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Top 10 Jam Bottle Decoration Ideas

It is undeniable that jam manufacturers use some of the most beautifully designed glass bottles to package their products. The aim is to attract buyers and to make sure that the contents of the glass bottles remain fresh and tasty for as long as it takes. This is why most of us can’t find the courage to toss out jam bottles. Today is your lucky day if you are a jam bottle hoarder because we have some very lovely jam bottle decoration ideas that are totally going to sweep you off your feet. Let’s get creative together.

A Jam Bottle Lantern

A jam bottle lantern is just what you need for those late-night walks in your compound. You can simply place some tea light candles inside your jam glass bottle and you have your lantern. You can also place some led strip lights inside your jam glass bottle, and you are good to go. Several jam glass bottles can also be used to make a chandelier for your kitchen. There are so many jam bottle decoration ideas that involve lighting.

Make a Happiness Jar

A jam bottle can be used to make a jar that you can use to preserve all your happy memories from over the years. These happy memories can be love notes from your better half, plane tickets to your favorite destinations, birthday cards that you stole your heart, and your little one’s first painting; the terrariums list is endless. You can create labels to stick on your jars to remind you which one contains what. You can also paint your jam bottle with your favorite color and use it as a decorative piece.

A Cute Little Terrarium

A little terrarium is one of the best jam bottle decoration ideas, especially for plant lovers. It is easy to make, and the outcome is just spectacular. You simply need to put a few colorful pebbles in the jar, add some soil, and your succulent of choice. Succulents are the best for glass jar terrariums because they are low maintenance, so you do not have to worry about taking care of them all the time. Jam bottle terrariums are also a good side hustle; you could consider buying craft jars wholesale and making terrariums for sale.

Make a Citronella Candle

An empty jam bottle is perfect for a citronella candle to keep the insects away during the warm season. You can also use it for late evening dinners at the terrace to create ambient lighting and also to keep the mosquitoes at bay. A citronella candle can also be used as decorative pieces for bathroom counters, dining tables, and even the coffee table in the living room. You can also create colored candle jars and place them in various rooms in your home. Candle jars (A Complete Guide To Types Of Candle Jars) are also in high demand, and people are always looking for fancy candles for their homes; you can make some extra and sell them.

Plant a Herb Garden

If you love your food fresh and spicy, then this is for you. You can use your empty jam bottles to plant fresh herbs for home use. These jars can also act as decor pieces for your kitchen, and you can place them on your counters and watch them grow. If you have plenty of jars, save some for the garden, where you can also use them as planters for other types of plants. Use each jar to plant a different type of herbs to spice up your kitchen.

Create a Glitter Vase

If you are just over store-bought vases and are looking for new ideas for flower vases, why not try turning your empty jam bottle into a fancy vase? Some of the ways in which you can decorate your jam glass jar is by painting it and adding glitter to it. You use colorful threads to tie knots around the body of the bottle using different designs to add elegance to it. 

This is one of the most common jam bottle decoration ideas that is mostly applied in the home. You might even find some interesting designs being sold in thrift shops and people actually prefer them to regular vases.

Make a Treasure Jar

This is probably what you need to keep your kids busy as you try to clear your house chores. You can fill empty jam bottles with sand and pebbles and hide different treasures inside, then get them dug. It might not be your regular treasure hunt but it will definitely earn you some minutes to do your laundry or even run the dishwasher. Make it colorful for them by painting the glass jars and using multiple colored pebbles. 

Twine- Wrapped Jam Jars

Twine is a versatile craft material. In just a few minutes, you can make attractive twine jars to hold your pens or flowers. Wrap twine around the jar with a strong craft glue ideal for glass crafts. After you’ve finished, snip the excess thread off the jar’s bottom. Make a gorgeous centerpiece for your next dinner party with an assortment of twine-wrapped jars in various heights. Preserve them for your future events, or you can easily just make new ones when the time comes. It’s not that difficult anyway.

Make an Oil Lamp

Fill an empty glass jar with lamp oil, close the lid and make a hole at the top and pull the wick through before securing the lid tightly. As simple as that, and you have your lamp for those late-night outdoor parties. Ensure that you let the jar rest for a bit so the wick can absorb the oil before you can light it up. These types of oil lamps are unique, and they light up so beautifully. Make sure that you place the oil lamp on a flat surface, so it doesn’t tip over. 

Hanging Garden Lanterns

We are back to lighting again. We just cannot deny the fact that light illuminated from glass jars is just something to behold. A spool of twine, a pair of scissors, and some knotting abilities are all you need. Make a hanging shape out of the rope that fits around the glass jar and hangs freely. Depending on your knot-tying skills, you can try a variety of designs. 

A small candle can be inserted and used to light up your celebration once the jar is tied with twine. To make a brighter space, tie jars together in a cluster. To create a wonderful scene, jars can be hung from a porch or from tree branches. You may also create hanging lanterns with regular lighting kits if you have access to electricity. This is without a doubt a topper in this list of jam bottle decoration ideas.

Fancy Drinking Glasses

Jam bottles can easily be transformed into drinking jam jar glasses without doing much. Their wide openings are already suitable for this role, so you can just add a few decorative aspects to them, and that’s it. For me, I would just remove the labels, wash them clean and enjoy my lemonade. You can also turn them into colored drinking glasses by painting them with a color of your choice. You can also add some fabric to them to cool your drinks on very hot summer afternoons.


In all honesty, I don’t recommend throwing away any types of glass bottles. They can be repurposed into so many things, and their appearance makes them ideal for any kind of environment. Glass is also quite costly compared to other types of storage material so it is better to preserve them. If you need more ideas on what to do with jam bottles, we are here for you. We at Roetell can also provide you with red wine glasses bulk for your next party.

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