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Are you looking for high-quality pill bottles that will provide exceptional performance? Roetell is an excellent pill bottle manufacturer with whom to explore collaborating. We provide a large selection of various glass bottle choices that are intended to meet your unique requirements. Whether it’s over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements, or any other pharmaceutical formulations, our glass pill bottles provide a secure and protective environment. You may be confident that you will get the finest pill container option for your needs. We collaborate with skilled specialists who contribute their years of experience and guarantee that all of our work meets the highest standards. To minimize exposure and spilling of contents, our pill bottles are designed to maintain their capacity effectively when in use.

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Boost Your Company With Custom Glass Pill Bottles

Roetell is one of the top bespoke glass medication bottles wholesale makers, with a streamlined supply chain that takes your ideas from conception to pills, vitamin, and capsule packing. we provide high-quality pill bottles designed based on detailed pill bottle drawings to meet a variety of needs in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and health industries. We work hard to guarantee that deliver high-quality pill bottles on schedule. We also have well-established production methods, which enable us to meet your demands on time.

Pill Bottle size

Roetell pill bottles are available in a variety of sizes and may accommodate both liquids and dry goods such as chewable medications or capsules. We provide a pill bottle package of 25 giant-size gorgeous transparent amber-colored 40-dram size medication vials/bottles with press-down child-resistant closures. We also have the smaller (thinner) 8 Dram size available. Also available in a medium size 13 dram. Also available in a 20-dram quantity. in a variety of packaging sizes

Pill Bottle colors

Roetell apothecary bottle wholesale Packaging provides transparent pill bottles for displaying products as well as darker-colored supplement bottles in amber, green, blue, and black. Darker colors can absorb UV radiation, protecting light-sensitive items from the rays. Advertise your business with eye-catching labels or embossments in whichever color you select. Alternatively, vital product information can be shown by printing it directly onto the medicine container or slip-on sleeves.

Pill Bottle Shapes

Our customized solutions include the creation of bulk medicine bottle in a range of shapes and sizes to ensure that they are appropriate for the items you want to use. Round pill bottles, square pill bottles, oval pill bottles including some unique shapes like bell-shaped/u-shaped, heart-shaped.Whether you need a unique design for a new product launch or specialized packaging for a niche market, we can create the perfect solution.

Pill Bottle Closure/Lid

We have a huge selection of closures that are compatible with a wide range of medicine bottles. We offer a variety of lid options, including child-resistant caps, tamper-evident seals, and easy-open designs, ensuring compliance with industry standards while enhancing user experience. Our lids are crafted to fit securely on our pill bottles, preventing leaks and contamination.

Pill Bottle Finish Option

We provide a range of ornamental treatments for aesthetics and branding, including electroplating ,baking and screen printing for eye-catching graphics. Custom finishes, such as forest green glass are also available to help your brand stand out on the shelves. Each finish is carefully crafted to ensure durability and maintain the highest standards of quality, making your pill bottles not only attractive but also highly functional.

Pill Bottle Applications

Our FDA-compliant, high-quality glass jars cater to a spectrum of applications. Perfect for prescription meds, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements, ensuring chemical stability. Ideal for clinical trials, research, and travel-friendly needs. Customizable for brand identity. Explore the pinnacle of quality and versatility at Roetell Pill Bottles

Our Pill Bottle Range

Medication Bottles
Our medication bottles are designed for both prescription and over-the-counter medications. 

They are compliant with all industry standards, ensuring safety and durability for pharmaceutical use.

Empty Pill Bottles
We offer a variety of empty pill bottles, perfect for custom labeling and packaging. 

These bottles are ideal for pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare providers who need reliable storage options.

Supplement Bottles
Our supplement bottles wholesale are specifically designed for vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements. 

 These bottles ensure the freshness and integrity of your products.

Drug Bottles
Roetell’s drug bottles are crafted with precision to ensure safety and compliance with FDA regulations. 

These bottles are suitable for a wide range of medicinal products.

At Roetell, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality products that meet FDA and SGS standards. Our pill bottles and supplement containers are customizable to meet your specific needs, ensuring your products are packaged in the best possible way.

Buy Roetell Pill Bottles in Bulk

Roetell supplies high-quality wholesale medicine bottles at wholesale pricing, which saves you money and reduces your production costs.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, these bottles are perfect for both retail and wholesale customers. Whether you need compact bottles for travel-sized vitamins or larger containers for bulk purchases, we have the ideal solution.

Roetell offers wholesale glass pill bottles and vitamin bottles at prices that are surely within your budget. We have a 3,000,000 sq. ft. factory equipped with modern manufacturing machinery that allows us to produce up to 500,000 glass containers in one day. With our production rate, we can set prices for our glass bottles and glass jars at competitive prices.

Other benefits that you can receive when you order from us are:

Preservation Excellence: Our wholesale glass pill jars ensure the integrity and efficacy of pharmaceuticals with high-quality, inert glass material that maintains chemical stability.

Versatile Storage Solutions: Accommodate various pharmaceutical forms—tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids—offering flexibility and adaptability in packaging.

Compliance Assurance: Meet and exceed FDA standards, providing confidence in the safety and regulatory compliance of your pharmaceutical products.

Customization Options: Tailor packaging to your brand identity. Choose from a variety of sizes and customizable designs to create a unique and impactful presence.

Diverse Applications: Extend beyond pharmaceuticals—ideal for vitamins, supplements, clinical trials, research, travel-friendly packaging, and more.

Environmental Consciousness: Embrace eco-friendly practices with glass jars, contributing to sustainable packaging solutions and meeting the demands of environmentally conscious consumers.

Smart Packaging Integration: Explore the future with smart packaging technologies, ensuring enhanced safety, security, and traceability for your pharmaceutical products.

Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate your brand with jars that blend functionality with aesthetics, making a stylish statement in pharmaceutical packaging.

Our expertise as a leading pill bottle manufacturer ensures that you receive the best products and services in the industry. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for all your pill bottle and supplement container needs.

Quality Roetell Pill Bottle for Medical Uses

Roetell medication bottles are among the most durable on the market and have a very fashionable design. The medication bottles are of good quality and come in attractive styles for men, women, and children. The items are manufactured from recycled materials and have no negative environmental impact.

Our medication bottle is available at the most competitive rates, and all of our goods are ISO, CE, and SGS certified. These have a logo and designs on them. Screen printing and hot stamping methods are used to create medication bottles.

capsule pill

Best In Glass Pill Bottle Factory

At Roetell, we have in-house contemporary production technology that allows us to develop high-quality alternatives that will appeal to your target market. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can rely on our simplified manufacturing techniques to deliver the best spray bottles on the market.
As one of the most equipped pill bottle manufacturing businesses, we can supply the highest quality pill bottles at a significantly lower rate. Our facility is built with cutting-edge equipment to ensure the efficient manufacture of high-quality glass bottles. It also enables us to produce huge amounts in a short period.
Roetell Glass lids

Customer-based Pill Bottle Designs

Another fantastic advantage that distinguishes us as a superior pill bottle maker choice is our ability to personalize any bottle design. For a unique bottle container, we have a wide range of conventional and exclusive designs to select from. These cough syrup bottle wholesale designs have been tried and tested in a variety of sectors, and they will work for your products as well.

Furthermore, our team of pill bottle manufacturer artisans may develop bespoke designs of your choice and incorporate them into the bottle containers. Adding a personalised design offers the glass bottles a one-of-a-kind finish, making your product more marketable.

Why Pick Roetell Pill Bottle Packaging?

Package design from concept to commercialization

Our expert team of designers handles packaging and design solutions from start to finish, catering to any business needs. Combining product design and visual branding, they work with you to create the perfect bottle design for your product, along with matching closures and packaging graphics.

Turnkey decorating & labeling

Our expert wholesale vitamin bottle artisans work with the design team to make innovative ideas a reality. They use a range of artistic techniques, such as bottling and spray paint, to create glass bottles that stand out in the market and pique the interest of your target demographic.

Streamlined supply chain for closures and packing

By manufacturing the majority of components in-house, we shorten the often lengthy manufacturing supply chain. To decrease the amount of missing or defective components, caps, closures, and other accessories are made on-site. It also saves time and money throughout the production process by shortening the travel time between warehouses.

Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We assist with inventory management by utilizing our order system and delivery options. The minimum order number for items is 500 bottles, and products are delivered on schedule to guarantee that orders are completed. We also manage warehousing and logistics to ensure that common products are always in stock and ready to ship.

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