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Top 10 Decorated Bottles for Weddings

A wedding is a joyous event in which two people are celebrating the start of their lives together. Nowadays, people are thinking of various ways of making their wedding unique by the addition of some eccentric decor. There are some wedding traditions that change from region to region, but in the current world, fashion is among the things that are common in each of these events. One of the simple ways to decorate your wedding is using bottles from reliable manufacturers like Roetell.

Buckle up as we dive into how you can turn bottles into wedding decorations.

Flower Vases

Flowers are a typical sight in any wedding but the arrangement and organization of the flowers will make your setting different from the rest. Instead of using the regular vases for your flowers, make vases from bottles. Bottle vases are a growing idea in many decors, be it interior or exterior. You can use clear bottles and put in flowers. The vases will be a sight to remember for every guest that comes to the reception.

If you need a chic wedding, then using glass bottles for flower vases is the best idea to incorporate. You can place the vases on tables and in various areas in the reception as centerpieces. If you have decorative glass perfume bottles that are large enough to carry flowers, then it is the perfect match for your wedding. 

Bottles for Direction

Are you tired of people asking the direction of different areas in events? Well, using bottles is a simple solution for that. Take some bottles and make DIY direction signs for your guests. From the entry to the reception to the washrooms, the bottles can be placed strategically so that someone can know where they are going without asking people for directions. First, take the bottles and paint them the color of the wedding so as to match the general decor. 

Then, you can put a written paper inside or paint it in different directions. The opening of the bottle can act like an arrow showing where to go. Not so many weddings have this idea which means your event will be extraordinary. The bottles can be decorated however you want to make them even more appealing. Having fancy perfume bottles wholesale suppliers will be an added advantage since you will have bulk bottles to use for direction.

Number Your Tables with Bottles

To reduce the cost you spend on small expenses such as table numbering, then using bottles for table numbering is your best bet. First, decorate the bottles with the decor of the wedding. You can either have cards with numbers and hang them on the bottles or paint bottles directly. Whichever will make the decor stand out more is the best option. 

It is a very cost-effective way of directing guests to their tables without using too much effort. For even more effect and control of the budget, the bottles can act as vases as well as handle table numbering. This way, you will use less space on the table without compromising on any decor for the wedding.

Candle Holders

Night weddings will require some lighting, and what better way to provide both light and a romantic setting than using candles! Glass is an elegant material in any decor, and when you make the glass bottles become candle holders, the room will light up with elegance and sophistication. The shape of the bottles will make them the perfect candle holders since they are tall enough for the light to be visible to everyone. 

Also, glass bottles will make the wedding look rustic, and if this is the theme you are going for, you are heading in the right direction. Get quality bottles from Roetell to achieve your decorating dreams.

Menu Display

Display your menu on a glass bottle for the guests to know what to anticipate as the wedding is ongoing. It is a simple but very creative way of displaying your menu. It will be a piece that will be a conversation starter for the guests. Printing the menu on paper and sticking them on the bottles is a good start. Another way of doing that is by imprinting the menu itself. The bottles bring an elegant effect to your general decor. 

If you are serving cocktails, ensure every table has bulk cocktail glasses since they will be anticipating it after the lovely display on the bottles. 

Bottle Decoration for the Aisle

For every wedding event, you should have a decoration option for the aisle. The aisle is the pathway that the bride and her maids will walk through. It is also the path guests take when they are going to their seats. Every aisle should have breathtaking decor that will make the reception look vibrant. Bottles can be placed strategically to produce a unique decoration idea that will wow your guests.

For the bottles, choose a color different from the seats but still blend well with them this way, you will have a very exciting reception for taking photos and for everyone to enjoy during the celebration. You can use custom-printed wine glasses and hang them on the seats. It is a nice decoration idea for any event, not only a wedding.

Wedding Illumination

As the day goes into the night, the wedding celebration is still on, with people planning on going to the dance floor to continue with the joyous mood. The best option for illumination is using bottles as lighting fixtures. Use string lights and bulbs and put them inside the bottles. The bottles will produce a lighting effect that will make the room light up in a very distinctive way. Since weddings are romantic, bottled lights will definitely bring out the right ambiance for such an occasion. 

You can also make chandeliers using bottles. On the dance floor, you will probably need some lighting that is neither too bright nor too dim. Use colored glass bottles so that the light can have the effect of color, making the room have a romantic aura. Making a chandelier is easy; simply take many bottles and put bulbs inside them. Then using wires or ropes, connect the bottles and hang them on the dance floor.

Use Glitter for Decor

Who doesn’t like some glitter on the decoration of a venue? If you are a sucker for glitter, then this is an opportunity for you to use as much glitter as possible. Since you cannot place glitters on seats and tables since they will stick on people, why not put them on bottles! To use glitters, you will need spray glue to ensure they stick on the bottles during the whole event. Use glitters that match the colors of the wedding and use them as decoration items. 

Your decoration team will know where to place them for a more significant effect. You can also make some patterns on the bottles with glitters or display messages like congratulations, and so on. 

Paint the Bottles

Painting bottles to use a decoration piece is a brilliant idea. Painting is an easier option for decor as you will use the right colors to make the venue look even more pleasant. For a simpler option, you can just paint with various colors and use the bottles as decor items. For a more complex idea, you can paint by adding things such as the initials of the bride and groom, their names, or a unique design.

Painting is a good idea as you can experiment with different designs, color schemes, and styles to fit the venue’s decoration. 

Use Fabric

Fabric can be a pretty beautiful decoration addition to your event. Choose the fabric that you prefer and cover wine bottles. The fabric and bottle combo will produce a decoration piece that will definitely take your wedding to the next level. Use glue to stick the fabric onto the bottles. The fabric can be lace, velvet, satin, cotton, among other popular fabrics used in weddings. 

When using fabric for a bottle decoration, it gives you room to explore other ideas. You can add some more decorative ideas to the fabric to make an even better piece. For instance, after putting fabric on the bootle, you can print words or sweat messages on the bottles on the fabric. The bottles will become eccentric and more appealing.


Having a wedding is a dream of many people as it signifies an important milestone in one’s life. A wedding is a celebration of love as part of uniting two people in love; it also connects two families that will remain connected forever. For this reason, there is usually a lot of pressure on the bride and groom as they want their wedding to be enjoyable and memorable. The decor is one main thing that makes it possible to remember a particular wedding. 

Using bottles for decorations is a simple but elegant idea. If you need the right glass bottles for wedding decoration, contact us as we will provide you with quality glass bottles for various purposes. 

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