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Perfume Bottle Suppliers in the Philippines

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The Philippines is among the countries in Asia that puts a lot of importance on beauty. There is no wonder that perfumes are one of the top items on its list. Firmenich even said that the Philippines is the third largest consumer of fragrance products in Southeast Asia. To meet this demand, a lot of small perfume companies are arising in the market.

If you are starting your perfume business and are looking for the best perfume glass bottle manufacturer in the Philippines, then you are in the right place! We will give 4 perfume bottle companies and online stores where you can buy affordable perfume bottles in bulk in the Philippines.

Perfume Bottle Suppliers
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Bestpak logo
Source: Bestpak

Location: Lot 2, #9 P. Florentino Street corner Araneta Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines 1104

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: (02) 8741-6912
  • Mobile: (63) 917-169-1399
  • Email: sales@bestpak.ph

Main Products:

  • PET Bottles
  • Glass Bottles (Clear, White, & Colored)
  • Caps & Closures
  • Dispensing Systems
  • Essential Oil Bottles
  • Cosmetics Cases
  • Jars
  • PET Jars
  • Tottles
  • Foamers
  • Household Bottles
  • Food Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

About the Company:

Bestpak was founded in 1959 and started with a single product. As the company expanded, it became a multi-service packaging business. Since then, the company has become the most preferred supplier of leading beauty companies in the country. It has 3 manufacturing plants located in different areas in the Philippines.

Aside from personal care and cosmetics products, Bestpack also offers packaging supplies for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and household markets. They are also partnered with top companies in Europe and Asia which allowed them to offer their customers various options to match their unique requirements.

The Grasse Fragrance Co. Logo
Source: The Grasse Fragrance Co.

Location: G/F Saville Building 8728 Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati City

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: (02) 8890-8269
  • Mobile: (+63) 917-622-4481

Main Products:

  • Expressions Parfumées
  • PET Bottles
  • Glass Bottles
  • Jars
  • Plastic containers

About the Company:

The Grasse Fragrance (TGF) Co. supplies perfumery solutions for hobbyists and businesses in the personal care, cosmetics, and fragrance industries. The company was established in 2006 and helped many clients succeed in their businesses by providing premium fragrance ingredients imported from France.

TGF offers lotion, colognes, and other raw materials as well as free perfume-making tutorials to equip you with the skills and knowledge for a profitable fragrance business. They provide a complete selection of packaging solutions for the personal care and cosmetics industries. They commit to supplying only high-quality products. Their Quality Assurance team thoroughly inspects their products starting from the production process to the delivery stage.

Islas Aromatics Logo
Source: Islas Aromatics

Location: 2/F Linear Building, 142 Katipunan Avenue, Brgy. St. Ignatius, Quezon City

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: (02) 375-1490
  • Mobile: (63) 917-575-9668

Main Products:

  • Essential Oils
  • Fragrance Oils
  • Carrier Oils
  • Flowers, Herbs & Seeds
  • Candle Making Supplies
  • Soapmaking Supplies
  • Soap Molds
  • Colorants
  • Butters
  • Raw Materials
  • Clays, Charcoals, and Extracts
  • Bottles & Jars (EO Bottles, Plastic (PET) Bottles, Jars, Perfume Bottles)
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Reed Supplies
  • Home Scenting

About the Company:

Islas Aromatic, a company founded in 2008, claims to be Manila’s only one-stop-shop for all of your aromatherapy supply and packaging needs. Not only do they offer local products but also imported ones that they sell in retail and bulk volumes.

The company has been supplying both small and big businesses for more than 10 years, all of which are satisfied with Islas Aromatic’s products and services. Their perfume bottles come in 10ml to 65ml capacities in clear, frosted, and brown colors. They also have glass bottles with roll-ons and silver sprayers.

Roetell Logo

Location: North Gate, Jinse Licheng, Gulou District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Contact Details:

  • Telephone: +86-516-8583 8326‬
  • Email: info@roetell.com

Main Products:

Gatorade, soda, Juice, swing, milk, vinegar, spirit, lotion, yogurt, perfume, roller, beer, essential oil, and others

Coffee jars, fruit bowls, Mason jars, teapots, honey jars, candy jars, painting jars, storage jars, food storage jars, freezing jars, candle jars, dollar store jars, cream jars, light bulb jars, and others

About the Company:

If you are looking for an experienced perfume glass bottle supplier outside the Philippines, you can check out Roetell. The company supplies a wide variety of perfume bottles in different shapes, sizes, and colors to international companies including the Philippines. They are one of the leading glass bottle suppliers in China for more than 30 years.

Roetell is a good choice for start-up perfume businesses because they can help you find your target market and help you improve your branding strategy. They can produce thousands of different glass bottles per day using their own manufacturing factory in Jiangsu, China. Thus, giving you a wide array of options for your perfume packaging needs.

Online Stores

Lastly, you can also check online stores in the Philippines to find businesses that can supply you with affordable perfume bottles in bulk. The 3 most popular platforms are Shopee, Lazada, and Carousell.

Shopee Logo, Lazada Logo, Carousell Logo
Sources: (1) SeekLogo, (2) Lazada, (3) Carousell Blog

Shopee is a leading e-commerce platform in Taiwan and Southeast Asia that was launched in 2015.

Lazada is an international company established in 2012. It was founded by Maximilian Bittner and Alibaba Group owns it.

Carousell is a C2C and B2C marketplace where you can buy and sell both new and secondhand goods.


Putting up your own perfume business is not an easy task, especially if you have a lot of competitors. You need to maximize your profits while minimizing your operating costs. One good way to do this is to buy from affordable perfume bottle suppliers. Here is a list of perfume bottle suppliers in Divisoria.

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