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Best Juice Bottle Suppliers in Malaysia

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Juice is produced and consumed all over the world by people from all walks of life. The trend is the same in Malaysia which is home to over 31 million people. Like every other nation within the region, Malaysia is doing all it can to elevate its economy further. Manufacturing and supply play a huge role towards achieving that goal.

Glass bottle suppliers in Malaysia are vital for boosting the country’s GDP through exports. They not only provide employment to people within the community, but they also bring in foreign revenue through exports to other countries. If you are looking for the best juice bottle manufacturer for your business, then read on! The following are the top 5 juice glass bottle suppliers in Malaysia.

Glass Bottles for Home-Made Juice
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JCO Bottles & Packaging

JCO Bottles and Packaging company was established in 2015 in Kota Bharu. They are a leading supplier of plastic and glass bottles that are used in the food and beverage industry, especially by firms that make fruit juices.

On top of making juice bottles, JCO also supplies alcoholic drink bottles of all sizes for beer, wines, and spirits. Their bottles range from as little as 125ml to 750ml. JCO serves both the local Malaysian market as well as overseas countries.



Established in 1984 in Jiangsu, China, Roetell is a big manufacturer and supplier of glass bottles and other related containers for commercial and domestic use. With over 150 employees, the company distributes its products locally as exports to other markets around the globe.

Due to the high quality of their products, Roetell has clients as far Singapore where established local suppliers procure their products straight from them.

Roetell Logo


Jargeous holds the distinguished title of being Malaysia’s first-ever online supplier of glass containers like bottles and jars. With over 300 products in its catalog, Jargeous is respected within the borders and exports some of its merchandise to the neighboring nations.

Some of the products they deal with include glass jars, juice bottles, mini jars, pressed jars, and many others. The company is based in Alam Damai, Cheras where it has its main store. Jargeous has an online shop that handles deliveries to all its clients around the country.


Kimimas Enterprise

Kimimas Enterprise was established in 1998 in the Selangor region of Malaysia and primarily deals in the supply of glass and plastic containers for the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical industries.

Their glass products range from clear, amber, semi-transparent to opaque bottles and jars. Most of their clients are within the borders of Malaysia but the company has also begun increasing their exports to other countries as they expand their operations.


Glass and Plastic Packaging

Glass and Plastic Packaging began operations in 1999 after it was founded by Phan Tin Yee and Phan Fon Chon. The two are still the company’s managing directors to date. The supplier is located in Ipoh, which is not very far from the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

On top of being a supplier, Glass and Plastic Packaging also manufactures all of its products within the same premise. All of its operations, from manufacturing to distribution is handled by its 50 member staff. Most of its glass products are for the local market with the surplus being exported to the neighboring countries.

Glass & plastic packaging logo


Juice containers have to meet a standardized threshold as they store food meant for human consumption. The one advantage of having glass bottles is that you can always re-use them later on for other purposes.

If you are looking to open a juice business in Malaysia, visit any of these suppliers and get glass containers in bulk. You are sure to get a good discount in return.

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Perfect elaboration

we got this interest in buying a continuous quantity of glass bottles for alcohol products.

The interest is for:

Item 1
200 ml Flask bottle for screw caps (alluminium)

Item 2
950 or 1000 ml Cristal Bottle optional plastic/cork cap or alluminium screw cap (machine)

Please find some pictures attached.

There would be also some possibilities on 600ml beer bottles (dark colour: amber, green, brown, black)

The volume of interest is about 1 fcl 20′ each item approximately each 3 months (90 days). If possible to mix up the container with these items, it will be better.

Quality: light cristal, cheap product

Shipment: prompt

Payment: 30% advanced and balance against B/L or L/C through first level bank in Uruguay

In case of possibility to offer, please quote:

1. In USDOL (American dollar) per unit, indicating logistics, shipment type (bulk or pallets), quantities per container
2. Please include if it would be possible to include an agent’s commission in case customer decides to import directly
3. Delivery port: Montevideo, Uruguay, final destination the same country

We await your news. Thanks in advance and

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Continental Bottle Company quoted me a 50,000 MOQ on nail polish bottles so I would say they are NOT aimed at small or even medium sized companies (certainly not small in any case). Roma International have a more realistic 5,000 MOQ.

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