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Top 5 Perfume Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

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The perfumery industry in India is worth millions of dollars. Many companies are attracted to the industry, whose growth charts increase by the day. These companies either manufacture, import, offer wholesale or retail services. Whichever the case, it is of utmost necessity to ensure that you work with the most trusted ones. With that in mind, here are the top 5 perfume glass bottle manufacturers in India. Read on!

Top 5 Perfume Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India



Roetell Logo

Roetell is located in Jiangsu, China. Incepted in 1984, the company has grown to be among the most established multinational glass manufacturers, catering to local and international needs for glass products. It exports to other countries such as India to cater to the market prospects. For over 30 years, the organization has been able to create customer loyalty through custom-made glass bottles.

Their expertise in the field is attributed to years of experience and proficient staff that pays specialized attention to every client’s needs. Through this, they are able to produce high-quality, innovative, and most significantly, non-pollutant products. They provide you with a complete package for all of your packaging needs, including buying guidance and market research.

To strengthen your brand identity, they will supply you with beguiling perfume glass bottles. They carry out specific and detailed market research into current packaging patterns in order to provide you with packaging options that will pique the interest of your prospective consumers. 

Goyal India

Goyal India Logo

Source: https://www.goyalindia.com/.

Goyal was established in 1972 and is under the leadership of  Mr. Vipul Goyal. They manufacture and export glass artifacts. Being ISO 9001-2008 certified ensures that the company maintains a high level of standard. They value ethics and ensure that staff follows any procedural aspect of the manufacturing process and skillsets.

They are capable of producing handicrafts of nearly any kind. They undertake specially crafted orders and deliver the same with excellence and perfection. Garden ornaments, fireplace accessories, copper utensils, candle holders, EPNS, wooden pieces, lamps, glasswares like perfume bottles, nautical, mirrors, and picture frames are some of their product lines.

K.D Enterprises

K.D Enterprises, located in Delhi, was established in 2013.  They are an acknowledged company that provides high-quality glass bottles and caps for cosmetic packaging created in-house by a pool of talented professionals.

Their advanced production premises allow us to design products in various colors, patterns, and materials to meet the specific needs of its customers. They offer their goods both in India and abroad to meet the needs of all their customers.

They have partnered with leading shipping and transport companies to promptly and secure the distribution of goods to customers. They wrap the goods in protective materials to protect them from damage risks during transit.

G.M Overseas

G.M Overseas Logo

Source: https://www.glassbottlejar.com/.

G.M Overseas began in 2007, Uttar Pradesh, India, in a 500 square yard premises. They manufacture and export glass bottles. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified business, they have been among the most reputable organizations involved in the manufacture and export of empty glass bottles, jars, and marketing glasses. Their years of experience allow them to serve industries like food and beverages efficiently.

Other products they manufacture include:

Indian Harness

Indian Harness Logo

Source: https://www.indianharness.com/profile.html.

Indian Harness started in 2001. It manufactures glass products such as perfume glass bottles. Under the leadership of Mr. Adil Sethi, it has been able to conquer tremendous growth and achievements in the highly competitive market. Consumers praise their products for their appealing nature, such as extravagant design, scale, and superb polish.


Perfume glass bottles are pretty delicate. It is essential to ensure that you have a trusted partner to handle all your designs and packaging preferences to the latter. It also helps when you have a team to back you up in your selection process. Contact us and let our team of professionals guide you through your desired brand identity package.

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