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We Offer Glass Containers for Health & Beauty Sector

Roetell’s glass containers for health and beauty are available in large selections. One can choose from jar capacities as much as 20g, 30g, and 50g. For bottles, sizes range from 20ml up to a whooping 120ml. We also do customizations to maximize one’s brand needs. Our lids are available in different variations. These include pump dispenser, liquid sprayer, and screw cap with stopper. Gold, silver and customized colors can also be picked.

Benefits for Health & Beauty Sector

  • Decorating and Labeling Made Easy

    Variations cover gift box, carton box, paper card, hang tag, paper bag, manual, and more. Our production equipment use advanced machines. This ensures competitive production quality. On top of that, we offer reasonable prices in order for both of us to benefit. We offer kraft carton, color printing box, paper bag, gift boxes, paper card and more.
  • Quality Glass for Cosmetics

    Roetell’s quality pumps, sprayers and more are widely used across industries. Sporting different finishes such as aluminum, aluminum, metal or matte finishes can add appeal. Aside from these, one can choose from an assortment of colors and styles. Customizations are also allowed. Roetell keeps up with the latest innovations. This can help one’s brand to launch with quality products. Standard export or customized packing covers these accessories for safety transportation.

  • Pumps, Camps, Sprayers and More Supplies Cross Industries

    Roetell uses quality glass material that allows repeated use. This is an economical move, saving oneself from spending too much money. As always, corrosion, chemicals, and acid don’t affect it due to its resistive properties. Extreme temperatures are also tolerated. This gives longer shelf life for cosmetics. Beneficial properties are still maintained, giving supple and healthy skin. Our products are lead-free, arsenic-free, low in iron content and UV-protected.

  • Customized Packaging Boxes

    Roetell specializes in high-end products with professional packaging. We also deliver in the earliest times with great transportation solutions. Our packaging boxes have guaranteed quality with excellent support. Roetell’s one-stop service​ starts from design to production, inspection, and shipment. We offer 100% guaranteed services. Flexo printing is used to produce boxes with quality and durability.

Glass Bottles for Health & Beauty

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