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Top 4 Perfume Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Bangalore

Glassmaking and use have been in constant evolution. However, one service has remained stable for decades, using glass bottles to store perfumes. Ancient Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq and Syria, was the birthplace of glassmaking, which later spread to Egypt. Initially, stored perfumes and other beauty products were in glass containers and bottles. Now, what are glass bottles used for? Everything and anything. The essential aspect nowadays has been found in the perfume glass bottles, which, with time, have been customized to the most exquisite designs and come in a variety of sizes. Several companies in Bangalore have invested in manufacturing perfume glass bottles. Here are some of those companies.


Formed in 1984 as a manufacturer of glass bottles, Roetell has a great experts team, which offers high-quality glass bottles free of arsenic and lead. These glass bottles have Ultraviolet protection. They have a large variety of closures that you would enjoy. A multiple fragrance bottle package from Roetell includes a spray, a stopper, and a lid.

Roetell has been consistently providing major and minor labels with personalized glass bottles for years since its formation. The deep understanding and experience as the pioneer in glass bottle production for the dairy beverage and cosmetics industries. To cater to foreign markets, such as the Bangalore region,  they offer global shipping services in this cutting-edge artistry.

It has also ventured into various industries, like food & beverages, and home & hospitality, where it manufactures glass bottles for them. Such include:

Piramal Glass

Its production facilities are equipped with advanced equipment, architecture, and construction to meet the needs of its worldwide customers. They have a comprehensive selection of glass flaconnage solutions, making it the one-stop-shop for global market needs. 

They have an international bottle and mold one-stop-shop production proficiency and an innovative delineation and engineering studio, state-of-the-art CNC system labs for mold production, and exclusive facilities for luxury glass decorative services coating tinting and accouterment gluing.

Nandini Sales Corporation

Nandini sales corporation, initially known as Jagadamba Sales Corporation,  are dealers in glass bottles and suppliers of various other varied products, such as Rigid plastics like PET and PP. 

They continue to surpass the high expectations expected by the best businesses.  Being a  professionally run business, it values profitable, protracted partnerships with its clients, staff, vendors, community stakeholders, and activist organizations.

Geochem Corporation

Mr. Rajesh Gupta leads Geochem Corporation. The cadre of highly experienced experts, all of whom have extensive industry expertise in their purported fields of corporate management, is a solid asset to the organization. They offer customers the highest degree of contentment because of their significant succour. Dedicated to proficiency, quality perfume glass bottles are manufactured with keenness to meet every desired customer’s needs.

They are also renowned manufacturers of other products. Such include:

Geochem’s product line is known for its exclusive bottle patterns and forms. All gluing efforts are focused on achieving complete customer loyalty. Our experts stay updated on evolving consumer demands, which allows them to provide the most exclusive service to our customers.


To succeed in the dynamic perfume industry, You must rely on creative branding. The perfume glass bottle industry has evolved over the years to the current designs that focus on minimalism and portability. The markets participating in these are regularly changing. As competition intensifies, so do their offerings and the consistency of their respective goods to remain relevant in the aggressively growing industry.

At Roetell, we understand the essence of the diversity of choices for every client. Our team dedicates its service to customer satisfaction. We offer high-quality glass bottles and excellent services from our support team. Reach out to us with any inquiries you may have and let our team help you. 

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell