and enhance your product presentation

Empty Champagne Bottle Supplier and Wholesaler

Roetell is one of China’s most reliable champagne bottle manufacturers and suppliers. We offer durable empty champagne bottles and glasses for sale that come in different designs, sizes, and capacities. If you have special requirements for your champagne products, we can customize the bottles for you. You can trust Roetell for your champagne packaging needs because we already have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Ready to take your champagne packaging to the next level? Partner with Roetell Glass and experience the difference that custom-designed bottles can make for your brand. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and get started on creating the perfect champagne bottles for your business.

custom small or mini champagne bottles

Whether used as party favors, wedding table decorations, or corporate gifts, mini champagne bottles add a touch of glamour to any occasion.Contact us quickly to customize your brand!

375ml champagne bottles in stock 

The size 375ml is relatively common. we have a variety of ready-made styles for you to choose from.just contact our sales team to get more details!

750ml chmapange bottles in stock 

The 750ml champagne bottle, a timeless classic, reigns as the most popular choice, embodying elegance and sophistication.


Champagne Bottle Sizes

Champagne bottle sizes range from the small or mini 187ml champagne bottle to standard 375ml,750ml to larger formats like magnums (1.5L) and Jeroboams (3L), each offering versatility for different occasions. Magnum bottles, equivalent to two standard bottles, are popular for celebrations, offering extended aging potential due to slower maturation. Jeroboams, equivalent to four standard bottles, are ideal for grand gatherings, allowing ample servings for a larger group. Beyond these, larger formats such as Methuselahs (6L) and Nebuchadnezzars (15L) add grandeur to special events, often reserved for extravagant affairs or prestigious occasions. Each size not only enhances presentation but also influences Champagne’s aging process, making it essential for connoisseurs and collectors to choose wisely based on their preferences and the event’s scale.

Empty Champagne Bottles Wholesale in Roetell

Roetell accepts wholesale orders from our customers. Our own champagne bottle manufacturing facility is capable of producing a complete line of glass bottles as well as closures for your champagne packaging needs. We can help you increase your sales by providing you with safe and high-quality champagne glass bottles with the following advantages:

#1 Thicker & Heavier

Our champagne glass bottles are thicker and heavier, unlike ordinary champagne bottles. Thus, they can withstand the pressure from carbonation and can contain the bubbles that you see when you open a champagne bottle. Plus, they have rounder bottoms with deeper punts to make pouring the drink easier.

#2 Available in Tinted Colors

If you do not want to use clear champagne glass bottles, you can choose from our tinted bottles in brown, green, and dark green colors for a more aesthetic appearance.

#3 Customizable Design & Label

Our designers can help you create a lasting brand impression by customizing champagne bottles to match your branding. Having remarkable labeling and design for your champagne bottles will help boost your brand’s familiarity.

#4 Special Corks as Closures

We provide special corks to complete your champagne bottle’s look. They are mushroom-shaped to keep the dissolved carbon dioxide gas from escaping the bottle. Moreover, the corks have wire clips on top to prevent accidental opening.

Buy Champagne Bottles in Bulk

Roetell has been working with different companies for more than 30 years so we can assure you that we can meet your company’s demands. We can provide you with wholesale empty champagne glass bottles and mini champagne bottles in bulk. We have green, dark green, brown, and transparent champagne bottles in 75 ml, 500 ml, and 750 ml capacities. We also have big belly champagne glass bottles if you are looking for one.

Aside from storing and packaging champagne, our glass bottles are also suitable for storing red wine and sparkling wine. If you have specific requirements, we provide design and customization services to make sure that you get champagne bottles that meet your standards. Roetell’s design team can help you improve your brand strategy by using the latest visual design techniques to boost your brand image as well as your sales. You can reduce your expenses if you buy champagne bottles in bulk from us.

The choice to use glass bottles as a preferred material for containing champagne goes beyond just simple aesthetics. Glass champagne bottles are specifically designed to contain the iconic bubbles that come out when opening a bottle. Compared to ordinary wine bottles, glass champagne bottles are made thicker and heavier to withstand the pressure from carbonation. They also have a rounder lower part and a deeper punt at the bottom to aid pouring the drink.

Create a memorable and lasting brand with an elegant glass champagne bottle design to match the content. As champagne is usually part of memorable moments, having a standout design and labeling for your glass champagne bottle will boost the familiarity of your brand. Create the perfect look for your glass champagne bottle with the help of our dedicated design team, applying brand strategy and visual design techniques for your product.
Our wholesale champagne bottles use a specialized type of cork to complete the look. Far from the usual wine cork, glass champagne bottles have a mushroom-shaped cork specifically designed to keep gas from escaping the bottle. A wire clip called “agrafe” is then placed over the cork to secure it even further to avoid accidental opening. We offer mushroom-shaped corks to close glass champagne bottles and can be custom-designed to complement the look of the bottle.

What Are Champagne Bottles Made Of?

Champagne bottles need to be able to withstand the high pressure exerted by the carbon dioxide gas content in champagne. In light of this, we manufacture champagne bottles using premium quality glass that is thicker than the glass used for standard bottles. This ensures that your champagne remains well-preserved despite temperature changes or it being shaken during transportation. 

Additionally, we provide carefully sterilized corks and closures for sealing Roetell champagne bottles. They meet all stipulated food and beverage safety standards. Both the glass champagne bottles and corks that we offer are non-reactive and do not alter the original taste of the drink. 

Fulfill Made-to-Order Bulk Champagne Bottles With Strong Designs

Unlock your wholesale champagne bottle needs with our made-to-order service, delivering bulk quantities of strong, stylish designs. From mini to 750ml, our clear and color champagne bottles exude quality and elegance, perfect for any occasion.

Choosing us as your champagne bottle suppliers gives you full access to our customization services. We will work with you to give your champagne bottles a distinctly fresh look complete with custom champagne bottle shape and logo

Do you need custom bottles for a special event? Our team will develop equally special bottle designs to ensure you toast in style. You can also order our mini champagne bottles in bulk and have them customized for festive occasions. 

Why choose Roetell glass bottle & packaging?

Package design from concept to commercialization

Our expert team of designers handles packaging and design solutions from start to finish, catering to any business needs. Combining product design and visual branding, they work with you to create the perfect bottle design for your product, along with matching closures and packaging graphics.

Turnkey decorating & labeling

Teaming up with the design team, our skilled glass artisans translate the design concepts and turn them into reality. Utilizing various decorating techniques like frosting and spray coating, they create glass juice bottles that pop out of the shelf and get your target market’s attention.

Streamlined supply chain for closures and packing

We lessen the traditionally-long manufacturing supply chain by creating most components in-house. Glass juice containers created on-site while caps, closures and other accessories are assembled onsite to avoid missing parts or quantities not matching. It also lessens the manufacturing time and overall cost by cutting down on transportation time across multiple warehouses.

Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We provide assistance in inventory management through the use of our order system and delivery options. The minimum order requirement for glass juice containers is 1000 bottles, and juice bottles are delivered on time to ensure orders are fulfilled. We also manage the internal inventory of glass juice containers to make sure we have available stock of common products for faster delivery.

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