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Microwave Glass Jars

Microwave Glass Jars

Microwave glass jars need to be tempered and resistant to extreme temperatures. Roetell offers thickened microwave glass jars in bulk. They are suitable for storing foods as their glass and sealing materials are food-grade and high-quality. There is even a humanized separation design. The jars are from high-quality and thickened jars making them safe to use in microwave ovens. Our wholesale microwave glass jars are available in 400mL, 580mL, 600mL, 800mL, 860mL, 950mL, 1200mL, and 1500mL. Moreover, our microwave glass jars are easy to seal and leakproof. They are covered with glass that has a plastic sealing ring.

Do you need some customization on the microwave glass jars? If your needs are not on the list, you can get in touch with us and have it customized. Our team provides assistance to help you decide the perfect shape, capacity, and tints for the microwave glass jars. Feel free to contact us.

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Microwavable Containers Supplier Since 1984

Roetell was established in 1984 and with its rich experience in manufacturing glass containers, it has become a top microwavable containers supplier in China. Our microwave glass jars are made from thick glass, making them heat-proof and safe for use in microwave ovens. With their plastic sealing rings, they are guaranteed leak-proof and easy to seal.

Microwavable glass containers from Roetell are clear and available in two shapes – round and rectangular. Their lids come in different colors, including blue, green, and brown. We also offer them in different volume capacities, including 400ml, 580ml, 600ml, 860ml, 950ml, 1,200ml, and 1,500ml.

To learn more about our company and microwavable containers, please check out our FAQs page. If you have questions or you need assistance with your microwave glass jars, please contact us and we’ll respond to you the soonest we can.

Wholesale Microwavable Containers

At Roetell, you can order wholesale microwavable containers at prices that suit your budget. We are able to produce 500,000 glass bottles and glass jars in just a day, thanks to our 3,000,000 square feet factory in China that houses our modern manufacturing equipment. When you order in bulk from us, you will receive several benefits, including:

#1 High-quality Glass Material for Your Glass Jars

When it comes to microwaving food, glass is the recommended material for the containers. All of our microwave glass jars are made from high-quality and sustainable glass that is BPA-free, lead-free, and other harmful toxins that may get into the food.

#2 Free Samples Available

Whether you plan to order a pre-made design or want to customize your own, you can order free samples from us. We recommend that you get free samples first before placing an order. This is to give you the opportunity to inspect our products extensively. Offering free samples is also our way of proving to you the quality of our microwave glass jars and giving you the confidence of working with us.

#3 Accessories Supply

When you order wholesale microwavable containers from us, we don’t only make your microwavable glass containers but we also provide the accessories your products will need. We have a huge collection of designs for the caps and lids, including corks, metal lids, rubber lids, bottle lids, and a whole lot more. They come in different colors to make sure we have something that fits your design, such as transparent, brown, black, blue, green, etc.

Customized Microwavable Containers in Bulk

As a leading microwavable container manufacturer, Roetell accepts custom orders for microwavable containers in bulk. We welcome you to browse through our gallery and check our pre-made designs for our glass containers. If you can’t find what you need or you already have a design in mind, let us know right away! We’ll work with you and we will transform your concept into reality!

100% BPA and toxin-free are one of the features of glass containers. They also have good barrier properties. It can prevent oxygen from invading the contents. No volatile components can volatile into the atmosphere. Plus, it can be used many times. With that, it can reduce the cost of bottle packaging. It is also considered safe and hygienic. It also has good corrosion resistance and acid resistance. This makes it suitable for acidic substances (e.g. vegetable juice drinks, etc.).

The answer is yes, any glass jar with a microwave-safe label can be heated in the microwave. But after a long time of heating, the glass jar becomes very hot and difficult to touch. Therefore, it is best to use glass jars and Mason jars for products that take a few minutes to heat up.

Roetell’s design team is able to capture one’s brand design with accuracy. Due to its tight nature, the food contents of the glass jar are toxin-free. This can save one’s trouble of finding the healthiest container for children. Furthermore, silicone locks in the freshness to keep food & snacks healthy. These are also heat resistant up to 350ºF. We also have bottle decorating techniques. These include painting, frosting, mating, acid etching, and more.

With airtight and leakproof lids, Roetell’s glass jars won’t spill a thing or two. Unlike other sellers, our lids and closure is high quality and will not break. The 100% BPA-free lid comes with a removable seal to make it airtight and leakproof. It will also not corrode or rust like metal lids. Roetell’s efficient machinery uses a recycling scheme mechanism. Higher raw material recovery yielding lowered emissions is expected.

Why choose Roetell glass bottle & packaging?

Package design from concept to commercialization

Our expert team of designers handles packaging and design solutions from start to finish, catering to any business needs. Combining product design and visual branding, they work with you to create the perfect bottle design for your product, along with matching closures and packaging graphics.

Turnkey decorating & labeling

Teaming up with the design team, our skilled glass artisans translate the design concepts and turn them into reality. Utilizing various decorating techniques like frosting and spray coating, they create glass juice bottles that pop out of the shelf and get your target market’s attention.

Streamlined supply chain for closures and packing

We lessen the traditionally-long manufacturing supply chain by creating most components in-house. Glass juice containers created on-site while caps, closures and other accessories are assembled onsite to avoid missing parts or quantities not matching. It also lessens the manufacturing time and overall cost by cutting down on transportation time across multiple warehouses.

Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We provide assistance in inventory management through the use of our order system and delivery options. The minimum order requirement for glass juice containers is 1000 bottles, and juice bottles are delivered on time to ensure orders are fulfilled. We also manage the internal inventory of glass juice containers to make sure we have available stock of common products for faster delivery.

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