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A Guide to Choosing the Right Beer & Bar Glasses

Author: Roe Li

You would be surprised at how little many beer drinkers around the world know about the transformative ways that beer glasses alter the overall qualities of the beer. Traditionally, beers have been consumed straight from the bottles, that is the reason why they are designed to be small, something that can be consumed while on the go. However, to truly appreciate the real taste of beer, you have to pour some into a glass the proper way, to unlock all the hidden secrets in the drink. Glasses have been around for years, but it was not until the 1900s that beer glasses started getting popular in bars and eventually spilled over into homes. Since then, various types of beer glasses have been invented, and more are still coming up every day as beer consumption increases worldwide.

Why You Should Drink Your Beer from a Glass

The one advantage of beer bottles is that they are very convenient. They are small, which makes them light enough to be held for long. They have shapes designed for a good grip and are securely corked, which means no contaminants get in. All you need to do is to open it and sip your beer. But they are countless things you miss out when you take your beer in that manner. The following are reasons why you should be taking your beer from the glass.

It Reduces Beer Bloat

Beer is a delicate drink; it is affected by light, the nature of the container, and even how it is handled. For these reasons, it can have some undesired side-effects among some people, bloating and stomach issues are among the many. Pouring beer into a glass breaks up some of the carbon dioxides, making the beer more palatable to your stomach since you will have less gas going in.

It Enhances the Flavor

The taste of what goes into your mouth is influenced by your sense of smell. When you drink beer straight from the bottle, very little of that beer aroma gets out. But when you pour the drink into a glass, the bubbles that form release an aroma that you inhale every time you bring the glass close to your nose. This raises the taste of the beer a notch higher, which makes it taste even better.

You Get to See the Beer

Beer bottles are never transparent; they are either brown or amber; the reason being that light affects beer. When drinking straight from the bottle, there is no way of knowing the color of what you are drinking. Pouring it into a glass gives you the opportunity to truly see the beer for what it is, in its rich colors. That way, you get to appreciate beers a little more.

The Head Locks the Flavours in

Another big reason why your beer should always be in a glass is that the beer head, the white layer of foam that forms at the mouth of the glass, locks the flavors in by trapping the bubbles rising from the bottom. This makes the beer taste different and much better compared to taking a swig out of the bottle directly.

Different Types of Beer Glasses

There are about 12 different types of pint glasses, each designed and suited for a specific type of beer. If you are a big lover of beer, then you probably own a couple of different beer glasses in the house. These 12 types of beer glasses are the most common, and you will never miss seeing them in any bar setup. They include the following

Pint Glasses

The stand-out feature of pint glasses is the shape. It almost resembles the regular water mug you may find in the kitchen but it has a wider base, and most are shaped like a regular coffee mug, but smaller, widening up as you approach the mouth. The name ‘pint’ is a unit of measurement in the US, and in the beer world, it translates to about 16-ounces of beer.

There are about three types of pint glasses that include the following;

Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner glasses are designed specifically for Pilsner beers, but that does not mean they cannot be used for other types of beers. These glasses are very compatible with light beers like blonde ales and lagers. They are very popular among Americans and Europeans due to their lithe shape that has a narrow waist and an elongated shape. However, it’s not only suitable for beer, but also for other beverages. Imagine that when you have high tea in your garden, glasses with juice or coffee showing some different color will give you a nice mood. You also enjoy some beautiful poems about garden in microfiber leather couches. How comfortable it is!

What makes Pilsner glasses unique is their slim frame that is designed to showcase the beer’s golden hue and the rising bubbles in clarity when you pour a drink into the glass. That narrow base forces the bubbles up while the wide mouth creates space for the froth to form. On average, a pilsner glass holds about 14 ounces of beer.

Weizen Glass

Weizen is a German word that means “wheat”. A Weizen beer glass is one that has a thin construction that starts with a narrow base, smoothly expanding on the way up to form a sleek curve before narrowing a little to form a mouth. They are much taller than pint glasses and are suitable for wheat beers that have a habit of forming sediments at the bottom.

Weizen glasses are very popular in European bars and have the capacity to hold about 14 ounces of beer; and thanks to its lithe shape, you can add garnish on top, like your favorite fruit, to improve the overall taste of the drink.

Stemmed Tulip and Thistle

You would be forgiven for mistaking Stemmed Tulip glasses for a wine glass. The glass resembles a goblet and comes with a rounded bowl base supported by a very narrow stem that can be held by the tips of the fingers, just like a wine glass. The Stemmed Tulip is best suited for strong beers with ample hop, beers like stouts, Saisons, and Belgian beers.

A thistle glass, on the other hand, is an elongated version of the tulip beer glass, but without the narrow stem. It has a less curvaceous body than the Tulip, and it is much longer with a bigger capacity. The Thistle beer glass is best suited for Scottish ales, barleywines, and other forms of non-hoppy beers.

Beer Mug

Beer Mugs are among the most popular beer glasses that are used all over the world. They are the ideal glass to go for if you love your beer cold but do not want to have to touch a frozen glass surface with each sip. Beer Mugs are very thick all around and come with a handle that resembles a large coffee mug.

The advantage of using this glass for your cold beer is that the warmth of your hand is limited to the handle alone, and since glass is a poor conductor of heat, your beer remains cold all through. Beer Mugs come in varying sizes with some big enough to hold even 30 ounces of beer at once. The firm grip enures it is almost impossible to drop it.

Rye Glass

Also called the Stange beer glass, Rye glass is tall and slender and is named after the German word for pole since that is what it resembles. It does not have any special body shape other than a tall version of a regular water glass. It has a very thick base; the glass is good for intensifying beer flavors and preserving the bubbles in the glass.

It is the type of glass you would want when drinking delicate beers like bock or Kolsch. Another unique feature of the Rye glass is that it minimizes heat transfer from the hand to the drink, which ultimately preserves the drink’s fizz. On average, most have a capacity of about 6.5 ounces, but you can always get your hands on much bigger versions. 

Blonde Glass

As far as beautiful glass shapes go, this could very well take the crown. The Blonde glass, also called the Willi Becher glass, has a wide base that starts narrowing as you go up before widening as it approaches the mouth. The glass is very tall and is best suited for delicate beers. The narrow shape enhances beer’s concentration and, in the process, kicks the flavors up a notch.

That narrow waist also makes the glass much easier to handle as it provides a very sturdy grip, the type that you can walk around with while drinking without it slipping down. It’s sheer beauty when full to the brim with beer makes it a must-have beer glass in your home bar.

Ale Glass

Ale is a type of beer that has a sweet fruity taste that is brewed using the warm fermentation method. They lack beer hops and have a certain bittering agent whose purpose is to balance the malt. An Ale glass almost looks like a Pint glass, save for a certain unique feature at the top near the mouth. Instead of the usual sleek curve present in most glass of this nature, it has an outward bulge that is preceded by a regular water-glass shape narrowing downwards.

That pronounced bulge is not just for show; it protects the mouth of the glass from getting chipped on top of providing a firmer grip when lifting it up. The glass is best suited for ales and stout beers and comes with a capacity of about 16 ounces.

Snifter Glass

Snifters are basically a repurposed glass wine that can be used for beers. It is much shorter and wider and comes with a curvaceous bowl figure that is supported by a narrow stem. The main reason why beer lovers are starting to warm up to this glass is its ability to swirl drinks without spilling any out or displacing the froth.

The size makes it ideal for maintaining the beer’s aromatics while at these times giving the beer a clear and beautiful look as you swirl it between your fingers. The Snifter glass is used for stronger beers and has a capacity of 6.5 ounces going upwards.

Tasting Glass

This is a very small type of beer glass that is commonly found in breweries, they are used as beer tasting glasses and have a capacity of between 2.5 – 6 ounces. They are cylindrical in shape from the bottom going up without any deviating contours or bulges. Being that small, there is never any need for making the shape too complicated since they can be emptied with a single gulp.

The only other place you will most likely run into the Tasting glasses is in some bar establishments that allow patrons to taste their beers a little beforehand before ordering. Some people have the habit of enjoying the more expensive type of beers using these glasses.

IPA Glasses

Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is a type of a hoppy beer that was developed in England in 1840, not in India, as many people assume. The IPA glass became popular in 2013 and featured a very unique shape. It resembles an elongated goblet with a wide base and stems that narrows up to the middle before jutting out in the form of a bowl and extending up to form the mouth at the top, narrowing a little along the way.

Goblet and Chalice

There are special Goblets and Chalice glasses that are used for drinking beers. They are viewed by most to be an extravagant form of drinking beer. They feature a long glass with a short narrow stem, the type of shape you would expect of a champagne glass, only that this one is wider going up.

Beer goblets glasses are heavier and thicker and are best suited for heavy malt beers like Belgian ales and Germanic bocks. They have a capacity of about 16 ounces. Some come with a gold or silver inlay that gives the beer a very aesthetic look when poured inside.

What To Consider When Selecting a Beer Glass

There is a psychological effect that a beer glass has on the human mind, something that we unconsciously connect to every time we take a sip of our favorite drink. This is something that many brewers take advantage of when marketing their drinks. As far as beer glasses are concerned, here are some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing a beer glass.

The Type of Beer

Beers come in different types and styles. There is light beer, lager, stout, brown ale, and so many others. The choice of beer glass you go far should be in line with the type of beer you have in hand. Light beers can be taken using a bigger glass since they do not have high alcohol content. The much heavier beers like lagers and stouts need some form of moderation; therefore, a smaller manageable glass that stops you from overindulging is the right choice.

Personal Preference and Style

Sometimes it comes down to what you are used to. If you are used to drinking from a huge beer mug, then it will be hard for you to enjoy the same beer in another type of glass right off the bat. The style you have cultivated when it comes to beer consumption will play a big role when you are presented with a choice.

The Temperature of the Beer

You will need a beer glass with handles if you are drinking a cold beer straight from the freezer since using a smooth glass may be too uncomfortable to your hands. On top of that, the condensation on the surface can make the glass too slippery to handle. Warm beer, on the other hand, can go into any glass that is available.

Availability and Location

Certain types of beer glasses are limited to some areas; you cannot find them anywhere else. This will influence your decision since you cannot buy what you cannot find near you. You could choose to import them, but that is another added cost that can easily be avoided if you choose to go with whatever is available locally. If having a particular type of glass is a big deal to you, then you can always get in touch with the best glass manufacturers and have them customize bulk beer glasses for you.

The Brand

The quality of beer glass varies from one glass manufacturer to the next. Some are of very high quality and such; they cost a lot more compared to the inferior ones. If you fancy using a big brand, then be ready to fork out some considerable amounts of cash for them. The other advantage of going for big brand glasses is that they are durable and do not damage easily unless you deliberately try to break them.

Roetell’s Beer Glasses

At the heart of the beer glass industry is Roetell, a major glass manufacturer with vast experience of over 35 years. Among the many products in their catalog, beer glasses form a big part of their itinerary with a very high local and global demand. The following are reasons why beer glasses made by Roetell are the ideal ones to go for.


  • Quality: The company has a quality management department that enforces high standards during the manufacturing process. This is necessary for the company as it is the only way it can maintain its competitive advantage in the market. Quality management processes involve finish checks, physical checklist, volumetric checks, as well as packaging.
  • Design: The company understands how important design is for branding and marketing. By putting the best minds on the jobs, Roetell ensures that the glass products look their best even before anything is put inside them. Design is what sells, and handling that part this early is what makes their products superior to the rest.
  • Labeling: Labelling and decorations are done right off the bat, depending on a client’s request. For beer lovers around the world who may wish to have their own custom made beer glasses, Roetell will handle that request for you without straining your budget. You can have just about anything carved on the glasses.
  • Research and Development: The materials used in the creation of glass products like beer bottles are carefully sourced to eliminate anything that may impact the quality of the final product. By investing in research, development, and technology, Roetell ensures that every product that comes off the assembly line has no defect and is able to handle the job it is designed for.
  • After-Sales Services: Simply creating what you need to the specifications you requested is not enough; the company goes a step further by following up on you to get your feedback while at the same time handling any issue that pops up. You are guaranteed to have all your questions and concerns addressed long after you have purchased what you need.


Having a deep understanding of beers is the secret to unlocking its full potential. There are various other glass types out there, too many to fit here. However, the principle of operation is the same the world over, drinking beer using a glass is the proper way of enjoying your favorite drink after a hard day’s work. If you have been harboring plans of starting your own craft beer, invest as much time on the glasses as much as you invest in the other things.

For more information on how you can have your own customized beer glass for home or commercial use, get in touch with us, and we will walk you through the process until you get exactly what you need. 

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