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Glass Bottles Manufacturers in China

Roetell is among the top glass bottle manufacturers in China. We have been supplying both small and large companies with food-grade and ISO-certified glass bottles in wholesale. We offer bulk glass bottles in different shapes and sizes including balloon-like, slender, short-necked, long-necked, and rounded China bottles as well as mini wine bottles and perfume bottles.

The company’s glass bottles manufacturing plant can produce colored glass bottles such as amber, cobalt blue, black, and green glass bottles. As an experienced glass bottle supplier, we can cater to the special needs of the cosmetics and beverage industries including water, milk, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic drink manufacturers.

Roetell has been working as a trustworthy glass bottle manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 3 decades. With our years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee the production of high-quality Chinese glass bottles. Aside from manufacturing glass bottles in our own glass bottle factory, we also offer customization and design services to our customers. We have glass bottles in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. 

If you are looking for a reliable glass container company, you can rely on Roetell. Buy glass bottles in bulk from us and let us help you grow your business using our customizable and affordable products.

Wholesale Glass Bottles in Bulk

Roetell has more than 5000 in-stock wholesale glass bottle designs that you can choose from at our warehouse. They cater to different industries including health, beauty, food, beverage, and hospitality.

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Custom Glass Bottles For Various Industries

Consumers are increasingly choosing glass packaging over plastic due to BPAs. Moreover, they later reuse well-designed custom glass swing bottles, glass juice bottles, or mason jars for storage or decor.

Decanters, glass wine bottles, and liquor bottles are some of the popular glass liquor bottle designs. They can be used to store other liquids too thus giving consumers extra value.

Consumers are increasingly choosing glass packaging over plastic due to BPAs. Moreover, they later reuse well-designed custom glass swing bottles, glass juice bottles, or mason jars for storage or decor.

Different industries use different types of wholesale packaging solutions like glass food jars, glass sparkling water bottles, and glass honey jars. They perfectly preserve the flavorful freshness of food products.

Scented candles in glass candle jars, colored glass vases, or glass diffuser bottles are all beautiful home decor pieces. They can be upcycled and used by consumers for many years.

Examples of custom health-related glass bottles include mouthwash glass bottles, essential oil bottles, and glass bathroom bottles. They preserve the composition of medicinal products very well as glass is non-reactive.

Customize Your Glass Bottles From a Chinese Manufacturer

Glass Bottle Capacity

At Roetell, we can customize the capacity of your glass bottles to the quantities that you prefer to package your product in. It is an important aspect that our design specialists have to consider when conceptualizing custom design glass bottles. We manufacture bottles of volumes between 5ml up to 1000ml.

Glass Bottle Function

The way in which you intend to use the glass bottles determines what type of bottle design would be ideal. We have the experience and technology to design heat-resistant custom bottles or those that shield light-sensitive products from light exposure. Roetell also offers various surface treatments and bottle branding services.

Glass Bottle Material

For optimal performance, your custom glass bottles need to be designed with the right glass and closures. Some beverages like champagne require their glass bottles to be made with thicker glass to withstand the fizzy pressure of the drink. We can produce different kinds of glass to accommodate such needs.

Glass Bottle Dimension

The dimensions of your glass bottles need to correspond with your factory filling and processing lines. Additionally, they should match your quantity or volumetric packaging requirements. As such, we design and avail a free custom bottle sample for you to inspect and test on your production lines before production begins.

Glass Bottle Finish

Finishes play a big role in the appearance of glass bottles. Neck finishes determine which closures can be used for particular bottles. Roetell offers a wide range of metal, plastic, and cork closures. For aesthetics and branding, we provide numerous decorative finishes. They include electroplating, baking, screen printing, among others.

Glass Bottle Color

Colored bottles appeal to customers and can be used as a brand signature. Some products such as essential oils, wine, and beer also require colored glass bottles to avoid being degraded by light. We can customize your glass bottles in blue, amber, green, yellow, or other colors of your choice.

Glass Bottle Shapes

Glass bottle shapes are important for aesthetics and functionality purposes such as stability. Our team of designers will work with you to consider various custom shapes that may be ideal for you. You can also choose from our wide selection of balloon-like, round, or cornered shapes, and different neck lengths.

Get Glass Bottles in Bulk Step-by-step

We Respond to Your Inquiry Within 12 Hours

We understand that time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery is important. Our short response times aim to provide easy access to our services.

We Deliver Customized Glass Bottle Designs

Our objective is to deliver a customized glass bottle design that meets all your requirements. We aim to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction is important to us.

We Fulfill Efficient Glass Bottle Manufacturing

The Roetell factory is fitted with ultra-modern machinery to ensure that we efficiently manufacture high-quality glass bottles. It also enables us to produce in bulk within short turnaround times.

We Offer Custom Glass Bottle Packaging

When you come to us with glass packaging needs, we strive to fulfill them. We have thousands of in-stock designs that you can choose from or we could explore customization.

Benefit From Your Committed Glass Bottle Manufacturer

Wholesale Glass Bottle Price

Our high-quality glass bottles are available at wholesale rates which saves you money and reduces your costs of production.

Fast Production Turn-around

We manufacture your glass products fast to ensure that the production and distribution schedules of your business are not delayed or disrupted.

Free Glass Bottle Sample

Roetell offers you a free glass bottle sample for testing and to confirm that we met your custom design requirements.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

All our clients are important to us and thus our MOQ is 500 pieces to accommodate large and small orders.

High Bottle Quality

We are meticulous with our quality checks and manufacturing standards. Our goal is to offer you the best glass bottles.

Worry-free Aftersale Services

The Roetell team is always on hand to guide you through aftersale procedures such as warehousing, shipment, and just-in-time delivery.

Consult Your Roetell Glass Bottles & Packaging Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your glass bottle and jar need, on-time and on-budget.

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