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Top 10 Glass Milk Bottle Decorating Ideas

There are so many attractive designs of glass milk bottles that we get from the grocery store and once the contents are finished, it is just too hard to throw those bottles away. Most of the time, we keep them tucked away in the pantry with plans of using them to store something else, but that never really happens. 

With a cleaning haul coming up, you are probably trying to convince yourself how it is time to let go of those beautiful glass milk bottles (Glass Milk Bottles vs Plastic Milk Bottles) but just hold that thought for a second. We have some interesting glass milk bottle decorating ideas that you are just going to fall in love with. Let’s dive straight into it.


This is the art of dressing up your glass milk bottles using colored paper with different designs. You can choose the design you want, a particular theme if that is what you are interested in. You then go ahead and decorate your empty glass milk bottles to make them look beautiful and attractive. 

You can use decoupage glass milk bottles for pretty much anything. They can serve as flower vases or you can simply place them anywhere in your house as decor pieces. During the Christmas season, you can do Christmas-themed decoupage and do Easter theme during Easter. This way, you still get to admire your bottles by making them even fancier.

A Milk Bottle Terrarium

This is the perfect glass milk bottle decorating idea. You can place them on your patio as decorative pieces and have one in your home office. It is a very simple craft, and all you need to do is fill part of the bottle with pebbles and then some soil. You then place the plant into the soil. Ensure that you work with a low-maintenance plant that will not die after just a few days. This is also a perfect gift idea for a loved one. You can make it even chicer by using different color pebbles.

Painted Centerpiece Bottles

This is a fun-to-do craft that you can engage in together as a family. Painting glass milk bottles to use as centerpieces in your house is one of the most common glass milk bottle decorating ideas. You can choose different colors to go with different decor pieces in your home. Painted glass milk bottles can also be used in the garden for edging purposes. 

They can also be repurposed into flower vases and even cable holders, anything you have in mind for them. You can also draw different designs on the bottle using different colors of paint to make it more elegant.

Halloween Decorations

Empty glass milk bottles are perfect for Halloween decorations. Who says you can only use pumpkins to draw Halloween spooky faces? You can simply paint your glass milk bottles and get crazy with them. You can even make a Halloween glass bottle tree in your backyard in place of a scarecrow. You can arrange the decorated glass milk bottles in your front yard all the way to your door if you have that much. Just ask the kids not to play with them, so they do not get cut by the glass. You can easily repaint them to fit another upcoming holiday, probably Christmas.

Wedding Centerpieces

Glass milk bottles can also be used as wedding centerpieces. There are different glass milk bottle decoration ideas for weddings. You can paint them to match the theme of your wedding and add glitters and a ribbon on them, and you get the best decor for your wedding high table. If you are planning a big event, you might have to buy glass milk bottles wholesale since you will require a very large number to fit your ceremony. 

You can also use them as party favors. You decorate the glass milk bottles and then fill them with different party favors to appreciate your guests for their presence. Glass milk bottles can also be used as flower vases for your wedding ceremony. You can even use them as candle holders for your tables if your event is scheduled to take place in the evening.

Bottle Candle Holders

Most glass milk bottles are clear and perfect for placing candles inside. They illuminate the light and prevent the candle from going off due to wind. This glass milk bottle decorating idea is perfect for late-night dinners out on the terrace or the garden. They are also romantic and are ideal for late evening candle-lit dinners. You do not have to worry about adding any other decoration to the bottle. Just wash it clean and dry it out, and you have your candle holder. 

You can also use them to make candles. Start by cutting the neck of the glass off and then go ahead and add candle wax and a wick there, your very own homemade candle. You can print the bottle with lovely phrases to set a mood for you every time you light your candles.

Unique Picture Frames

As earlier mentioned, glass milk bottles are clear and can be used as picture frames for the home. Collect all your favorite pictures of your family members and place each one in a single glass jar. You can also use them as memory holders, whereby you drop any souvenir inside and label it to remind you where you got it or who gave it to you. You can place them above your fireplace, where you can admire them anytime you feel like it. 

Summer Drinks

Empty glass milk bottles can be used to serve cold lemonades and Pina Coladas during the summer. You can also look for glass bottles for juice and mix the two up. To make your glasses more fancy and elegant, you can paint them and add summer drawings of the sun and a little umbrella and use them to serve drinks by the pool on hot summer afternoons. Your friends will appreciate the effort, and they will learn a thing or two from your glass milk bottle decorating ideas

Gift Wrapping

Have you already purchased a gift but require nice packaging to display it? Give gifts in a lovely glass jar to your loved ones. Popular gifts like gift cards and cash can seem dull when given alone, but when packaged in a decorative glass jar with accessories and colorful ribbons, they will be delighted. The lid elevates the present, making it stand out among the throng. You can also talk to a glass jar manufacturer to supply you with a variety of glass jars that you can design and sell as gift wrappers or just gift sets.

Make Your Own Milk Glasses

You can actually make your own milk-drinking glasses from glass milk bottles. Milk bottles have a nice bottom shape to them and can make really fancy glasses. Once you have mastered the art of cutting glass and shaping the glasses nicely, you can sell wholesale drinking glasses and make some money. There is really nothing you cannot do with a glass milk bottle. 


Do not worry if you do not have enough glass milk bottles to pull off these crafts; you can also use other types of glass bottles such as liquor bottles. You just have to figure out what kind of decorations you are good at creating and get the best glass bottles to serve your purposes. Visit our website to get more insight on glass bottles and jars and for more glass milk bottle decoration ideas.

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