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How To Start A Juice Brand

Fruit juices are one of the most consumed non-fermented beverages that promise various health benefits and vitality if included in the diet. Keeping this in mind, the fruit juice market has shown a total market valuation of $147.5 billion with an exhibited compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.29% for the next 6 years. The estimated future market size of $189.9 billion and the altering lifestyles of consumers have set high standards and expectations for this sector, serving as a catalyzing factor for market growth.

Entrepreneurs are beginning to view this arena as a lucrative business opportunity. However, establishing a juice company is not as easy as it sounds. Starting from the transparency of products, there is a mountain of equipment and permission licenses required from local health departments and agencies. Moreover, it is also imperative to source raw materials and bottled packaging from a reliable glass bottle manufacturer. In today’s blog, we present a comprehensive step-by-step guide to answer how to start your own juice company and how Roetell can assist in this regard:

Step 1: Opt For The Business Model Niche

The inaugural move to answer the interrogative “how to start your own juice brand?” is to determine the target niche of the business operation. The juice industry is merely an umbrella term that encompasses a number of decisions to make regarding its flavor and storage, which can be broadly compartmentalized into organic carton juice, pre-packaged, and bottled juices. Factors like capital investments and budget, location, menu, recipes, manufacturing process, and marketing influence these decisions. Bear in mind that a small firm has the potential to expand its corners and become a large-scale manufacturing business as well. The Bottled Fruit Juice Market is estimated to reach $ 165.46 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.00%.

Moreover, bottled juices are gaining popularity due to their safety, ease of storage, quality management, and reusability. They are eco-friendly and can significantly boost profitability and market standing through (business service) delivered by quality bottle manufacturers. Make sure to conduct a thorough and comprehensive market analysis, profitability, and degree of competition while opting for the niche.

Step 2: Prepare Business Plan

Knowing how to make your own juice brand requires a solid business plan. A business plan is a documentative report highlighting and describing the company’s mission, vision, and operation. It is a road map that covers marketing, financial, and operational aspects and is targeted to both the internal shareholding participants and the external investing audience. Business plans are established with a number of estimations like expected earnings, profits, target share market, operating and non-operating expenses, marketing investment, public relations plans, and competitive strategies. Business plans are the foundation of a successful juice company, and it assists entrepreneurs in effectively confronting problems in the long run. Don’t forget to include after-sales services as a client retention strategy.

Business plans can attract investment before a proven track record and assist in acquiring strong and secured finance from financial institutions. Business plans also support internal parties like the executive team by informing them about strategies and targets. When establishing a business plan, it is helpful to think of it as an internal guide coordinating departments and sections for a smooth operation. Always invest in a turnkey decoration and labeling of the products to optimize brand recognition. Ensure that the document has all the relevant information, like the executive summary, sections on various juices offered, marketing strategy and analysis, budgets, and mode of financing. 

Step 3: Establish A Location

Whether a small juice business or a pre-packaged juice unit, selecting the location comes with a plethora of factors to thoroughly consider. For instance, resource availability, robust water supply, electricity, and human resource management are heavily determined by the location chosen. Production must not exceed the plant capacity, failing which can significantly hinder quality management.

Digital locations and website addresses are extremely crucial in today’s digitized era. Businesses have proven to have failed without a strong digital footprint in the market. Making sure visitors have easy access and one-on-one communication through an online website will expand the customer base a thousand times more.

Step 4: Adhere To The Licensing And Registration Requirements

The fruit juice business is not child’s play and may require exhaustive research on the licenses and registration requirements to operate in the locally established location. Adhering to the norm is a requirement for operating in a particular area and a catalyst for social responsibility that can strengthen the market standing. Moreover, operating without the appropriate license and registration procedures can put the business at risk of shutdown. For instance, there are certain restrictions regarding glass soda bottles in specific areas around the world.

Step 5: Select The Right Bottle Packaging For Your Juice Brand

While raw materials and juice-making equipment are imperative for commercial-grade juice businesses, it is also essential to keep in mind the packaging requirements for juice.

Glass bottles and mason jars are increasingly becoming the norm for showcasing the brand image on the grounds of eco-friendliness, reusability, and aesthetic value. With the rise in quality bottle manufacturers like Roetell, the business can also avail the benefits of customized bottles that can accurately facilitate branding awareness. 

We produce outstanding UV-protected wholesale glass bottles with a wide range of aesthetic colors for blue, red, dark, or champagne. Being heat and pressure-resistant, our products provide stability and BPA-free usage with a range of volume capacities while retaining the essence of tradition. Being China’s leading glass container solution, we have established over 8 production lines supplying over 400,000 products for our clients residing in 50+ countries. Our mission and vision lie in establishing the highest standard with exceptional and tailored services while remaining sustainable throughout the process.

The Clear Glass Milk Tea Bottle is available in 100ml, 200ml, and 250 ml with a smooth and finely polished mouth for milk teas and juices. The non-slip bottom and enhanced sealing will promise optimized operations and processes. The Clear Fruit Glass Bottle has a durable, thickened bottom with non-slip functions. It is made available in 280ml and is free from leakages and harmful materials like lead. It is effectively sealed with aluminum caps and is 100% eco-friendly. 

Swing Top Bottles are a new dynamic of vintage aesthetic and are among Roetell’s best in its glassware line. Wholesale juice bottles (Which is better? Round or Square Juice Packaging) will be right at the business’s fingertips, and customization is open for unique sizes, designs, and styles brought to life. Our clear glass juice bottles are reusable, voluminous, and free from regular cleaning. They are also equipped with a carrying sleeve for maximum comfort for customers. Glass Gatorade bottles work best with fruit juices due to their immense sustainability and unparalleled aesthetic value for added appeal. Moreover, their UV-protective characteristics, recyclability, durability, inert nature, and airtight sealing make them the best packaging for fruit juices. 

Step 6: Initiate Operations And Market The Business

Reaching the final stage of the juice business, it is imperative to market through robust and attractive marketing strategies that provide information and keep the audience up-to-date through media outlets, websites, and social media sponsors. This will help the business stay on top of the food and beverage industry.


Hopefully, we have answered how to start your own juice business. The consumption of fruit juices has witnessed remarkable growth in the industry, promising a wide range of profitable opportunities for entrepreneurs and consumers. With increased organized retail shops, various businesses are eager to invest in these areas, likely to boost the fruit juice industry’s growth. Roetell has been serving juice start-ups and budding entrepreneurs since 1984, streamlining the supply chain of custom-made quality bottle jars to get them beyond the concept stage and optimize workflow. Contact us and request a quote for a free bottle sample for the business!

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell