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Home & Hospitality

Home & Hospitality

We Offer Glass Containers for Home & Hospitality Sector

Roetell’s affordable yet quality products are driven to perfection. Our glass jar and bottle containers satisfy one’s variety of style in the home and hospitality sector. All of the items can surely fit with one’s home decor. Different selections for styles, colors, finishes and closures are available. Pick from a variety of our items that can suit your needs.

Benefits for Home & Hospitality Sector

A Variety of Colors and Sizes

Roetell’s glass containers for home and hospitality are available in large selections. One can choose from jar capacities as much as 20g, 30g, and 50g. For bottles, sizes range from 20ml up to a whooping 120ml. We also do customizations to maximize one’s brand needs. Quality glass lids and closures​ production supplies Roetell factories. High standard metal tins with solid tops, clear tops or screw-top lids are available.

Unparalleled Design to Engage Your Guest

Look no more for other designs because Roetell got you covered. Our team of talented designers come together for different projects. This sector holds a catalog that includes mouthwash bottles, microwave bottles, and more. Our selection holds a great number of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes. With our top-notch decorating techniques, you will surely never go wrong.


Roetell follows safety protocols for presenting safe products. Our in-house factories​ complied with the safety standards and certifications. This has given our products approval for having safe food-contact materials. In line with this, little chemical commodities are released from the production. This means our products have significantly lower levels of harmful components than other companies. Roetell never fails to comply with regulations to ensure food safety.

100% Recycling

Roetell is dedicated in providing authentic eco-friendly primary packaging solutions. This particular sector gives us the power to provide innovative yet efficient products. We aim to be more conscious of our product selection. As such, we made a complete turnover of glass recycling. 80% of our glass materials are significantly recycled. In line with this, we would like to move forward with more eco-friendly options in the future.

Glass Bottles for Home & Hospitality

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Roetell’s products are GRAS certified or generally regarded as safe. Our raw materials are considered safe by experts. With Roetell’s continuous compliance to safe standards, we are able to maintain certifications and regulations. With that, Roetell’s glass is considered food-grade safe.

Our elegantly designed glass products style every nook and cranny of any room. Roetell’s glass collection are also perfect for different decorations​. Flowers, fruits, sand and seashells, and other dry decorations can make our item stand out. Tastefully decorate any space in any hotel amenity. This can also serve as a housewarming or wedding present.

Roetell features a talented team of designers. We carefully execute every process. This assures our product quality is unparalleled. Our in-house factories run with efficient machinery and advanced technology. This claims that every design is perfected with such precision. Furthermore, bottle decorating techniques make the company thrive. It ranges from painting, frosting, mating, acid etching, and more. Roetell can surely help you launch a personalized brand image.

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell