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Sustainability Through the Years

Our leaders at Roetell exemplify all of the qualities that make our emloyee extraordinary: integrity, expertise, and a commitment to service.


Helping to shape our environment

Our glass has the capacity to return to the production process. It has the ability to maintain its high quality and safe functionalities while being endlessly reused. As a glass manufacturer, we nurture an eco-friendly approach.

Key levers to achieve our objectives


Denitrification rate reaches 90%
Roetell’s advanced filter technology pushes nitrate-nitrogen content to potable levels. Photocatalysis uses semiconductors to promote reactions. It decomposes toxic gases, reducing microbial contamination. Roetell’s facilities include glass manufacturing plants which feature furnaces for toughened glass production​. Our compressor air systems deliver superb and safe glass finish. We also have glass-washing processing units.

Energy transition

Natural gas usage reaches 100%
Roetell’s industrial plants use natural gas for processing. It emits less CO2, lowering global warming emissions. Roetell’s combined cycled technology reduces SO2 and NOx emissions. The mechanism behind our technology benefits the environment, especially in the long term.

Glass is not waste but resource

Glass is the only packaging material that is 100% recyclable eternally, and undergoes no alteration in its physicochemical performance. Roetell utilizes high-quality cullet and has high collecting and sorting standards, and that raises clients’ awareness about proper disposal practices. Glass containers recycle


Our new products satisfy the demanding market quality.

New Products

Recycled glass is used to make a new item.

Selecting & Sorting

The glass recycling process begins by sorting the various items according to colors.

Close Loop Recycling


Glass is melted down and transformed into liquid.

Cutting Glass

Glass is chopped up into small pieces and chunks.


Pieces are cleaned to further remove debris from what’s inside.

Improving recycling efficiency

Glass bottles go through the recycling process to be reused for new bottles without losing quality. Glass is first cut into little pieces and then cleaned. The pieces are transformed into little pellets that are used to manufacture new products.
Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell