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Top 10 Trended Juice Packaging Designs in 2021

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Packaging is an important part of bottle manufacturing. It serves a number of purposes, with the most important one being keeping the contents inside safe from any contamination. The other vital role packaging serves is the branding. People identify products on the shelf, not by taste, but by the packaging. This is the reason many companies in the food and beverage industry go all out with packaging and branding.

We are going to explore the top 10 trending juice packaging designs in 2021, how they are shaping the marketing world and how each of them compares to the competition. If you are looking to get into this line of business, then stick around, and you may get a good idea of what to do for your own packaging and what to do when it comes to looking for good glass bottles suppliers.

Bottled Fresh Juice

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/smoothies-juice-fruit-healthy-3809495/

Jrink Design

JRink Design

Source: https://designarmy.com/

Jrink Design was created by Design Army, and it is a unique bottle design that brings color and stylish patterns into a wholesome package that is sure to catch the attention of anyone who lays their eyes on it. It has huge space for any size of branding to go into on either side, and if you use the right combination of imagery and fonts, you could have a killer marketing weapon in your hands that would drown all your competition even before they hit the shelves.

The idea behind this packaging was about communication. Jrink wanted to create juice packaging that speaks to the customer directly without leaving out any information in a straightforward manner. The entire juice bottle is transparent and has a wide base, meaning you can see all the contents inside, adding to the colors that make the juice packaging design simply breathtaking.

Bunch Design

Bunch Design

Source: http://dia.tv/bunch/

The Bunch design juice bottles are an innovative way of personalizing juice packaging (Which is better? Round or Square Juice Packaging) (Which is better? Round or Square Juice Packaging) (Which is better? Round or Square Juice Packaging). Imagine for a moment walking through the aisles in your supermarket and seeing a colorful juice bottle bearing your first name. That would feel very special, and you will not hesitate to get that particular bottle. That’s the idea behind the Bunch design. They are simple square-shaped bottles that are engraved with four main names that include Agnes, Rosie, Wilson, and Jack. These names correspond to specific flavors of the juice in question, and this gives you the chance to create unique stories behind each. On their own, the bottles themselves are uniquely beautiful and transparent; the customer is able to see exactly what they are buying. This would be the most effective marketing move you can pull for your line of juices. All you have to do is get the right juice bottle supplier and you will rule the markets.

Elderbrook Design

Elderbrook Design

Source: http://andsmithdesign.com/

This is a much wider bottle that would be ideal for bigger-capacity juices. The bottles are made of glass and come with airtight seals with enough space on their bodies for all kinds of branding. The type of juices that would look good in these are the heavy and thick types that resemble the ones made from home. This means you can repurpose these bottles for home use even after purchasing them from the shelves. Putting some mini lights inside and wrapping the no dig landscape edging with these wonderful bottles is a good idea, because they illuminate the dark area and create a quiet and calm atmosphere. The idea behind the design of the Elderbrooks bottles is to convey abundance. This is why the bottles have a very thick body. You could fill a good amount of juice in them that would cater to the needs of a single person for an entire week. You can choose to have your brand engraved into the bottles or simply have printed paperback stuck around it.

Elxr Juice Design

Elxr Juice Design

Source: https://www.jacksonwynne.com/project/elxr-juice-lab/

This is another custom bottle design that brows heavily on the common shape of bottles having a broad base and a round and wide middle body. It is ideal for cold-pressed juices and being transparent; the customer can see what they are getting in return. The Elxr design is a product created by the Jackson Wynne Branding Design Studio, and it has taken the world by storm with its simplicity. This would be the most ideal juice bottle for organic types of juices that make use of vegetables and fruits in their natural states. This also means they have fewer preservatives and will not last for too long on the shelves, hence the reason why the bottles are made to look colorful and stylish. Resisting them is impossible. Imagine that when you hold a party in your rose garden and use this kind of juice bottle, there will be a denser party atmosphere. And it will be more aligned with the situation mentioned in those rose garden quotes. So wonderful, right?

