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Mason Jar: Why They Are The Best Way For Storage

Glass jars and containers have become an indispensable part of everyone’s household. From storing food items to decorations in food service establishments, they have played a significant role since their first invention in 1858. They were initially made for canning food items in the winter when there is an off-season food supply shortage. The most popular variety is every hipster’s favorite- mason jars, which are perfect for turnkey decoration and labeling.

Mason jars are more than just glass mugs that are used for storage. Their versatility made them great players in restaurant services, dessert bars, and even domestic households. The storage magic, however, lies in its finely engineered lid, where the tinsmith made sure of airtight properties. This revolutionary invention for storage of all foods caused a widespread shortage during the current pandemic. The mason jar history is one of the most renowned stories about glass containers in general. Misty Campbell suggested honoring this invention which led to life sustenance on a wide scale. And thus, the 30th of November observes the National Mason Jar Day

Intrigued yet? Read further to know the nits and grits of mason jars and the decades’ worth of ball jars history backing them up.

What Is A Mason Jar?

Mason jars, the most renowned form of glass containers, are attributed for their formidable and pleasant structure and storage functionality. Their utility was not only limited to serving drinks for aesthetic purposes but also storing a wide variety of household items in the kitchen and pantry. But what is a mason jar anyway? Mason jars are solid glass containers with lids that can be screwed on. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that these babies are iconic storage products that preserve almost everything. Whether fruits and vegetables or salts and spices, mason jars can come to the rescue for storing. Not only are they sturdy, but their benefits are also immeasurable in ease of cleaning and maintenance. Being versatile, mason jars are indispensable for commercial and domestic use. One can see them in ambient restaurants while serving drinks and in the back-end kitchen for storage. Since they are made of glass, lousy odor and stubborn staining are no longer issues to tackle. They can also be reused in a long-term setting, thanks to their long lifespan. Mason jars can be seen in three basic kinds, which have been categorized for their style:

Wide Mouth Mason Jar

As in the name, wide-mouth mason jars have a wider diameter for the lid’s circumference. While regular glass jars have a smaller diameter, wide-mouth ones are 0.63 inches larger. A standard wide mouth will have an opening diameter of 3,38 inches, regardless of the mason jars manufacturer

These glass jars are excellent contenders for stacking and atmospheric looks. Restaurants can use them for restaurant establishments and other food service industries. As the lids are broader in circumference, one can easily clean and sanitize them. Apart from aesthetics, their food storage capability ranges from pickles to jellies. Vegetable pickle items are typically more oversized, which can become a hassle for storage. Wide-mouth mason jars are perfect in these cases. 

Regular ones have a more pronounced curve that flares from a relatively small opening. Producers often use regular choices for sauces and products that consumers can quickly pour.

Ball Mason Jar

The Ball company established these mason jars first for domestic canning applications, hence the name ball mason jars. They are revolutionary in terms of glass containers in general due to their vacuuming lids. Ball masons jars allow people to seal the food items with a vacuum using mere hot water. It’s reliable sealing allows every homeowner to preserve foods that go bad pretty soon- like jams, fruits and veggies, pickles, and many more. 

The Ball mason jar’s history can be attributed to the five Ball brothers. Thanks to them, one can enjoy these foods all year long. Today, they are not only limited to domestic purposes but also for restaurants whose cuisines rely on sensitive items which go rancid quickly. With the ball-logo present for everyone’s recognition, they become pretty popular models. Ball mason jars often come in glass or plastic and are characterized by two-piece screw-on lids which are sealable. The sealable compartment is located at the top, with a hang-on ring for easy storage. Their high end bottle manufacturing made their applications use a similar design in the food industries and companies.

Atlas Mason Jar

Their name is derived from the initial company who have established a unique kind of mason jars- the Hazel Atlas Glass supplier. The authentic ones can be traced back from 1902 to 1964 while they operated in the glass container industry. From 1965, however, they were used by a different company for storing items like pizza sauces and mustard. 

Their brand can be identified by the letters H and A stamped across the outer glass. Atlas jars are one of a kind and are further divided into several bases. Atlas mason jars vary in terms of shelf life, color, strength, and material, causing a variation in their costs. The highest price end can be seen in those manufactured in 1910. They are amber-colored, ancient, and recognized by the name of E-Z Seal Atlas. In terms of applications, Atlas mason jars are perfect for storing dried products for extended periods.

Mason Jar History

Mason jars are iconic glass models whose establishment has a long history. Buckle up, for this 160 technology is going to be a ride!

These iconic pieces of glass have been established by a tinsmith from New Jersey named John Landis Mason. Hence, the name ‘Mason’ jars. The initial journey of mason jars can be traced back to the 1850s when John’s efforts were directed toward home canning developments. His contribution was primarily replacing traditional canning systems, which used wax sealing techniques instead of glass vinegar bottles. Homeowners stoppered the jars with corks and boiled the wax to create an airtight seal. Doing this posed several limitations:

  • Boiling wax created a colossal mess which made it harder to clean
  • It was not foolproof during hot summers
  • Wax proved expensive in the long-run

Sustenance became harder during winters when people solely relied on smokers and fermentations for food. John recognized this difficulty and sought to create what meant to be an air and watertight glass jar. He was 26 years old when he established the first-ever airtight glass jar with screw-in lids to serve the function. It was made with aqua-colored glass, which was clear enough to see the contents. People referred to them as Crowleytown jars because they believed it was produced in Crowleytown in New Jersey. He patented this development on the 30th of November, 1858. However, due to his negligence, the most crucial part of the invention was left unpatented until ten years later. The insides of the lids had rubber rings, creating a vacuum seal when screwed on. This critical aspect rendered wax no longer helpful, and John Mason fought to prove it was his ideology. In 1902, John Landis Mason died with lost court cases, not leaving even a penny at his side.

The latter half fast forwards to 1880, when the Ball brothers entered the scene. John Mason’s patent had expired at this point, which motivated these brothers to set a revolutionary standard. Edmund, William, Lucius, Frank, and George were the five brothers who collectively and unanimously decided to buy a small-scaled company called the Wooden Jacket Can Company. They requested a loan from their uncle to facilitate the purchase worth $200. The company was initially placed in Buffalo, New York, specializing in fuel and kerosene storage. Their containers were made of tin which was jacketed by wood for fuel. But the Ball brothers had little interest in that and moved to produce glass containers and tin cans. The new-aged company was called the Ball Brothers Manufacturing Company. 

Muncie, Indiana, was naturally endowed with fuel and natural gas. The five brothers recognized the energy potential for glass blowing and immediately set out. However, they did not fail to honor the first inventor, John Landis Mason, by bearing the words of mason’s patent in 1858. At this point, they were the most renowned mason jar producers with a wide range of styles and colors ranging from coral pink, rich cobalt, amber, and aqua, to hues of violet. Their business became substantial with their wide availability of sizes. Their most notable invention was the unique upside-down Ball jars produced during 1900-1910, which received over $1000 from collectors. 

This marks the end of the historical development of mason jars and Ball jars. From the late 19th to the 20th century, mason jars were extensively used in homes due to their availability. This facilitated significant nutritional improvements as Americans didn’t have to wait for specific seasons to eat fruits. These inventions led to the first canning book written by Sarah Tyson Rorer in 1887. Her recipes revolved around food items that no longer went bad with mason jar storage. She remarked on citron, chili vinegar, jams, pickled plums, horseradish, and crushed nuts. It also brought a ton of recognition for home-cooling properties. Placing fruits and vegetables in pink and blue mason jars and freestanding containers provided cooling to architecture. Industrial preservation applications made use of plastic variants. 

Mason Jar And The Modern Society: The COVID-19 Impact

Mason jars have placed their mark in modern society with their immense food storage capabilities and aesthetic standards. The advent of COVID-19 and the effect of subsequent laws were first limited to coins, toilet paper, sanitizers, lumber, and other raw materials for industrial purposes. However, the effect has shifted to mason jars, leading to shortages. 

The practice of canning food through mason jars existed for a long-time. However, this practice became more than just a hobby during COVID-19, when food shortages spiked and long-term storage was the only solution. The better-off section of society invested most of their time cooking at home and trying out hobbies to engage themselves. People bought groceries in bulk to avoid going out frequently, and glass food storage jars catered to these storage concerns.

Mesmerized by its capability, people invested most of their disposable income in various mason jars as storage is cheaper. Not only will the foods stay disinfected and sterilized, but they will also help health-conscious people and those with allergies. The sudden spike in demand is attributed to quarantine boredom and storage requirements. People set their canning routines in place. Manufacturers were taken aback by this sudden hike, and thus the supply fell short with rising demand. 

The August fiscal year 2019-2020 saw a whopping 600% increase in sales in the glass container industry. This resulted in supply constraints and an increase in lead times. It took considerable time before the industry adapted to this by increasing production and advancement in locational diversification. 

Households made use of them in the following food items:

  • Beans
  • Pasta
  • Oats
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Milk powders and protein powders
  • Cheese and dairy
  • Sanitary pads
  • Meats
  • Chocolate and coffee
  • Rice
  • Salts, sugars, and spices
  • Superfoods
  • Honey
  • Syrups and sauces
  • Jams and jellies

Refrain from over purchases of essentials. Instead, it is best to buy a little more than what is usually needed and then properly store them in mason jars.

Different Types Of Mason Jars And Their Sizes

One of the fascinating aspects of these glass containers is the incorporation of style in sizes. Although mason jars have their aesthetics to show for themselves, there is vast confusion concerning the sizes and dimensions available in the market. As mentioned earlier, there are three styles of mason jars to choose from. Regarding sizes, regular mason jars and wide-mouth mason jars are relevant. These two jars differ in terms of lid sizes and volume dimensions, and the difference in their diameter is 0.63 inches. What difference does that make? The answer is a lot.

Wide-mouth jars are 3.38 inches in diameter, which will stay the standard regardless of the volume. This makes their utility versatile for many applications like for glass vases. For instance, whether a 4-ounce jelly jar or a 32-ounce quart jar, as long as they are wide-mouth varieties, the diameter will stay consistent regardless of the glass container suppliers. This does not depend on what size mason jars come in.

The first choice to make is between regular or wide-lid mouths. While glass jars and canning enthusiasts have their preferences, their utility significantly influences this decision. For starters, let’s take a look at the size comparison for both of these unique varieties:


Regular Mouth Mason Jars
Jelly Jar4 ounces2 ¼”2 ¾”
Half Pint8 ounces3 ¾”2 ⅜”
Three Quarters Pint12 ounces5 ¼”2 ⅜”
Pint16 ounces5″2 ¾”
Quart32 ounces6 ¾”3 ⅜”
Wide-Mouth Mason Jars
Half Pint8 ounces2 ½”2 ⅞”
Pint16 ounces4 ⅝”3″
Pint and a half24 ounces6 ⅝”3″
Quart32 ounces6 ½”3 ¼”
Half gallon64 ounces9 ⅛”4”

Regular Mouth Mason Jars:

A standard mason jar can be found with a difference of less than an inch from a wider one. A regular mouth mason jar has the following dimensions:

  • Inner diameter: 2 ⅜ inches
  • Outer diameter: 2 ¾ inches

Their shape is tapered at the top, gradually going more comprehensive at the bottom. They are the most well-known food storage jars and glass jar accessories supplies in the glass container market and are equipped for pourable substances like pizza sauces, fruit jams, and jellies.

The volume range differs among suppliers. Here is the list of volumes available with their applications:


Jar SizeTypeApplications
4 ouncesJellySnack and dips
8 ouncesHalf pintHot and cool drinks
12 ouncesThree-fourth pintCandles and holders
16 ouncesPintVases and dispensers
32 ouncesQuartSolar lights and dry foods

Wide Mouth Mason Jars:

Wide mouth lid has the following measurements:

  • Inner diameter: 3 inches
  • Outer diameter: 3 ⅜ inches

Their contemporary styles make cleaning a straightforward process because hands and wider sponges can easily reach the insides. They are used for storing huge items like fruits and pickled vegetables. The volume range differs among suppliers. Here is the list of volumes available with their applications:


Jar SizeTypeApplications
8 ouncesHalf pintSnacks and air fresheners
16 ouncesPintLeftovers and meal preps
24 ouncesPint and a halfSmoothies and salads
64 ouncesHalf gallonFermentation and teas

A common notion among mason jar users is the aspect of freezable mason jars. Freezable mason jars have no tapered shoulder. They have straight ends that leave enough room to prevent breakage due to vacuum loss. Though most mason jars have line marks to indicate fillable space, it is always safe to leave an inch or two for expansion. Those with tapered tops are recommended to stay out in dry storage.

Benefits Of Mason Jars

As the most common decorative item in every American household, mason jars are elegant glass containers that serve many utility benefits. Traditionally their usage was limited to storing foods for long and cold winters. But civilization and development efforts have expanded applications by a significant margin. Today, one can see them in restaurant establishments, such as drinking glasses, storage materials, and many more. Here are some of the notable benefits of having mason jars:

  • Food Safety 

When storing food items, glass is always superior to plastic. Plastic containers, though widespread, are cheaper alternatives that are less safe for storage. In the long-run, glass is a better investment in durability and longer shelf life. Glass production requires fewer and safer chemicals than plastic production. Mason jars are primarily found in glass and better implement the airtight sealing gaskets and rings. Food-grade plastic is also not safe. 

  • The Perfect Organizational Tool

The kitchen and pantries can get quite messy when trying to organize. Homeowners are surprised when they realize that half of their pantry has expired food. Mason jars can come to the rescue in these instances. They provide outstanding organization potential and ensure none of the stored food items spills or make a mess. As they come with heat resistance and vacuumed volume, there is no need to worry about storing rice, flour, pasta, and sugar. Certain manufacturers have a line of mason jars pre-labeled, kicking organizational aesthetics up a few notches.

  • Wide Array Of Applications

It is not an exaggeration to say that their applications are endless and permanent. Mason jars rarely come in a single style, making storage and dinners quick and efficient. They can also be used as light bulb glass jars for candle-lit ambiance.

People have become extremely busy with full-time jobs and projects that leave them little time to cook meals. Since mason jars can store foods for more than 20 years, meal prepping can last for weeks. This significantly reduces cooking efforts by cooking meals for one day and storing them in sterilized containers. Whether oats, milk, soups, or salads, prepping this beforehand can save weeks. Also, mason jars come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, from individual to family-sized portions. Knowing how to sterilize mason jars with the right techniques can make meal prepping more bacteria-free. 

  • Food Canning

The standard and classic purpose of mason jars is to can food items that may go bad when left outside in the pantry. Not everyone has the luxury of buying fresh fruits and greens daily. Buying in bulk, however, suffers a significant limitation of storage and prolonged loss of nutritional quality. Mason jars are excellent players in storing fresh produce in a safe and long-term way. With advanced canning techniques in place, their shelf life is increased without sacrificing the nutritional value of such foods. Food waste is severely prevented with mason jars, and is environmentally friendly. 

  • Serving Containers

Everyone has previously seen aesthetic melon juices and mocktails served in mason jars. It is a revolutionary and aesthetically pleasing idea implemented by modern restaurants. When it comes to aesthetics, there is no competition for clear mason jars as drinking containers. Whether a fresh cup of hot coffee or a midnight mint cooler, mason jars fit the bill no matter what. Glass coffee mason jars can also be customized for temperature retention. Combined with their remarkable long-lasting storage capabilities, these drinks can be stored and ready to go whenever required. 

  • Ease In Cleaning And Maintenance

Last but not least, mason jars are low-maintenance jars with little effort for cleaning. It does not matter if the stains are as stubborn as a five-year-old in a lego shop. Simple cleaning and sterilization techniques can cater to these difficulties. There is no restriction for odor retention or colored stains. All you need is a little soaking and popping in the dishwasher. 

What Are Mason Jars Used For?

Mason jars are multipurpose kings of every household pantry and restaurant storeroom. They are more than just stores of food. They also assist in domestic fermentation processes, vegetable pickling, and odor infusions. Below are some of the most notable advantages of mason jars, starting with its primary purpose of food canning:

Canning Jar Storage Containers

Mason jars have historically been used in every farmer’s household for canning food during off-seasons. For generations, they have boycotted the use of plastic containers and have invested in mason jars to store their produce. Their use is not limited to storing grains, nuts, and seeds but also a container for godown storage and transportation. 

A thorough knowledge of how to measure glass containers can help choosing the best one for specific products. Especially with a small kitchen, things can get misplaced and messy, no matter how hard it is to organize. Since mason jars come in clear and colored transparent glasses, the contents come into notice with a look without sacrificing aestheticism. This is an adequate replacement for wrapping food in aluminum foil, as they are hazardous to health.

Canning food is an age-old tradition that not only makes food available during winter but also prevents food wastage when there is an excess of so. About 58% of food is wasted due to a lack of improper storage techniques. Mason jars reduce this number by a considerable margin with knowing everything about glass. They make sure everything in the pantry looks crystal clear and easy to navigate all the ingredients. They can be used for portion control. Apart from them, they have the following benefits:

  • Unlike plastic containers, Mason jars are entirely safe to heat up in ovens and microwaves.
  • They are BPA-free and perfectly food-grade to store any nature of food items.
  • They are available in various styles, shapes, and colors.
  • Investment in mason jars is extremely cost-beneficial, with high returns.

Mason Jar Dry Food Storage

Everyone has seen mason jars filled with pumpkin seeds, nuts, dry fruits, and other varieties of dry foods. An excellent characteristic of mason jars is that they can not only store foods on the farm but also their effectiveness in dry food storage. Not only is the sight aesthetically pleasing and decorative, but the glass also gives an airy atmosphere to homes and restaurant establishments. Glass prevents air and water from entering and infecting the contents of the container. By using tin and silicone rings, moisture is out of reach. 

Consider the following items:

  • Rice (white and brown)
  • Wheat
  • Wheat flour
  • Sugar
  • Salts
  • Spices
  • Dry herbs
  • Corn

The above items are rarely bought daily, so there needs to be an effective mechanism to store them without moisture infecting them. Mason jars also give comprehensive glass bottle decorations for weddings. Glass containers come in handy for eradicating the possibility of water entering the contents and thereby preventing insects and bacteria. They can be reused for short-term meal prep storage and long-term food supply containers. Since they are available in a wide range of sizes, each mason jar can be tailored to the required size of the item. Their non-permeability and durability make their quality persistent throughout an entire lifetime. Look at the following benefits:

  • Moisture barrier
  • Durability 
  • Reusability
  • Toxin-free
  • Inexpensive
  • Readily available in the glass jar market
  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy to sterilize
  • Airtight and watertight
  • Insect and vermin proof

Healthy Mason Jar Desserts

Desserts are mouth-watering in themselves, but putting them in an amazon jar creates a new dimension of experience for the eater. These jars have become not only food stores but also a way to serve food when ready to eat. From high-end breakfasts to salads to savory means, their use has been extended to serving aesthetically pleasing desserts!

People believe that feeding the eyes comes before feeding the stomach. Clear-cut glass mason jars have catered to this need with their simplicity and stylish designs. As mentioned, the size variation of mason jars caters from individual portions to party-sized, which makes it all the more interesting during birthdays. By using various types of glass, mason jars are itself no shortage of variety. No-bake cheesecake recipes and parfaits are the most popular ones in the market. Some great mason jar ice creams and cake ideas are as follows:

  • Tiramisu in a jar
  • Lemon cheesecake
  • Oreo salad
  • Banana pudding
  • Mixed ice cream sundaes

Desserts-in-a-jar cater to the following benefits:

  • Keep Your Dessert In Place: Whether it is brownies, pastries, or cupcakes, mason jars make sure the deserts don’t fall off. This is especially the case when serving them on plastic or paper plates. Depending on the place, the ice creams can melt quickly. It makes sure all the melted portions are drinkable at the end. Many people don’t enjoy it when flavors get mixed; mason jars keep them in the proper position. 
  • Looks Attractive: Dessert in mason jars looks like a dream. With their see-through transparency, the eyes are thoroughly fed before the stomach. Mason jar desserts are attractive and eye-catching, so customers and guests order them without hesitation. 
  • Jars Are Easy To Store: Made the desserts too early? No problem! The airtight sealing of mason jars ensures that not even a speck of dust goes through the lid so they can be stored in the refrigerator without second thoughts. Their spoilage is beyond reach as air is not in contact, ensuring efficient kitchen space usage. 

Mason Jar Drinks

Craving cool drinks is a common phenomenon during the hot summers. From caramel lattes to basil coolers to raspberry mocktails, they give a kick to the tastebuds. When it comes to cocktails, mason jars are the kings of aesthetics and functionality. They serve the same function as storing syrups and spirits. Since they are made of glass materials, they retain the temperature of the drinks served, making them great contenders for serving glasses. Juice bottles wholesale products usually avail discounts, which are extremely cost beneficial from the firm’s perspective. 

The advantage of using mason jars for drinks and shakes is their portability. Unless they have a hole with an in-built straw, you can easily take them for workspaces and enjoy them at the right temperature. Their usage also extends to cocktail shakers, whose temperature maintenance plays an influential role. They ensure that the glass remains cold while shaking the contents. 

Mason Jar Decor And Crafts

Mason jars are elegant pieces of glass that not only store and pleasantly serve food but also add a new dimension to the home decor. They provide simple forms of royalty suitable for wedding themes and chic-themed houses. Their versatility is second to none. Some ideas are as follows:

  • Indoor plants
  • Vases
  • Bird feeders
  • Scented candles

The most popular way of decorating them is to put dry seeds and nuts and place them against windows. They are one of the most desirable types of candle jars for enhancing home decor.

Mason Jar Alternatives

The popularity of mason jars has made them mainstream. Invented in the 19th century, mason containers have marked the first zero-waste, environmentally friendly, and plastic-free food storage containers. Their outstanding aesthetic and decorative value played a significant role in food service industries by increasing ambiance and customer experience. From cocktails to cappuccinos, their hype is justified in the 21st century. In using glass bottles this way, it is important to know the photosensitive glass colors, as certain beverages undergo harmful reactions under light.

However, every aspect of this world has certain limitations to keep in mind. Certain manufacturers use Bisphenol A (BPA) and BPS to coat the lids’ insides. This coating may be unsafe when the food comes in contact with it. They can cause disruptions in hormone circulation. The tin-plated ring is prone to rusting as well. The great news is that other alternatives to mason jars serve the same functions and are safe.

Mason Jars with Stainless Steel Jar Lids

As the tin-can lids are not moisture-resistant, there are adequate replacements that can avoid rusting by its nature. Stainless steel lids prevent rust particles from falling into the stored food items without having to afford costly replacements. They are made of high-end technological 304 steel and silicone rings for air tightness. These seals are tighter than standard ones. Stainless steel lids are perfect for storing leftovers and takeouts. 

Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids

Bamboo is a contemporary replacement far more durable than any other alternative. They are perfect if seeking to start a beverage company. Their functionality stays at the top without much sacrifice in aesthetics. These jars also use silicone gasket rings but are not leakproof. Bamboo lids come in 18 oz and 10 oz sizes and are excellent for refrigeration and transportation. However, they must be removed before using the microwave. 

Weck Jars

Being the most well-known alternative to mason jars, weck jars are aesthetically pleasing replacements in the food service industries. Their shape and style are exquisitely unique, with a wide range of sizes for utility. The first week jars were established in Germany and characterized by glass lids. They have rubber rings to ensure airtight properties. Though they can be used for canning food items, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) disapproves of this approach. 

Le Parfait Jars

In terms of materials used, Le Parfait jars are comparable to weck jars. Initial le parfait glass jars were established in France with metal hinges and clasps for permanent seals. They contribute to zero-waste and practical storage. As such, they leave no gaps and ensure appropriate moisture-free contact. They are made of all-natural materials and, thus, are eco-friendly. 

Quattro Stagioni Jars

These Italian specialties were established with BPA and BPS-free screw lids in the 1970s. The sterilization process is relatively simple with hot filling and cold filling processes

Where To Buy Mason Jars

Retail Stores

Retail joints provide a wide range of mason jars from various suppliers. This is often an effective way to ensure plenty of choices when making your decision. A suitable example would be to buy them from Walmart. They are inexpensive, but the general notion is consistent with various uses. 


Online retail stores like Amazon also offer many options to choose from. While customizable options are out of reach through this method, a considerable range is given to choose mason jars. Bulk orders also avail of a 15% discount. The significant advantage of getting jars from amazon is the available sizes, shapes, and colors ranging from amber to coral blue. They also have an in-built straw with optional lids for specific buyers. They can be availed for a reasonable price and are found durable in most cases.

Roetell – The Most Reliable Mason Jar Supplier In China

Serving the industry since 1984, Roetell is the most reliable Chinese glass container supplier that offers customization quotes. Their streamlined process established profitable products catering to their client’s needs and requirements. They play a significant intermediate role in bringing ideas to life cost-effectively and eco-friendly. By providing the option of free samples, we require our clients to make informed decisions to invest in mason jars. 

We specialize in sanitary health care, home decor, health and beauty, and hospitality. Roetell is a highly sought-after manufacturer in China that delivers nothing apart from quality service. 


Glass packaging is ensured to cater to specific requirements and products:

  • 1- 5 gallon water bottles
  • 1, 2, 6, 8, 12, 16, 32 oz glass jars
  • 5, 10, 30, 100, 500, 750 ml glass bottles


Boosting business through decorations is no longer an aspect to worry about. With a wide range of decorative mason jar colors to choose from, the clients will be in complete control of their products:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Clear


Shape plays a significant role in improving brand identity and ownership. With customized glass manufacturing solutions, businesses can avail of the following shapes for product storage:

  • Swing top
  • Square glass
  • Colored bell
  • U-shaped containers
  • Heart-shaped
  • Ball glass containers
  • Clear mason jars


Lastly, the neck finishes are also in the control of our esteemed clients:

Their mission and vision revolve around building solid communities, keeping the environment clean and free from pollution, and delivering quality. With a background experience of over 38 years, Roetell has been a leading supplier in the glass-blowing industry supplying sturdy glasses with customized packaging. Their establishment in Jiangsu, China, has been hugely successful with their expert knowledge of cutting-edge technology and heavy craftsmanship. Their mason jars invoke an innovative design that attracts customers on an international stage.


Mason jars are indeed a fantastic storage item. These versatile glass models have hiked in popularity in recent times. Apart from their immense domestic applications, these glass jars have filled the shelves of all food storage retailers and ambient restaurants. In terms of utility, mason jars are second to none. Their high-end preservation quality makes artisanal food manufacturers invest in preservation, especially for jams and pickles. Their unique style and wide range of looks seem insufficient!

Their aesthetic displays are great attractors; fill them with beads, condiments, flowers, and other decorative items and see what they can do! Contact us to request a quote today!

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