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Glass Spice Jar Wholesale

Glass Spice Jar Wholesale

Roetell is a prominent wholesale glass spice jar supplier and manufacturer in China and across the world. We strive hard to constantly provide high-quality glass spice jars and bottle alternatives that are suitable for a variety of business needs. All of our glass spice containers are customizable, from sizes to shapes and lids. We supply all sizes of glass spice jars, from 1 oz to 2, 3, 4, 6 oz, and more sizes. To guarantee that we provide long-lasting glass spice containers, we produce all of our spice jars using the best glass materials on the market. We have been in the glass spice jar manufacturing sector for over 30 years and have accumulated valuable expertise that enables us to be your glass spice jar wholesale partner. If you’re searching for high-quality and custom spice jars in bulk, you can count on Roetell to satisfy your requirements.

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Boost Your Company With Custom Roetell Spice Jars

Roetell has been delivering to major and small companies with bespoke spice jar packaging in the shortest time possible. We provide exceptional service and low environmental impact products to all of our customers and base our decisions on their needs.

Spice Jar Size

Spice container options come in a range of sizes and finishes to make the production process as easy and efficient as possible. Whether you need a wide-mouth jar or a small-mouth bottle, our packaging specialists will work with you to find a solution for any spice combination you sell. Roetell offers empty spice jars glass bulk ranging in size from 1 ounce, which is ideal for packing tiny samples of goods, to jars with greater capacities, which are ideal for use in industrial kitchens. Medium-sized spice jars with capacities ranging from 3 to 16 ounces are also available for household usage.
1 oz
2 oz
3 oz
4 oz
6 oz

Spice Jar Colors

We provide a wide selection of color options to assist you better position yourself in the market and bring in some distinctive things.

Spice Jar Shapes

We have a variety of jar shapes available, including Economy Round, Mayo Round, and Straight Sided Round glass jars that are ready to fill on your production line. These food-safe jars are durable and simple to label, making them an excellent choice for a variety of goods such as honey, barbecue sauce, and salsa.
Square glass spice jars bulk
Glass round spice jars

Spice Jar Closure/lids

At Roetell you’ll find the perfect lid for your production process among our vast assortment of adaptable metal screw caps and plastic closures. To complement your selected bottle design, we offer a range of sizes, styles, and colors. These bulk closures come in metal or plastic finishes, and we also sell a variety of practical plastic bottle caps.
Glass spice jars with wooden lids
Glass spice jars with bamboo lids
Glass spice jars with stainless steel lids
Glass spice jars with plastic lids

Spice jar Finish Options

Depending on the goods you deal with, several neck and finish choices are available. We provide a variety of alternatives to guarantee you find one that meets your requirements.Our food-safe jars are popular Lead-free high borosilicate with excellent strength, heat resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance, and acid resistance. With Diatomite cover, water is properly absorbed and dampness is prevented.

Quality Roetell Spice jar for Different Uses


Food and beverage Industry

Food and beverage containers from Roetell can be bought in bulk. Our goods’ features and styles are unquestionably appealing. Roetell has a large assortment to pick from. We provide numerous spice jar types that are ready to be filled on your production line for food producers. These bulk glass spice jar containers are durable and simple to label, making them an excellent choice for a variety of goods such as honey, barbecue sauce, and salsa. There are air-tight lids available to keep your food fresh and maintain the quality of your items.

Home Decor

Roetell’s low-cost, high-quality goods are driven to perfection. Our glass jar and bottle containers accommodate a wide range of styles in the home and hospitality sectors. All of the things will undoubtedly complement one’s home d茅cor. There are several options for styles, colors, finishes, and closures. Our unique production processes are capable of distinguishing bottles from glass bottles.

Buy Roetell Spice Jar in Bulk

Roetell creates and delivers glass spice jar wholesale in bulk at reasonable prices. For a limited time, we are offering inexpensive and long-lasting spice containers, from 1 oz glass spice jars bulk to 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, and other wholesale glass spice jars with lids.

Custom orders for wholesale glass spice jars are welcome. Simply send us a message with all of the information for your glass containers. You may be confident that we will produce the greatest decorative glass spice containers to help enhance your business with our knowledge and resources!

What are Roetell Products Made Of

At Roetell our products are made of glass. Our glass has the ability to return to the manufacturing process. It has the capacity to retain its high quality and safe functions while being reused indefinitely. As a glass maker, we promote an environmentally sustainable approach. Our in-house contemporary production equipment enables us to provide high-quality alternatives that will appeal to your target clientele. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can rely on our simplified production procedures to deliver the best goods on the market.

Why Pick Roetell Wholesale Spice Jar Packaging?

Spice Jar Design From Concept To Commercialization

Our professional team of designers covers packaging and design solutions from start to end to provide a full packaging service. They collaborate with you to produce the right bottle design for your glass spice jar and matching spice jar lids and package graphics by combining unique glass spice jars design with visual branding.

Turnkey Decorating & Labeling

Our expert glass craftsmen collaborate with the design team to bring creative thoughts into reality. They produce glass spice containers with personalised spice jar labels that stand out on the store and catch the attention of your target market by using various decoration techniques such as icing and spray painting.

Streamlined Supply Chain For Closures and Packing

We shorten the usually lengthy manufacturing supply chain by producing the majority of components in-house. Spice bottle lids, closures, and other accessories are built on-site to eliminate missing components or amounts that do not match. It also reduces manufacturing time of custom spice jars and overall costs by reducing transit time between various warehouses.

Warehousing, logistics, and Inventory Solutions

We help with inventory management by utilizing our order system and delivery choices. The minimum order quantity for wholesale glass spice jars is 1000 items, and glass spice containers bulk are delivered on schedule to ensure that orders are completed. We also handle warehousing and logistics to ensure that common items are in stock and ready for delivery.

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