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Top 4 Perfume Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China

Glass manufacturing and its uses have been evolving for a long time. One benefit has been consistent for decades: storing perfumes. Glass bottles also stocked beauty products. Originating from Mesopotamia and spreading slowly across the globe, glass-making has become one of the most relied on industries. Customized perfume glass bottles (Learn: Glass Bottle Parts and Names) are a trend in the most beautiful designs and come in a range of sizes have become an essential feature in the cosmetic industry. Several China-based firms have specialized in the manufacture of perfume glass bottles. Here are some of those companies that have dominated the market in China.
Perfume Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China


Roetell was established in 1984, Jiangsu, China, and has since established itself as an international glass manufacturer. Their 30+ years of experience in the industry make them proficient in the field. From its inception, it has continuously provided major and minor brands with customized glass bottles. The attribution is due to the company’s extensive knowledge and expertise as a leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the dairy milk and cosmetics industries.

Roetell has created an extensive market pull for local and international markets, allowing it to ship to different countries globally. They produce products that are of high quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly. 

Other than perfume glass bottles, they specialize in other products like Glass vases, Juice bottles, Glass coffee jars, Wine bottles, and so on. 


Since 2007, the Shelee glass factory has become a market leader in the production of plastic and glass perfume bottles. Their few years in the market have earned them a place in the competitive glass bottle production industry. Dealing with both glass and plastic perfume packages can offer customer satisfaction in both plastic and glass fields.

They have a significant competitive edge in terms of excellent styles, high production, competitive pricing, excellent after-sales support, and the best shipping and export staff. They prioritize clients’ high-quality, expert offerings, supplying you with superior fragrance packaging and exceptional support.

They are also dealers in crystal perfume, metal perfume, polishing perfume bottles, and various material caps, such as surlyn, PVC ABS, MS, UV, metal, aluminium, and crystal glass lids.


Xuzhou Degao Glassware Co.Ltd


It is essential to invest in innovative perfume packaging to be able to thrive in the fast-paced perfume industry. Companies that engage in these developments regularly have seen the industry evolve to the new design. As competition intensifies, so do their brands’ quality and corresponding market position, and the need to remain competitive in the quickly expanding industry.

At Roetell, we have established a brand you can trust to deliver quality perfume glass products. Reach out to us and let our support team guide you with any purchases and inquiries you may have. Our team gives exclusive service to all our clients’ needs and ensure they are satisfied with the service, as per the training they are given. Share with us your perfume bottle requirements and suggestions, and we will deliver.

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