Jucy Lu Design

Jucy Lu Design

Source: http://goodmanya.com/

The Jucy Lu juice bottles are much smaller, but they rock a very appealing design that you would expect to see for natural juices that are made without any preservatives. They are ideal for cold-press juices, and that’s why they come in thick-walled glass bottles that can be stored in the fridge for a long time. 

The bottles may be small compared to most of the other designs on this list, but they do have the space for you to add all your branding. You could either go with an image of your logo or use fancy fonts to write the name of your enterprise. 

The bottles are transparent, and you can take advantage of this by coming up with all kinds of colored juice versions. You can imagine the attraction that having these bottles lined up o a shelf would have on anyone looking for fresh cold-press juices.

Fruitvale Design

Fruitvale Design

Source: http://studiooonce.com/fruitvale/

The Fruitvale design is designed for huge capacity juices, the types that can hit up to 2 liters. The bottles are huge and well-rounded, with all the space needed for any kind of branding to be plastered across it. The idea behind the design was an attempt to combine two carters, the East and the West in order to come up with a bottle design that connects the two sides of the world. One look at the bottle, and you will get a mix of oriental vibes and the colorful branding touches that you would expect from products manufactured in the heart of the United States. Incorporating these bottles with a high aesthetic in small hair salon ideas, like sending customers these bottles as a gift could help create your brand quickly and expand your brand awareness, which is great support for your business.

Dose Organic Design

Dose Organic Design

Source: https://www.akufen.ca/

Organic designs for natural juices are taking the market by a storm and the Dose Organic Design is not being left behind. The bottles are made using glass and are a little thinner and taller compared to the other types on this list. They are rounder in shape and save for the slight constriction towards the end, they are uniform from top to bottom.

Packaging anything in these clear bottles will give your branding a colorful background that pops out depending on the color of the contents. You could even design the color of the branding to be in contrast with the type of juice (Learn: How To Start A Juice Brand) that goes to that particular bottle for a cleaner and attractive look.

Bruce Juice

Bruce Juice Design

Source: https://marxdesign.co.nz/

This is a design meant for the small types of portable juices that one can throw into their bags and quickly drink them in any setting. The bottles are made of glass and java, a very unique boxy shape that gives them the stability they need to be placed on any surface.

Designed by Marx Design, the bottles are meant for fresh and cold-press juices that are blended with other nutritious elements to create that colorful background upon which any form of branding can be added. For a more natural look, consider hand drawing some of the art to make it look more appealing to people.

The bottles are transparent and the color of the branding should be arrived at depending on the color of the contents that will go inside the bottle.

Botanical Design

Botanical Bottle Design

Source: http://www.bandb-studio.co.uk/

This is a unique design style that makes use of botanical artwork all over the bottle for that extra aesthetic effect. The design was made by B&B Studio as part of the potential packaging option for a new drink that was being launched by Firefly, a beverage company.

The design of the bottle almost resembles the ones used for packaging milk. They are wider at the base and gradually narrow up slightly towards the top, where they meet a tight metallic seal that can be fitted back on once opened. You can have your branding mixed up with the floral patterns by balancing the right colors to bring out the contrast so that your logo doesn’t get lost in the artwork.


FROO.IT Design

Source: http://isabelarodrigues.com/portfolio/froo-it/

This is a unique bottle design for smaller portions of juices that would be ideal for kids. They are made for fresh fruit juices of all types and they can feature some colorful branding options. Since they are tailor-made for kids, you have the freedom to go all out with the happy and bouncy colors that would make it hard for children to ignore.

Consider combining artwork featuring all the popular cartoon characters with your logos and branding in such a way that allows them to blend into each other without things looking out of place. FROO.IT was designed by Sweety Brand Studio in Brazil, and it has been used for a number of brands that have registered favorable reviews in the market. This would be a good idea to borrow from and remodel it in your own way.


There are countless other bottle designs that are made by some of the best glass bottle manufacturers that you could also check out. When making the decision to go with a certain design, make sure you have done your due diligence to make sure that it fits your brand and is unique in the market you are about to enter. For more information on glass bottles for juice, how they are made and where to find them on the cheap, check out our website.

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