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For glass smoking pleasure! We offer a gorgeous variety of glass pipes, and hand pipes for your smoking pipes supplies. From simplistic styles to heady designs, we have a pipe to fit your business or your brand.

Glass hand pipes are the classic, old school smoking device loved by United States, Australia, United Kingdom and many other countries. Often referred to as smoking a “bowl”. Our glass hand pipes shisha hookah are perfect for all kinds of smokers.

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Boost Your Custom Hummingbird Feeders Business With Roetell

Custom Sized Bulk Hummingbird Feeders

We provide customized products and services to our clients in every aspect. The regular glass feeders from Roetell are offered according to the different needs and have different sizes. These include custom feeders for different breeds of birds and provide a design according to your balconies, etc. 

Complex Designs & Shapes

There are many home decor ideas that Roetel can help come true. You can use our glass bird feeders as an excellent option for decorating your homes. Depending on the breed of teh bird, the shape and the design of the feeder can be modified so that it is hygienic and the feed is easy to access by the birds. 

Different Colors

We offer hummingbird feeders in various colors as per the customer requirements. Our customisation options make sure that you can try as many colors as you want according to your choice. You can try them to give the best look to your home or balcony. 

Different Styles

Our products come in different variants in the bird feeders category, such as sugar water feeder, peanut feeder, round dish, bottle tube, and Nyjer Finch feeder, among several others. We customize these feeders according to the clients so that they do not have to invest further in designing and modification. 

Custom Made Tray Size For Bird Feeders

A decent glass bird feeder is the one that suits the type of bird you intend to feed. The size of the tray matters a lot when you choose the best glass bird feeder. We at Roetell provide various options and designs for the feeder trays. These trays are provided keeping in mind the needs of both the buyer and the birds. 

Decent Holding Capacity

We offer in-built trays in these bird feeders that can hold an extensive amount of seeds, nuts, and suet. It helps lower the number of times the user is required to fill the fodder again. The large size of these feeders ensures that the filling cycle is shortened. 

Glass Bird Feeders

Glass Bird Feeders

Established in 1984, we are a renowned and one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality glass containers. We provide a wide range of products to our clients, including glass bottles, cosmetic jar sets, honey glass bottles, etc. We cater to several industries ranging from beverage to cosmetics. 

To address customer needs, we also offer customizable glass bird feeders. We have a dedicated team to address any problems. You can contact us anytime for any queries related to our products and services. 

Supply Glass Bird Feeders for Hummingbird

Cylindrical bird feeder

We do not limit the usage of our lightweight hummingbird glass feeders offerings. You can use and hang them at any place, at your home, garden, or farmhouse without causing any harm to the branch’s base or structure. 

Roetell manufactures glass bird feeders that are easy and quick to clean. Our product does not need the dismantling of the parts of the feeder. It only requires gentle scrubbing using a cleaning soap. 

We deal in hummingbird supplies wholesale, and we customize our offerings not only on the basis of size, shape, style and finishing process but also modify them as per the clients’ geographical and weather preferences & conditions. 

Manufacturing facility

Best-in-class Glass Bird Feeder Manufacturers

Best-in-Class Bulk Candle Jar Factory

Our manufacturing facility is based in China with a dedicated team of professionals who test the hummingbird feeders in real-life scenarios. Our production process is streamlined to provide speedy solutions with respect to both customized and standard designs, like providing a smooth-edged perfect finishing design to our glass bird feeders.

Our manufacturing process involves regular quality checks and inspections. We will provide you with complete assistance during the conceptualization and manufacturing process. Our eight production lines are more than equipped to handle bulk orders without compromising hygiene and quality. 

Customer-based Glass Bird Feeder Designs 

Our company was approached multiple times for customer specific product designs and we passed their test with flying colors. Roetell will cater to the demands of all customers as per their business requirements. We have previous experience of working with clients from the hospitality and beauty industry. We understand the importance of hygiene and design of products on the basis of their applications. We will make sure to provide you with the best bird feeders in the market. 

Custom bird feeder

Why Choose Roetell Glass Bird Feeders & Packaging

  • Premium Packaging Design

    We give excellent quality with premium packaging design for hummingbird feeders. These packaging options are widely accepted and comply with market standards.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    We provide ready-to-use and operate decorating solutions. We eliminate the effort-requiring activities in glass bird feeders like dismantling the parts of the feeder before using, etc.

  • Streamline Supply Chain

    We work in an orderly process to avoid discrepancies in the final product delivery. We have smooth & streamlined supply chain operations that coordinate with different departments. You can contact us anytime to get clarity about our products and services.

  • Warehousing and Logistics

    We have a robust logistics system that involves perfection, commitment, and coordination in A to Z operations performed, right from order processing to transportation.

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