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Glass Jars Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Roetell is a well-known glass jars manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We have been working with companies of different sizes who are looking for durable and non-toxic canning jars in bulk and wholesale mason jars as well as recycled glass jars.

We offer a wide range of canning jars and glass jars with lids including spice jars, cosmetic jars, and jam jars. Aside from clear glass jars with lids, we also have colored glass jars such as amber, frosted, black, blue, and green glass jars. Our cheap wholesale glass jars also come in different sizes and shapes.

Roetell’s customizable products can be used for storing food and dairy as well as packaging beauty products. Buy glass jars in bulk from us and watch your profit grow. Our glass jars are made with the finest, food-grade materials, combined with modern glass making equipment and methods​, to ensure these containers are safe to use and a perfect fit for your products. Glass jar products are mostly used to add value in the food and dairy, food storage, beauty products, and tableware, to name a few. Bring more to your brand with our glass jar products now.

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Custom Glass Jars For Various Industries

If you are looking for some of the best designed and most durable food glass jars with lid wholesale, Roetell’s glass food jars are the solution for you. They exist in various types like the glass condiment bottles, glass food storage jars. These are a one stop solution for all your food-storage related needs.

The custom glass jar manufacturer also supplies durable, safe and strong beverage jars like the coffee jars, champagne jars, juice bottles which are just perfect for all your beverage related needs. 

Home decor glass jars manufactured by Roetell, come across in various shapes, sizes and finish. Their candle jars, candle cup and mosaic patch jars are the most popular items to decorate your house with. 

If you are looking for glass hers to serve your guests in, then Roetell’s custom hospitality jars are all you need. Their glass fruit now, serving and mixing bowl will make your household job way easier than before. 

If you are into the pharmacy business and need glass jars for storing your medicines, then Roetell’s round amber pharmacy jars, amber pills jars, vintage pharmacy jars, are all you need to support your needs.

Healthcare is an essential part of someone’s lifestyle. Rotell as a canning jar supplier helps you find the perfect storage solutions for all your healthcare items. Its cream jars, body butter jars and medicine jars are the perfect fit for your healthcare storage needs.

Customise Your glass jars From Chinese Manufacturer 

Glass jar capacities

Roetell’s glass jars can be customized according to your needs. They are available in various capacities and in case you don’t find one that fits your wants, you can get a customized order from us.

Glass jar functions

Retell serves its clients with glass jars that are specialised for particular functions. Its food storage jars, beverage jars, medicine jars, healthcare jars, skincare jars, decoration jars and much more, come with great quality and durability.

Glass jar materials

All the jars are manufactured using glass which allows great food preservation and fermentation as well. All the contents of the stored item are kept intact in glass jars without affecting their quality or chemical composition.

Glass jar dimension

Roetell’s glass jars are available in various dimensions as suiting the needs of the customer. In case the customer does not find any matching dimension, the manufacturer promises customization of the dimensions for their buyers as well.

Glass jar finishes

The glass jars available at Roetell have various neck and finish options available. You can choose from a wide range of finish options like their

Custom frosted glass, embedded glass, sand glass and laminated glass.

Glass jar colors

Retell offers a wide spectrum of color options to its customers like black, green, white, blue and even clear glass jars wholesale. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Glass jar shapes

Their custom glass jars wholesale feature helps in the production of glass bottles of various shapes like the swing top glass jars, square glass containers, colored bell shaped jars, u-shaped jars, heart shaped jars or ball glass jars wholesale.

Get glass jars in bulk step by step

Respond to your inquiry within 12 hours

Roetell as a  wholesale canning jar supplier serves its customers by responding to their query in less than 12 hours. If you have any sort of query with respect to your order specifications or your order delivery, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer.


Deliver you customized glass jar design

Roetell is well known for manufacturing customized glass jars as per the needs of its customers. Whatever shape, color, size or dimensions you want your glass jars to have, Roetell delivers the unique design to you.

Fulfil efficient glass jar manufacturing 

Roetell’s glass jars manufacturing process is completely efficient. The final product is great in terms of durability, safety, performance and in serving your needs.

Satisfy glass jar packaging based on your requirement

Whatever your requirements are, be it food storage, beverage storage, medicine storage or any of it, Roetell’s glass jars will never fail to impress you as a buyer.

Benefit from your committed glass jar manufacturer 

Wholesale glass jar price

Get the most durable, fancy, and long lasting glass jars at the most affordable prices.

Fast production turn-around

Retell serves its customers with a really great production speed. Order today, get the bulk delivered in almost no time.

Free glass jar sample

You can also receive free glass jars samples for your perusal and at your convenience.

Low minimum quantity

With Roetell, you don’t need to worry about a high minimum quantity to be purchased at every glass jars with lids wholesale order.

High jar quality

The manufacturer has expertise in serving its customers with long-lasting glass jars of the best quality.

Worry-free after sales service

Once a customer, always a customer. Roetell’s after sales services are praised by its customers for year’s.

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