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Top 4 Perfume Bottle Suppliers in Divisoria

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Divisoria, a commercial center located in Manila, is popular for its various manufacturing activities and shops that offer a wide array of affordable goods. For perfume businesses that are in the retail industry, you need high-quality and aesthetically pleasing perfume bottles for your products for them to stand out on the shelves. However, you also need to consider packaging costs and minimize them as much as possible.

Divisoria is a perfect place to find a reliable and affordable perfume glass bottle manufacturer for your business. Here are 5 suppliers around Divisoria that you can check out.

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Roetell Logo

Location: North Gate, Jinse Licheng, Gulou District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: +86-516-8583 8326‬
  • Email: info@roetell.com

Main Products:

Juice, swing, Gatorade, soda, milk, vinegar, yogurt, perfume, spirit, lotion, beer, essential oil, roller, and others

Mason jars, teapots, coffee jars, fruit bowls, honey jars, storage jars, candy jars, painting jars, food storage jars, freezing jars, cream jars, light bulb jars, candle jars, dollar store jars, and others

About the Company:

Roetell has already been manufacturing and supplying different glass containers for more than 35 years. Although the company is located in China, they also supply to different countries and offer perfume bottles at Divisoria prices.

The company’s products are ideal for the food, beverage, and cosmetics industries. Their expertise can help small businesses expand their brand reach by doing a promotion study on each client’s target market and providing suggestions. Using modern manufacturing techniques like pick and place automation process, Roetell can produce innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions for your perfume products.
Unlipack Logo
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Location: 1514 N. Zamora St. Tondo, Manila

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: (02) 668-8918 / (02) 330-6837
  • Mobile: (63) 917-865-4722 / (63) 932-865-4722
  • Email: mail@unlipack.com

Main Products:

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Plastic Jars
  • Plastic Tubes
  • Glass Bottles
  • Glass Jars
  • Pet Bottles
  • Pet Jars
  • Metal
  • Microwavable Containers
  • Pouches
  • Soaps
  • Perfumes

About the Company:

Unlipack is a child company of Astro Bottles which is among the leading players in the Philippines’ packaging industry for over 4 decades. The company uses innovative manufacturing processes as well as first-class equipment to provide their customers with unlimited packaging solutions.

Unlipack has the experience and skills required to address every customer’s different packaging needs on time. They understand that your packaging can affect your product’s value, so they strive to produce a wide variety of top-quality supplies that meet quality standards.

Unlipack offers different packaging materials with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They design, manufacture, and deliver complete packaging solutions that are suitable for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Source: Chemworld Fragrance Factory

Location: 1448 F. Agoncillo Street, Ermita, Manila

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: (02) 247-3376
  • Mobile: (63) 995-790-5568 / (63) 943-643-6325
  • Email: info@fragrancefactory.ph

Main Products:

  • Benzwatt Disinfectants
  • French Perfume
  • Perfume Premix
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Essential Oil
  • Starter Kit
  • Laboratory Glassware
  • Reed Diffuser Oil
  • Hand Sanitizer

About the Company:

Chemworld Fragrance Factory was founded in 2004. The company offers hundreds of essential oils, fragrance oils, and a wide collection of perfume boxes and bottles as well as raw ingredients for perfume making. They help in designing and printing custom labels into the bottles which are important aspects of branding.

Aside from supplying perfumes and perfume bottles, Chemworld Fragrance Factory also offers workshops where they share techniques on marketing and blending customized perfumes. They can provide all of the supplies your perfume business needs, including imported fragrances from France. They also accept wholesale orders and have stores located nationwide.

Source: Divisoria King

Location: 1012 Dagupan Ext, Tondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Contact Details:

  • Telephone:  (02) 906-8812
  • Mobile: (+63) 916-164-8257
  • Email:  info@divisoriaking.com

Main Products:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Accessories
  • Home & Furniture
  • Cosmetics
  • Packaging

About the Company:

Divisoria King is an online shop that offers affordable products from Divisoria. Although Divisoria is a nice place to find a wide range of affordable goods, going there in person to check their products yourself is not a good idea. This is because the place lacks traffic discipline and pickpocketing is very common in the area.

To reduce the stress and effort of visiting the overcrowded Divisoria, Divisoria King can deliver your desired items right to your doorstep for free. Now, you can save money and time by purchasing from them.


Although Divisoria houses a lot of stores, it is hard to find a reliable supplier that offers high-quality perfume bottles in the area. So, we hope that our list was able to help you find your ideal perfume bottle supplier at affordable prices. Choose your supplier thoroughly because your business’s success will partly depend on your business partners. You might also want to check out perfume bottle suppliers in the Philippines.

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