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Top 5 Soda Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

Glass can be used to package a variety of items on the market, including soda, which is one of the most common drinks. As a result, getting the right packaging for Soda helps increase sales. There are various soda glass bottle manufacturers in India, and picking the right one can be a challenge. Hence, the following list. Read on!


Glass Guru


Royal Glass Factory

The Royal Glass Factory was founded in 2014, Mundka, India and has so far employed between 11 and 25 staff, with the leadership of the founder, Mr. Sitender Sharma. They have been operating in the market with a team of dedicated and qualified staff, which enabled them to meet a variety of client needs. Their employees are capable of handling all aspects of their company with the required expertise and professionalism. They work on every personalized design with utmost precision to ensure that all the client’s specifications are met.

Other than Soda glass bottles, they also manufacture and supply products such as:

Sunrise Glass Industries Private Limited

Sunrise Glass Industries Private Limited was formed in 2014 under the leadership of Narayan Choudhury. It is located in Surat, Gujarat, which is in proximity to raw-material sources and rapidly expanding markets. 

They offer a wide range of products and services such as Liquor bottles, pharmaceuticals bottles, perfumery and cosmetics bottles, and so on. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and market expansion is quite outstanding. With only 6 years of experience in the market, their performance and annual turnovers are promising to rise in market position.


Beverages are popular products that people consume daily. Their packaging, especially soda, is done in a way that the consumer does not waste much time figuring out their flavours. That is why it’s essential to work with a skilful organization for your product packaging. Contact our teams and be guided on how you can make your product packaging profitably unique in the market.
Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell