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Top 6 Honey Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

Glass is a versatile material that can be used to package a wide range of products. Liquor has a visually pleasing style that offers rewards and looks great on store shelves. Since there are so many honey glass bottle manufacturers in India, choosing which one to work with can be difficult. The list we’ve put together will help you choose the best on the market. Continue reading!!


Reotell’s main production facilities are located in Jiangsu, China. They have given outstanding service in the generation of quality glass products to the industry since their inception in 1984. Their marketing strategy and actions revolve around their customers. Their long-term survival plan entails cost-cutting in the manufacturing process.

The success of their honey glass bottles represents the art of durability, excellent designs, and unwavering commitment from the team of experts. Since they label and embellish the bottles to satisfy consumers’ individual needs and wishes, the items they design inspire innovation and are hence the best displays in the industry.

Since they are specialist suppliers, they established a quality management system to ensure that the products they deliver are of the finest quality. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully planned to ensure that the final product meets the firm’s specifications.

Glass Guru

Glass Guru’s manufacturing operations are located in New Delhi, Delhi, India.  They have several units:  Manufacturing, quality assurance, advertising, management, inventory, and packing. With the support of a high-tech manufacturing base, they have been able to provide durable and solid products in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications.

Their company is backed by a team of professionals who have consistently exceeded consumer expectations. They work around the clock to ensure that high-quality products meet a variety of needs.

Abroach Exim Private Limited

Abroach Exim Private Limited started its operations in 2018.  It is located in Vavata, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and has 10 employees. They are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards and providing the best consumer support possible.

They believe that each customer is valuable to them and that they all have different perceptions. Therefore, they seek and integrate customer support and suggestions to stay ahead of the curve in a highly dynamic and turbulent market environment where operational efficiency is critical for survival and development.

Mahalaxmi Industries

Mahalaxmi Industries is a proprietary organization. It has been active in the industry since its establishment in 1986. They manufacture homey glass bottles that have outstanding designs.  They also partake in the production and trading of pet bottles, glass bottles, moulded items, plastic granules, and a variety of other items. Their exquisite models have aided them in gaining a foothold in the industry.

Piramal Glass

In India, Piramal Glass has manufacturing plants in Mumbai, Vadodara, Kosamba, Jambusar, and Amod. They’ve worked hard to establish themselves as trusted glass main packaging partners in the industry. Standards have become more restrictive as market trends gradually change.

To deal with the challenging market environment, they are concentrating on improving performance quality. They are dedicated to increasing customer loyalty while also enhancing the efficiency of their quality control system.

Nandini Sales Corporation

Nandini Sales Corporation, formerly Jagadamba Sales Corporation, is a glass bottle dealer and supplier of a variety of other products, including rigid plastics including PET and PP.

They continue to exceed the high standards set by the best companies. It values sustainable, long-term relationships with its customers, employees, suppliers, community leaders, and advocacy organizations because it is a properly run company.


You must rely on innovative branding to thrive in the fast-paced glassmaking industry. Over time, the glass bottle industry has grown to the latest designs, which emphasize modernism and flexibility. The markets that participate in these changes daily

Working with a reputable organization ensures that your product branding is of the highest quality. Contact our team and allow us to make your packaging journey easier and of worth.

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell