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Roetell is a well-known manufacturer of hot sauce bottles in China and across the world. We make every effort to deliver high-quality bottle alternatives that are suited for a wide range of applications. To ensure that we give long-lasting alternatives, we manufacture all of our bottles using the best materials on the market. Roetell can meet your needs if you’re looking for a high-quality hot sauce bottle.

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Boost Your Company With Custom Roetell Hot Sauce Bottles

We provide customized hot sauce packaging for a wide range of products. Roetell adds frosted, engraved, or colored glass to the original bottle to produce an eye-catching makeover. Our bespoke bottles are made of high-quality glass and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and cap styles to give an aesthetically attractive and functional packaging solution.

Hot Sauce Bottle Sizes

Our Hot sauce bottles come in 1.7 oz, 5 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz sizes. Available in a range of sizes and transparent glass

Hot Sauce Bottle Colors

The color of your bottle might reveal information about its flavor and spice level. The color red is the most popular choice. Other color options available include blue, green, black, and purple.

Hot Sauce Bottle Shape

Among our custom solutions is the manufacture of hot sauce bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes. includes Rectangle, Oval, Round, and Customizable Shapes

Hot Sauce Bottle Closure/Lid/Cap

For various product uses, most of our plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, and glass jars offer several closure options. Screw caps with or without liners, liquid and cream dispensing caps, spice shaker caps, and flip top caps are also available.

Hot Sauce Bottle Finish Options

To complement the aesthetic of the hot sauce bottle, we provide a choice of styles and finishes for the bottle and lids. We also sell bottles made of stainless steel, glass, and plastic.

Quality Roetell Hot Sauce Bottle Range of Uses

The most frequent bottle used for hot sauce is glass or plastic, although it also makes good packaging for other meals and condiments. For packaging hot sauces, glass and plastic food bottles are both robust and are frequently combined with orifice reducers and tamper-evident screw cap closures. Standard sauce bottles are another intriguing beverage container option.

Clear tiny sauce bottles are an easy way to add a festive touch to holiday food gift boxes or sampling packs.

Homemade hot sauce packaging

Your Best-In-Class Hot Sauce Bottle Factory

Your Best-In-Class Hot Sauce Bottle Factory

Roetell was founded in 1984 as a hot sauce bottle distributor. We have over 30 years of experience and can produce hundreds of thousands of hot sauce bottles with various specifications in a single day. We produce bottles in a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs.

Because we have contemporary production equipment on-site, we can provide high-quality alternatives that will appeal to your target market. You can rely on our simplified production techniques to deliver the greatest products on the market as a manufacturer or supplier.

Customer-based Hot Sauce Bottle Designs

A customized bottle may help you stand out on a crowded shelf, provide a sense of distinctiveness, and strengthen brand loyalty. We are delighted to provide customized bottling services, aiding you in locating and purchasing the right bottle for your spicy sauce.

Glass hot sauce bottles

Why Pick Roetell Hot Sauce Bottle Packaging?

  • Package Design From Concept To Commercialization

    To provide a complete packaging service, our expert team of designers handles packaging and design solutions from beginning to end. By integrating product design and visual branding, they work with you to create the perfect bottle design for your product. We also offer matching closures and package graphics.

  • Turnkey Decorating & Labeling

    Our skilled glass artisans work with the design team to make innovative ideas a reality. They use various decorative techniques like icing and spray paint to create glass bottles that stand out in the store and attract the attention of your target market.

  • Streamlined Supply Chain For Closures and Packing

    By manufacturing the majority of components in-house, we reduce the often long manufacturing supply chain. Caps, closures, and other accessories are made on-site to avoid missing components or incorrect quantities. It also saves production time and money by minimizing transportation time between warehouses.

  • Warehousing, logistics, and Inventory Solutions

    We assist with inventory management by utilizing our order system and delivery options. The minimum order number for items is 500 bottles, and products are delivered on time to guarantee that orders are completed. We also handle warehousing and logistics to guarantee that typical products are in stock and available for delivery.

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