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Combinations of Bottles and Different Closures

Combinations of Bottles and Different Closures

Make the Regular Glass Containers Different!

Have you ever thought about using the same bottle with different lids for different product uses? At Roetell Glass, we not only understand the importance of versatile packaging solutions but also specialize in providing them. Our innovative approach allows for interchangeable lids, enabling seamless transitions between various products while maintaining brand consistency. Whether it’s switching between lotions, serums, or essential oils, our customizable bottles with adaptable lids offer convenience and flexibility for your product line. Explore the possibilities with Roetell Glass and revolutionize your packaging strategy today.

Case 1: Boston Bottle

Boston Bottle is a versatile packaging solution for various liquid products. Our bottles boast a classic design suitable for lotions, serums, essential oils, and syrups. Crafted with durable materials and a sleek finish, Boston Bottle ensures both quality and style for your brand.

boston round bottle

1. Screw Lid:

Functionality: Suitable for liquid containment, Screw lids offer a secure closure mechanism, ensuring the safe storage and transportation of liquids.
Applications: Ideal for packaging a variety of liquids such as syrups, juices, oils, and chemical solutions. The thick material of lids provides durability and heat resistance, maintaining the integrity of the contents.

2. Spray Nozzle:

Functionality: Designed for dispensing liquids in a fine mist, spray nozzles are indispensable for products requiring controlled application.
Applications: Versatile applications include perfume spray, disinfectant spray, air freshener, and various household and personal care products. Adjustable spray patterns and anti-leak mechanisms ensure precise and mess-free dispensing, enhancing user experience.

3. Dropper:

Functionality: Droppers facilitate controlled and precise dispensing, making them ideal for products requiring accurate dosage.
Applications: Widely used for dispensing essential oils, serums, and other viscous liquids where precise measurements are critical. The dropper’s design prevents spillage and contamination, ensuring product integrity and user convenience.

4. Lotion Pump Body:

Functionality: Lotion pump bodies are engineered for effortless dispensing of viscous liquids, providing convenience and hygiene.
Applications: Suitable for dispensing body lotions, hand soaps, dish soaps, shampoos, and various skincare and personal care formulations. The smooth and ergonomic operation, coupled with airtight seals, preserves product freshness and prevents leakage, enhancing customer satisfaction.

The adaptability of Boston round bottles, when paired with different lids and spray heads, empowers businesses to meet diverse consumer needs effectively. Whether it’s securing liquids with Bakelite lids, dispensing fine mists with spray nozzles, ensuring precise dosages with plastic tip droppers, or providing convenient access to viscous liquids with lotion pump bodies, these bottle configurations elevate product functionality and user experience across various industries.

Case 2: Candle Jar with Pump

Transforming used empty glass candle jars into versatile assets, our multi-functional pump head offers innovative solutions for re-purposing, ensuring they find renewed utility and practicality.

candle jar with pump supplier

Repurposing empty glass candle jars into practical hand sanitizer bottles with our foam pump head showcases an innovative blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Beyond their traditional role as storage containers, these jars find new life as elegant dispensers for hand hygiene products. Our foam pump head technology elevates usability by transforming liquid sanitizer into a soft, airy foam upon dispensing, ensuring thorough coverage and a luxurious sensory experience. This solution not only reduces waste but also offers a cost-effective and sustainable option for consumers. With customizable options available, brands can create unique and memorable packaging solutions that resonate with their target audience, further enhancing the value proposition of their hand sanitizer offerings.

Case 3: 5ml 10ml Glass Bottles with a roller cap or spray cap

Roetell’s premium collection of 5ml and 10ml glass bottles is meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of modern packaging needs. Designed for versatility and durability, these bottles are ideal for storing and dispensing a wide range of liquid formulations with precision and style.

Small roller bottles offer a versatile packaging solution for a variety of liquid formulations. In addition to the standard roller balls, our bottles can also be equipped with droppers and spray pumps, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet the specific needs of different products and applications.

Dropper Configuration: When equipped with droppers, these bottles become ideal for dispensing precise and controlled amounts of essential oils, serums, and other liquid concentrates. The dropper allows for easy measurement and application, making it suitable for skincare, aromatherapy, and other therapeutic uses.

Spray Pump Attachment: Alternatively, attaching a spray pump transforms the roller bottle into a convenient dispenser for perfumes, body sprays, and other fine-mist formulations. The spray pump ensures even distribution and coverage, providing a refreshing and luxurious application experience.

By offering these additional options for customization, our small roller bottles become versatile packaging solutions that can adapt to a wide range of products and user preferences. Whether for personal care, beauty, or wellness products, our bottles provide convenience, precision, and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall user experience.

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