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Many liquid soap manufacturers are looking for glass soap bottles that will complement the quality of their products while serving as a vital marketing piece.

Your search ends with Roetell, one of China’s leading glass container manufacturers, creating an assortment of empty glass soap dispenser bottles for various industries. Made from top-notch materials and the trendiest designs, our glass soap bottles can preserve the efficacy of your liquid soap and protect them during transit.

We offer vast customization options to help develop bespoke glass bottles for soap that speak directly of your brand. We also keep an ample supply of the most popular bulk glass soap dispensers in our warehouse for fast order fulfillment.

Don’t settle for mediocre glass soap bottles that can negatively impact your brand. Talk to the experts at Roetell today and see how we can fulfill your liquid soap container requirements.

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Why Roetell Glass Soap Dispenser Wholesale

  • Four Decades of Mature Production Process is Never Wrong

    For wholesale glass soap bottles to boost your brand and profits, trust no other than Roetell. We’re seasoned container manufacturers with 39 years of experience making glass soap bottles for various industries. Rely on our tried-and-true production process and cutting-edge facility to fulfill your orders with utmost speed and efficiency.

  • Turnkey Decorating & Labeling Experts

    Want to bring your products to a broader audience? With Roetell’s expert decorating and labeling expertise, it’s all but guaranteed! We offer an assortment of decals and finishing options to enhance the appeal of your glass soap bottles, using only top-grade materials and superior designs and hand applied by our team for that extra level of care.

  • Fully-Integrated Material and Supply Chain

    As a longstanding manufacturer of glass soap bottles, Roetell has access to the best raw materials from well-vetted suppliers, ensuring superior and consistent containers. Along with strict material inspection as part of our sourcing process, we assemble closures and lids in-house to guarantee they fit perfectly and have no missing pieces.

  • Reliable Warehousing, Logistics, and Inventory Support

    Roetell works with the best logistics services for fast and safe deliveries, even providing standard and express options to fit your requirements. In addition to our solid supply chain, we also keep an ample supply of our sought-after glass soap dispenser bottles in our warehouse, ready for shipment whenever you need them.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Manufacturing

    Practicing eco-friendly and sustainable processes in making glass bottles for soap is the only way Roetell does business. We’ve heavily invested in equipment that uses clean natural energy instead of traditional coal, while our production facility has global certifications that ensure we meet EIA standards.

  • Dedicated to Superior Quality Control

    Quality is the number one priority at Roetell. From stringent raw material benchmarks to meticulous quality inspections after every production step helps us maintain the high quality standards we’re known for. Each of your glass soap bottles goes through a series of testing, making sure they perform optimally before leaving our warehouse.

Strengthen Your Brand with Custom Glass Soap Bottles

Glass Soap Bottle Sizes
Whether you want pocket-sized glass soap bottles as gifts or larger decorative pieces, we have various size options to accommodate your needs, including 400ml, 410ml, 420ml, 500ml, and more sizes.
Glass Soap Bottle Shapes
Make your glass soap dispenser bottles more appealing to a broader audience with classic or unique bottle shapes. Whatever bottle shape you require, we can make them with ease.
Glass Soap Bottle Colors
Go with the classic transparent glass bottles for soap and place your products front and center. More than amber glass soap dispenser wholesale, opt for colorful transparent or opaque glass soap bottles for a more artistic look.
Glass Soap Bottle Neck Dimension
Add another level of flair to your glass soap dispenser bottles by modifying the neck dimensions to suit your branding requirements, whether short and wide or long and narrow.
Glass Soap Bottle Closure/Lid/Pump Styles
Choose from Roetell’s wide assortment of closures to complement your glass foaming soap dispenser bulk, allowing users to access your products easily.
Glass Soap Bottle Finish Options
Give your glass soap dispenser wholesale more character with our line of finishing options, including decals, labels, hot stamping, printing, and electroplating.
What Are Roetell Wholesale Glass Bottles For Oil Made Of?

Your First-Hand Look at Roetell’s Exceptional Production Capabilities

Welcome to Roetell’s facility – one of the leading glass soap dispenser bottles factories in China. Spanning over 3.3 million sq.ft., our factory and warehouse have dedicated workshops equipped with the latest equipment for consistent and fast-paced production.
As a seasoned glass soap dispenser bottle factory, we’ve established a manufacturing process that can accommodate large volumes of orders with the utmost quality and aesthetics. We have over 150 employees who handle the entire production process, from expert designers to keen inspectors who scrutinize completed bottles after every step. With Roetell’s expertise by your side, you will surely experience a boost in sales and brand recognition.

The Home of Custom Glass Soap Dispenser Bottles

Part of Roetell’s production expertise is our vast array of customization options to help elevate your glass soap bottles to the next level. Our team of talented designers deeply understands the latest market trends and implements them along with your preferences to develop captivating bulk glass soap dispensers that sell.
To complement your custom glass bottles for soap, we can add decorations, finishes, and custom labeling that make your containers pop out and relate to your customers. We only use the finest materials for the decals, each hand applied by our team for the utmost quality.
Fulfill Made-to-Order Personalized Olive Oil Bottles 
  • What is a Soap Dispenser?

    Soap dispensers are used primarily to dispense its liquid soap contents for use. Dispensation is usually done through a manual or automatic pump that encloses the dispenser, allowing the users to control the amount of released product. Soap dispensers are an economical way of utilizing liquid soap products.

    In addition to its practical advantages, it also lessens the mess created around wash basins and washrooms, making these locations easier to clean and maintain. And if the glass soap dispenser bottle has a screw closure, users can quickly refill them, extending its service life.

  • Why Glass Bottles for Soap

    Glass soap bottles offer more benefits for soap makers and their consumers than plastic counterparts. Here are some key reasons why you should choose glass as the go-to container for your premium liquid soap:

    • While glass initially costs more than plastic in material and production, it gives manufacturers a longer return on investment. Glass soap bottles last longer. It won’t break or deform easily, preserving the contents better.

    • Glass does not leach out, meaning it will not contaminate or change the formulation of its contents. This ensures that your liquid soap will work as intended even after long transports or storage.

    • Typically, soap bottles made of glass have a more sophisticated and classy look, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your products.

    • Glass soap bottles are reusable and recyclable, as they can easily be cleaned and do not retain odors.

  • Custom Glass Soap Dispenser Bottles for Hotels and Any Brands

    With nearly four decades of production expertise, Roetell understands each industry's specific requirements. We manufacture an assortment of hotel collection glass soap dispenser that match the distinct appeal and ambience of hotel washrooms and bathrooms. Our expert design and production capabilities make our glass soap bottles fit perfectly as if they were built along with the hotel layout.

    Capture the hotel and hospitality markets with our hotel collection glass soap dispensers made from top-grade glass materials that can be customized for your branding demands. Talk to our seasoned consultants today and see how we can elevate your business.

  • Glass Soap Bottles for Different Applications

    • Our glass soap dispensers for bathrooms are the best choice for residential and commercial washrooms. We can also help you customize the glass soap bottles to complement bathroom themes.

    • Roetell’s range of glass foaming soap dispensers for essential oils lets you expand your market reach with diverse bottle designs and finishes to reflect your branding while relating to your consumers.

    • Kitchens see routine use, and soap dispensers must handle continuous usage. Glass soap dispensers for kitchen sinks made by Roetell are rigorously tested, ensuring durable construction and relative ease of use.

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