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Glass Flask Bottles

Glass Flask Bottles

Packaging is vital in marketing your product to a broader audience and strengthening your brand. And whether you’re a budding business or an established name in the industry, containing your products in high-quality glass flask bottles will exponentially boost your profits. For glass flask bottles that you and your customers can rely on, Roetell is your one-stop solution. We’re industry experts with the skill, experience, and manufacturing prowess to produce world-class glass flask bottles in large volumes and at competitive prices. Combined with a team of seasoned designers, vast customization options, and robust supply management housed in our facility located in Xuzhou, China, we can fulfill your requirements with minimal stress and worries. Time to bring your business to the next level with Roetell’s glass flask bottle expertise and skills by your side. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation and see how our glass flask bottles can help you achieve your goals.

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Diversify Your Business with Custom Glass Flask Bottles

These glass flask bottles come in various sizes to suit your requirements. Get the stylish supplies you need to start in no time!

Glass Flask Bottle Sizes

Whether you’re offering 200ml glass or larger flask bottles to your customers, we have you covered. We can also add labels to show how much they have consumed.

Glass Flask Bottle Shapes

Get glass flask bottles in a cylindrical shape for that classic look, or go the creative route with specialized glass flask bottle shapes like square, hourglass, or oval.

Glass Flask Bottle Colors

From clear glass flask bottles showing the purity of their contents to amber glass flask bottles that help preserve the contents from sunlight, we can make them precisely as you need.

Glass Flask Bottle Neck Dimension

Make your flask glass bottles stand out from peers with different neck styles that reflect your products and branding. Long, sleek necks give off a sophisticated look, while short, stout ones make them more accessible.

Glass Flask Bottle Closure/Lid/Cap Styles

Top off your flask glass bottles with various closure styles that will capture your market’s interest. We have pop-up closures, screwtops, and even tamper-evident closures.

Glass Flask Bottle Finish Options

Give your wholesale glass flask bottles a lasting appeal with Roetell’s diverse finishing options, including detailed decals, frosting, spray painting, and hot stamping.

What Are Glass Flask Bottles

Glass flask bottles are known worldwide for their classic flat, cylindrical shape and are commonly used to contain liquors and spirits. Made from thick glass, its durability and versatility allow this container to hold different liquids while placing the contents front and center for consumers to see.

In addition to its beloved design, glass flask bottles are easy to customize for a distinct and appealing look. And with the popularity of glass flask bottles, they’ve become the go-to container for other products. Some of these products include marinades, sauces, and syrups, to name a few.

Why Glass Flask Bottles for Liquor Packaging

The advent of modern technology has brought multiple container options to carry liquor and spirits to the market. While plastic bottles have been one of the most popular varieties, glass flask bottles still provide distinct advantages that make them the better container option.

The following are just some of the strong points that glass flask bottles offer for businesses:

• Glass has a classy and sophisticated look that makes the product more valuable in the eyes of prospective buyers.

• Glass is impermeable compared to other materials, preserving the integrity and quality of its contents better.

• As glass flask bottles are made from natural materials, they are non-toxic and non-porous, preventing contamination even after carrying the contents for a long time.

• Glass flask bottles can be washed, reused, and sterilized, ready for the next batch of contents. Thus, it’s a cost-effective option for a long-term investment.

Top-of-the-Line Glass Production Facility: Roetell’s Secret to Success

Roetell is committed to becoming the leading glass flask bottle manufacturer in China, and we’re achieving this through constant modernization. By adopting the latest production equipment and implementing modern manufacturing processes in our plants, we can ensure the fast-paced completion of large-volume orders while maintaining the consistent quality and competitive prices we’re known for.
Regarding quality control, we adhere to the strictest quality standards throughout the production process. Each step is taken at the highest level, with meticulous inspections to weed out subpar glass flask bottles so your customers only get the best.
roetell design

Doing Custom Glass Flask Bottles Like No Other

Personalized glass flask bottles are more than just for aesthetics – it gives your products more character and identity. As a seasoned glass flask bottle manufacturer, Roetell understands this and provides various customization services to bring this idea to fruition.
Roetell only offers the highest level of customization services to help make your glass flask bottles faithfully identify with your branding. From impactful designs and custom labeling that speak to your customers to completing your bottles with exquisite decals and finishes, each detail is intentionally placed by our experts to make your glass flask bottles more identifiable.

Why Roetell Glass Flask Bottles Wholesale

Seasoned Glass Flask Bottle Manufacturers for Over Four Decades

With Roetell’s mature production process and the reliable expertise of our design team, you’re sure to get glass flask bottles that perfectly reflect your concepts. Whether you’re developing a new line of flask glass bottles or improving a current one, we have everything you need for fast and seamless manufacturing under one roof.

Turnkey Decoration and Labeling Experts

Elevate the visual appeal of your glass flask bottles wholesale with stunning decals and prints that will stay in place even after multiple washes. Not only does our team apply these decorations by hand and properly cure them, but we can also accommodate other design options like spray painting and electroplating.

Superior Supply Chain Management

We understand the importance of maintaining a solid supply chain for successful glass flask bottle manufacturing. To ensure top-grade and continuous large-volume glass flask bottle production, we established longstanding partnerships with well-vetted suppliers from China and globally. And with high-quality materials always within reach, we can fulfill your orders anytime.

Dependable Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

Warehousing and inventory management can be a struggle for many businesses that source products from China. With Roetell, this won’t be an issue you must deal with, as our 3.3 million sq. ft. factory and warehouse can accommodate your inventory requirements. Plus, we work with known logistics companies for safe and on-time deliveries.

Flask Glass Bottle Manufacturing that Cares for the Environment

Roetell adheres to strict sustainable and eco-friendly standards in producing glass flask bottles. Our production facility uses the latest equipment and process to reduce carbon footprint without compromising quality and consistency. We also shifted from coal to clean natural energy gas for low investment and minimal emissions.

Quality is Roetell’s Number One Priority

Knowing that your brand is only as good as the quality of your glass flask bottles, we take all steps to guarantee superior quality production. From strict material selection and design creation of your clear glass flask bottles to meticulous inspections before packaging, our expert auditors won’t let any defect or subpar product leave our warehouse.

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