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Top 4 SodaStream Glass Bottles Manufacturers In Australia

Glass has been a material that has been incorporated in most packaging solutions in most industries. Soda stream bottles come in different sizes and designs depending on the soda stream product. Most of them come with water bottles. It is, however, of utmost essence to be able to get a replacement whenever necessary. The following list is of the most trusted brands in the United Kingdom’s market to make your purchases. Read On!


Roetell was incepted in 1984 and has been a part of the industry ever since.  Its expertise in the production of glass products has earned it a reputation and a top spot in an industry full of highly competitive businesses.

They recognise that today’s global market requires diversity in product manufacturing, and that’s why they design unique glass bottle designs. Their global market reach covers many countries. They are trusted to deliver high-quality soda stream bottles in the UK by many companies.  These bottles are designed to overcome the pressure, and their durability is worthwhile. The soda stream bottles they produce are eco-friendly and reusable. 

Their soda stream bottles make it easy for people to make their fizzy drinks and carry them wherever they want. This has made it easy for people to reduce the usage of single-use disposable water bottles. This has made Roetell a solution provider to be emulated by others in the industry.

SodaStream International

SodaStream is an Israeli company that distributes its goods worldwide. Their key aim is to remove single-use plastic bottles from the market. Each of the three-year-old SodaStream PET carbonating bottles is reusable. As a result, they have become a well-known brand of SodaStream glass bottles in Australia. They have designed their products to be used anywhere other than home.

Their bottles allow you to carbonate and carry your sparkling water with you wherever you go, further reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles. These bottles are made to match perfectly with the nozzles of the manufacturer, so they don’t make a mess when you’re making your fizzy drink. Since they are made to be the least likely to break, these bottles are compact.

Xuzhou Yanjia Glassware Co., Ltd


SodaKING is located in Springvale Road, Mulgrave. They offer Quality sparkling water devices, Australian-made flavours, eco-friendly reusable bottles, and convenient and easy-to-exchange gas cylinders are all available. They are committed to creativity and excellence and strive to surpass customer needs in terms of satisfaction.

Their goal is to remodel the home kitchen. They give excellent service to their customers and ensure that all their preferences and requests are met. This has enabled them to be among key players in the market. Their SodaStream glass bottles come in a variety of sizes to suit different clientele’s needs.

Their SodaStream glass bottles stand out in the market because they can fit the majority of SodaStream manufacturers. This compatibility makes it simple for fans of carbonated beverages to purchase and replace theirs anytime they need.


SodaStream glass bottles stand out in the marketplace because they can fit most people’s needs. Their compatibility makes it easy for fans of carbonated beverages to purchase and replace theirs when their warranty expires.

SodaStream bottles are available in a variety of styles. It’s important to know who you can rely on to deliver exactly what you want. Working with professionals to get the best out of glass SodaStream bottles in Australia is essential. Contact us for high-quality services and Items.

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell