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Top 5 Perfume Bottle Suppliers in Manila

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Filipinos are among the largest perfume consumers in Asia. With the increasing demand for perfumes in the Philippines, companies need to work harder to keep up with the trend. However, it is not easy to create a product that stands out from the competition. Your packaging plays a big role in increasing your brand reach. A classy and attractive perfume bottle can help catch the eyes of your target customers.

For businesses that are looking for perfume bottle manufacturers in Manila, here are the top 5 suppliers we have compiled for you.

Perfume Bottle
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BC Fragrance

Source: BC Fragrance

Location: 20 Lansbergh Place, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: (02) 374-6302 / (02) 374-6292
  • Email: sales@bcfragrance.com

Main Products:

  • Fragrance Oils (Home & Hotel Scents, Ambience Fragrances, Designer Fragrances)
  • Natural Essential Oils
  • Beauty / Carrier Oils
  • Essentials (Ethyl Alcohol & Others)
  • Compounds
  • Bottles & Packaging (Tubular & Amber Glass Bottles)
  • Perfumery Accessories

About the Company

BC Fragrance is a company started by two sisters, Bernadette and Caroline, who are fond of fragrances. Bernadette was a certified Fragrance Sales Specialist who trained under Stephen Dowthwaite – a British perfumer and founder of PerfumersWorld. Caroline, on the other hand, graduated with a Fragrance and Cosmetics Marketing degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

BC Fragrance started with 10 fragrances back in 2009, but the company now has over 300 scents. They have expanded their product list to home fragrances, personal care, and other fragrance products aside from perfumery products. Popular wedding planners, celebrities, hotels, and properties have been using BC Fragrance’s fragrances since 2011.

Most importantly, BC Fragrance has received 14 perfumery awards starting from 2011. Below are some of their latest awards:

  • 2017 Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence – Best Premiere Perfumery and Fragrance Company
  • 2017 Global Excellence Awards Best Lifestyle Perfumery
  • 2018 Star Brand Perfumery Cosmetics Product
  • 2018 The World Class Philippines Awards Trusted Perfumery and Fragrance Company
Solidgold Trading Logo
Source: solidgoldtrdg.wixsite.com

Location:  58 F. Bautista St, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: (02) 413-8874 / (02) 245-7685
  • Mobile: (+63) 906-128-9383 / (+63) 998-560-5018 
  • Email: solidgold.trdg@gmail.com

Main Products:

  • Perfume Bottles (including vials, bottles with roll-ons, and long tube bottles)
  • PET Bottles (Clear, White, & Colored)
  • Perfume Packaging Supplies (Pouches, boxes, shrink wraps, etc.)
  • Raw Materials (Alcohol, oils, premixes, etc.)

About the Company

Solid Gold Trading is a perfume bottle importer and supplier that offers its products at competitive prices. The company was established in 2010 and initially served medium-sized businesses.

They did not have retail stores back then. But, they opened up small retail outlets to help small businesses that are having difficulties in buying from big companies due to quantity restrictions and minimum orders. Solid Gold Trading offers their products at wholesale prices without minimum order quantities to cater to the needs of small entrepreneurs.

Kotinson Industrial Chemical Sales
Source: KICS

Location: 8 Corumi, Quezon City, 1115 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: (02) 7900-1689 / (02) 7799-3882
  • Mobile: (+63) 917-578-1078 / (+63) 917-319-9981
  • Email: kotinson.inquiry@gmail.com /Info@kotinson.com

Main Products:

  • Fragrances (Inspired Perfume Oils, Aroma Scented Oil, Household Perfume Oil)
  • Packaging (Perfume Bottle, Amber Bottle, Pet Bottle, Cosmetic Bottle)
  • Laboratory Apparatus
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care (Essential Oil, Cosmetic Chemicals, Extracts and Other Oils, Colorants)
  • Food Ingredients

About the Company

Kotinson Industrial Chemical Sales is a supplier of raw materials for making perfume oil, spa, fabric conditioner, dishwashing liquid, and detergent powder products. It is a distributor and importer of affordable chemical products in the Philippines. The company’s perfume bottles range from 10ml to 85ml capacities. They give discounts for bulk orders and provide free shipping nationwide for purchases of perfume oils more than Php 5,000.

