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Round Vs. Square: Choosing The Right Bottle Shape For Your Juice Packaging

The proper packaging of products significantly affects customer satisfaction and drives their decision-making process. Packaging has certainly been a much-focused and researched topic in recent years. It is now known that the design and presentation of a product have a substantial role in determining if the product will sustain itself in the marketplace. 

At the same time, the market has a never-ending demand for juice and drinks. Hence, deciding the optimal shape, color, and price of the most sought-after product, like a 16 oz square juice bottle, is essential in determining the company’s place in the market. 

There are various pros and cons when choosing between a round or square juice bottle. Each glass bottle shape has their distinctive qualities. However, no bottle shape tends to be predominant over the other. To make the decision easier, read about the various aspects of each bottle shape. 

Round Glass Juice Bottles

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Based on a recent survey, it has been found that 29.2% of customers ranked round juice bottles as their first preference. Customers also rated the quality of these bottles at 5.19. Here is a list of the pros and cons of clear round glass juice bottles.


Check out the list of advantages of using round juice bottles. 

  • Traditionally Used: Rounded bottles have been the most commonly used bottle shapes for hundreds of years. For sparkling water bottles, juices bottles , carbonated drinks storage bottles, or stiff drinks, companies in all domains have been using round bottles for packaging. 
  • Easy-To-Handle: Rounded bottles are more comfortable to carry around and handle. Owing to this, these bottles tend to have a wider customer base. Whether for children, fitness enthusiasts, office workers, or senior citizens. A round bottle is perfect for go-to use. 
  • Vertical Load: Vertical load on a glass bottle can be understood as the external weight exerted on the bottle. In round glass bottles, this weight is distributed equally all over the surface, especially the bottle’s baseline. Hence, a round bottle can be used as a glass juice storage bottle to store higher amounts. 
  • Easy-To-Accommodate: Since rounded bottles, glasses, mugs, or cups are traditionally used, most of the cup holders created in cars, bicycles, strollers, backpacks, sofas, or tables are also rounded. It is easy to accommodate rounded juice bottles. 
  • Allow Mechanical Labeling: When subjected to automatic labeling, rounded glass bottles make the process easier and more consistent than square juice bottles.


Check out the list of disadvantages of using round juice bottles.

  • Less Aesthetic In Nature: When it comes to customer behavior and satisfaction, recent surveys have found that rounded bottles are less aesthetically pleasing than square juice bottles
  • Occupies More Space: Another factor that customers consider while choosing a bottle shape is the storage space required. When stacking glass juice bottles, round bottles take up more space and are more difficult to adjust.
  • Difficult To Export: Round juice bottles take up much more space than square glass juice bottles. Stacking a certain number of rounded bottles can easily sum to numerous cartons. As far as export is concerned, the number of cartons being utilized significantly impacts the costs. 

Juice Brands In Round Glass Bottles 

Here is a list of some juice brands (Learn: How To Start A Juice Brand) that use rounded bottles for packaging. 

  • POMONA Organic Pure Blueberry Juice | America

Ribena | United Kingdom

  • LAKEWOOD Organic Pure Apple Juice | The United States of America

Square Glass Juice Bottles

square glass juice bottle with lid wholesale

Based on a recent survey, it has been found that 27.7% of customers ranked square juice bottles as their first preference. Customers also rated the quality of these bottles at 5.03. Here is a list of the pros and cons that come with glass juice bottles. 


Check out the advantages of using square glass juice bottles.

  • Establish Brand Identity: One of the distinctive pros of using square-shaped water bottles or juice bottles is that they can make a company stand out in a cut-throat marketplace. This is because the marketplace is predominantly brimming with rounded bottles. A square-shaped product can aid in creating a sense of individuality. 
  • More Aesthetic Value: Recent surveys reveal that square-shaped water bottles or juice bottles tend to attract massive traction from customers in the market. They are more aesthetically pleasing and come in various designs. 
  • Easy To Export: Exporting glass juice storage bottles to the destination location is one of the costly aspects of packaging. However, square-shaped bottles take up less space when stacked in boxes. Thus, allowing the use of a minimum number of cartons significantly reduces export costs. 
  • Allow Hand Labeling: When subjected to manual labeling, squared glass juice storage bottles make the process easier and more consistent thantheir counterparts. 


Check out the list of disadvantages of using squared juice bottles. 

  • Less Tensile Strength: Squared bottles have unequal pressure all over the surface, including the baseline. Due to this, such bottles are more prone to getting scratched or damaged at the corners. 
  • Difficult To Use For Machine Filling: Automated machine filling of a glass jar tends to be less efficient and productive while filling square glass bottles. 
  • Difficult Accommodation: Cup holders in cars, trucks, sofas, backpacks, movie theaters, baby strollers, or chairs are traditionally round in shape. Thus, making it difficult to carry around and keep a squared glass bottle in a safe and secure place. 

Juice Brands In Square Glass Bottles 

Here is a list of some juice brands that use squared bottles for packaging. 

  • Sol-ti | America 

Roetell – Your Reliable Glass Juice Bottle Manufacturer in China

Alt Text: Roetell juice bottle manufacturer In an era where customer satisfaction is a top priority, juice brands require manufacturers that can fulfill their demands and expectations. Roetell is a glass juice bottle manufacturing company that provides excellent manufacturing and packaging services. It allows one to customize the glass bottles per one’s liking to inculcate a sense of distinctiveness and personal touch to the products. To add a touch of uniqueness, one can experiment with the product’s shape, size, color, and finish to carve out a beautiful design for your products. Roetell offers their products a wide range of geometrical shapes, like bell-shaped, heart-shaped, rounded, or squared. One can also choose colors like black, white, brown, or blue for jars. With modern technology and bottling plants, Roetall offers their customers top-notch products at reduced costs. Their manufacturing plants are designed to create quality finished products like glass jars, tins, bottles, containers, flasks, and tugs.


Choosing the right geometrical shape for your bottled products depends on various aspects. One must consider factors like target audience, product labeling, brand awareness, requirements of the customers, as well as the costs required to carry out the packaging process. The shape, color, and design of a product go a long way in deciding if the company will be able to thrive in the marketplace. Hence, with the above-mentioned factors, one can make an easier and ideal choice while deciding on the shape of the bottles. Contact us if you are looking for customizable and high-quality glass bottle manufacturers.
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