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Round Glass Jars Vs. Square Glass Jars for Food Storage Containers

Whether chosen for their aesthetics or hygiene, the demand for glass jars in the food and beverage industry is rapidly increasing, which is the biggest reason behind the impressive growth of the glass jar market. The global glass jar market was valued at $64 billion in 2021, and the industry is about to witness a further growth of 4.4% in the upcoming years. 

When starting a food and beverage business, packaging plays a vital role. And this is because how well the quality of the glass food jar will remain after packaging largely depends on the material used. Especially if the business involves manufacturing those with liquid or jelly-like textures that include some preservatives, glass jars serve as the best containers. As for food glass jars wholesale, there is a big confusion if square food storage containers are the best or round glass food storage containers. This article can help everyone going through the same confusion decide better. 

Square Glass Food Storage Containers

There is something special about square food storage containers, even if they are slightly underrated as compared to round glass storage containers, but they can be the ideal fit for any food and beverage business. Glass jars have their charm, the look of any product can get enhanced because of the transparent glass jars, no matter their shapes and designs, they look impressive.

round glass container is an extremely popular design for glass jars for almost every food and beverage company. From pickles to jams, chocolate spreads to coffee, almost every popular brand is a fan of round glass storage containers. But, when it comes to square glass storage jars, you can take advantage of underrated square glass food containers by introducing them to your business and customizing it according to your preference. This is a surefire way to get your business out of the gate, not to mention that the square glass food storage container itself has many advantages. Trusted bottle manufacturing companies can help your business design square glass jars at wholesale rates. 


There are many benefits to choosing square glass storage containers for your business. Here are some significant ones:

  • They look stylish and are more visually appealing.
  • They are quite uncommon. Every major food and beverage brand chooses round jars if you want your packaging to look different, square jars are the best.
  • It is easier to export square glass jars because they require less space and can be nicely set in average-sized cartoons.
  • You get a lot of space to show creativity and print your brand label. For instance, there is a lot of space for illustrations and designs on the square surface.


Although there are not many disadvantages to share, there are indeed a few problems with square glass jars:

  • Fragile, there is always a probability of breaking them accidentally. They have the highest chance of getting chipped because their square shape fails to distribute pressure evenly.
  • Square glass jars can be comparatively heavier than round ones so shipping them can be more expensive.
  • Machine filling of square glass jars requires more effort as compared to round ones. 
  • Do not provide the perfect grip.
  • If the food stored in square jars needs to be scooped out, it gets stuck in corners. However, scooping food out of round jars is relatively easy.

Food Brands In Square Glass Bottles 

Whether in advertisements or posters, you must have come across many such globally-popular food brands that rely their trust on a glass square container to pack their products. The number of brands using square jars is quite a, but some of the most popular ones include:

Soul Pickles

A popular Indian pickle brand that focuses on rejuvenating traditional pickle-making processes and authentic age-old recipes and pays a lot of attention to its aesthetic packaging. They use square containers for food packaging. 

Anarchy In A Jar Jam

Voted by the Times Magazine in the top-10 jam brands of America, Anarchy In A Jar is one of those brands with unique names, uncompromising quality, and a strikingly-different square-shaped glass jar that makes all the difference. 

Rok’s Peanut Butter

A relatively less-popular brand that offers 100% organic and chemical-free products, Rok’s peanut butter square glass jars look straight out of a mom’s kitchen, simple yet unique. 

Round Glass Food Storage Containers


  • The round shape of the bottles helps in equalizing the pressure.
  • Easily available at wholesale rates.
  • Easy to clean and store food of all kinds of textures.
  • Round glass containers with lids are easy to fill and tighten with machines.
  • They only take up little space in storage units. 
  • It can be reused and is safe for the environment.
  • The process of labeling is easier.


  • The round shape could be better for a grip; its smooth surface can get slippery when in contact with water and oil.
  • They are fragile. 

Food Brands In Round Glass Bottles 

There are uncountable food and beverage brands that choose a round glass container over a square one. Some of the most popular ones include: 

Honey And Spice-Himalayan Wild Honey

The purest organic honey collected from wild bees, the Himalayan wild honey of Honey And Spice comes in a cute little round jar with a simplistic label. Honey jars are usually preferred round by almost all brands. 

Figaro Olives

An age-old Spanish brand that has been impressing people worldwide with its special products like olive oil and preserved olives, Figaro loves to pack their farm-picked fresh olives in round glass jars. 

Sarabeth’s Jams

Ranked among the top 10 best American jam brands, none other than the Time Magazine, Sarabeth’s strawberry jam bottles come in the simplest round glass jams jars that look similar to mom’s homemade jams. 

Heinz Pickles

A brand that captured the entire world’s attention for its world-class tomato ketchup, Heinz loves to pack their fresh pickles in a simplistic round glass jar and give them their signature label that the whole world recognizes. 

Roetell – Your Reliable Glass Food Container Manufacturer in China

A leader in manufacturing glass bottles for more than 38 years, Roetell took its first steps in China and now is helping numerous businesses scattered across the globe in getting their glass bottles and jars and jar or bottle accessories customized while simultaneously maintaining the high quality of products. When starting a new business that involves manufacturing food and beverage items, special attention is needed on their packaging. The biggest brands have made the mistake of packing their products in plastic bottles, but now, the trend is all about glass jars, no matter their shapes. The reasons for choosing glass over plastic are many, but the sole reason is plastic is dangerous for human health and the environment, and eliminating it from your business is a major step toward environmental concern. At Roetell, you can customize round or square glass jars with lids at wholesale rates. Whether your business requires a square container for the kitchen, is seeking some square glass bottles at wholesale rates, or a thing as simple as a round glass container, Roetell can help you design the best glass jars and provide them in bulk. Roetell has been manufacturing glass bottles and jars of the highest quality for years. It has also been helping businesses in decorating and labeling their bulk orders.


Finding a trusted glass jar manufacturer is sometimes the most challenging task because a lot depends on the quality of these jars, especially when your products are machine-filled. Many manufacturing companies promise high-quality products but fail to keep their promise because the glass used is either tinted or fragile. Trusted manufacturing companies like Roetell prioritize quality management over making huge profits from cheap products. And that is one of the biggest reasons it has clients worldwide and has been helping uncountable businesses achieve goals and maintain their goodwill. If you want to customize your bulk orders, contact us and discuss your business needs.
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