Firepack Logo
Source: Firepack

Location: Quezon City

Contact Details:

  • Mobile: (+63) 922-355-7275
  • Email: firepack.ph@asia.com

Main Products:

  • Special Packaging (Cosmetic Packaging, Adhesive Tapes, Molded Pp Plastic, Bags)
  • Plastic (Pouches, Packs & Ziplocks)
  • Paper (Corrugated Box, Food Packaging, Non-Food Packaging)
  • Tin and Aluminum
  • Glass (Perfume Bottles, Mason Jars, Essential Oil Bottles, Lotion Bottles, etc)

About the Company

Firepack Packaging Solutions is a customized packaging specialist that serves more than 175 countries worldwide. The company is a subsidiary of Sky Summit Group and specializes in cosmetic, plastic, glass, paper, wooden, and other industrial packaging. They have clear and colored glass perfume bottles in various capacities, shapes, and textures.

Roetell Logo

Location: North Gate, Jinse Licheng, Gulou District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: +86-516-8583 8326‬
  • Email: info@roetell.com

Main Products:

Essential oil, roller, juice, swing, Gatorade,  lotion, beer, soda, milk, vinegar, yogurt, perfume, spirit, and others

Candle jars, dollar store jars, mason jars, freezing jars, cream jars, teapots, coffee jars, fruit bowls, honey jars, storage jars, candy jars, painting jars, food storage jars, light bulb jars, and others

About the Company

Although Roetell is a China-based glass bottle manufacturing company, they also supply to the Philippines. Their affordable perfume bottles are perfect for small perfumery companies that are looking for an experienced perfume bottle manufacturer and supplier that they can rely on.

The company has its own manufacturing facility so they can offer their products at competitive prices. You can consult their glass bottle and packaging experts to find the ideal packaging for your products.


Finding a skilled perfume packaging supplier that can help you grow your business is crucial. Your supplier will be your business partner and you should find one that you can build a long-term partnership with. Choose one that can provide you with affordable but high-quality products and a wide range of options to meet your specific needs. Also check out our list of top perfume bottle manufacturers in Mumbai.

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Perfect elaboration

we got this interest in buying a continuous quantity of glass bottles for alcohol products.

The interest is for:

Item 1
200 ml Flask bottle for screw caps (alluminium)

Item 2
950 or 1000 ml Cristal Bottle optional plastic/cork cap or alluminium screw cap (machine)

Please find some pictures attached.

There would be also some possibilities on 600ml beer bottles (dark colour: amber, green, brown, black)

The volume of interest is about 1 fcl 20′ each item approximately each 3 months (90 days). If possible to mix up the container with these items, it will be better.

Quality: light cristal, cheap product

Shipment: prompt

Payment: 30% advanced and balance against B/L or L/C through first level bank in Uruguay

In case of possibility to offer, please quote:

1. In USDOL (American dollar) per unit, indicating logistics, shipment type (bulk or pallets), quantities per container
2. Please include if it would be possible to include an agent’s commission in case customer decides to import directly
3. Delivery port: Montevideo, Uruguay, final destination the same country

We await your news. Thanks in advance and

Best regards,

Continental Bottle Company quoted me a 50,000 MOQ on nail polish bottles so I would say they are NOT aimed at small or even medium sized companies (certainly not small in any case). Roma International have a more realistic 5,000 MOQ.

Need purfume empty bottle for 10 and 20ml perfume

Hi my name is Richard, and i am looking to buy some 375ml glass flask bottles. If this is something you could supply please let me know.

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