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Top 20 Water Bottle Design Ideas: A List of Custom Water Bottles for Your Inspiration

Author: Roe Li

As of 2020, the global market share of bottled water stood at $217.66 billion, a very huge number by all standards, one that should tell you everything that you need to know about the demand for bottled water. Despite the effects these bottles have on the environment, the thirst for them continues to grow, and this has led to the sprouting of custom glass drinking bottles companies that make unique containers for water bottlers.

We are going to explore some of the best 20 water bottle design ideas that are revolutionizing the market right now and how they are impacting the sales of their respective brands. If you have been looking for inspiration for your own custom water bottle design, then stick around to the end.

Sony Waterproof Mp3 Player Bottle Design

glass water bottle

Sony is best known for its electronics that range from TVs, music systems, cameras, phones, among many others. What people don’t know is that they have a stylish line of water bottles that they created to promote a new line of waterproof MP3 players they were launching at the time. 

Rather than selling the devices as standalone products, Sony unlocked the ultimate marketing gimmick ever seen by dipping them inside a full water bottle. This was Sony walking the talk by literally dipping the players inside water. So customers got a stylish water bottle on top of the MP3 players.


The race to save a dying planet has led to many glass water bottling companies to adopt greener alternatives to their services, among the many proposals that have been advanced. The most effective one yet has been the switch to eco-bottles. These are special water bottles that are not just recyclable but are completely BPA-free, which makes them safe for use multiple times. On top of all that, the bottle comes in a stylish custom water bottle design with a very good grip.

Heat Resistant Water Bottles

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This is a specially designed heat defying water bottle (Link: 10 Best Sauce Bottle Design) that can withstand the searing temperatures that are common in peak summer. With this in your person, you are assured of your water maintaining that chill temperature even when you have it exposed to the sun. They are made by combining thick insulation and gel packs which also gives the bottle a very stylish design that’s robots and feels good in the hands. The ideal bottle to have with you when hiking or going for a run.

Fashionista Water Bottles

glass water bottle
This is a branded and customized water bottle that people get to match what they are wearing. You could find a water bottle displaying the same patterns and textures as the clothes of the one carrying it has. Getting this done costs a significant amount of money and it could go even higher depending on what you wish to have engraved on them. You can also have your own logo, face, or famous brands like Gucci patterns added to them just for kicks.

Fitness Water Bottles

You can’t work out without hydrating, and the best way to do this is to have your own water bottle with you. This type of water bottle usually has a sporty look and has a very tight seal that allows the user to jump and move around quickly without anything coming off. They also tend to have very unique designs, mostly logos of major sports brands, emblazoned across their sides. Most are also made of plastic and are squeezable for easy drinking of water.

Graphic Water Bottles

These are colorful water bottles that feature all sorts of wonderful and playful artworks all over the surfaces. They are ideal for the summer and can be gifted to people who love walking around with their own bottles. They can actually double up as accessories when matched with the clothes, among other things. When it comes to art, anything goes; from flowers, animals, people’s faces, and all kinds of shapes and art. The bigger the battle, the more the surface for adding more art.

Filtering Water Bottles

These are water bottles that are equipped with water filters inside of them to ensure the safety of the user. Water is important, but it can lead to a number of dangerous water-borne diseases. It is easy for the contamination to happen just after bottling, and the only way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to add filters into the water bottles. These are inserted into the bottle in the form of a strip connected to the drinking duct. This not only makes the water clean but it also improves the taste.

Multi-Purpose Water Bottles

glass water bottle
This is an innovative water bottle that can be used for all the other liquids without any staining or damage. Rather than carry several containers of the things you need to drink in a day, you simply carry one for everything. Some even come with filters, storage compartments, flashlights, among other accessories. This is a bottle that’s designed for people who love fitness but can also be used by anyone who sits in the office for long hours and would love to refill the bottle with juice or water.

Foldable Water Bottles

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How about some convenience combined with style? This is a bottle made of foldable materials that allow the user to easily fold the entire bottle to a smaller size for portability and storage. This would come in handy for people who are going for long hikes and need extra empty bottles for refilling along the way. They have solid seals, and the material quickly goes back to its original shape once you need to fill the bottle with water. This collapsible water bottle is also durable and will last you ages.

Watering Cans Water Bottles

glass water bottle
The watering can design is another innovative water bottle that brings an ambitious touch to the water bottling world. This is a bottle that has valves that resemble a watering can; all you have to do to use them is switch the valve open and allow the water to trickle out through the downward-facing nozzle. This fancy attachment at the top also provides the user with a gripping area as they walk. The size of the bottle can be big or small, spending on the water capacity you are able to comfortably carry around.

Health Drink Water Bottles

These are bottles that resemble the ones used to make healthy drinks like juices and smoothies. They are usually bigger and wider, with a nozzle dipped inside to the bottom and a valve that stops the drinks from spilling out once they are closed. Most usually come calibrated with the water capacity values, and this can give you a good idea of the amount of water you are taking in a single day. You can flavor the water using fruits to add some taste.

Studded Water Bottles

Some people love adding some swag to tier water bottles in the form of bedazzled crystals and stones. This is a design that targets high-end customers who have money to spare on such items, and it can be made using aluminum. The first type of this bottle was designed by Bling H20 some years back, and the design quickly became famous, with other glass water bottle manufacturers following suit with their own variations. Some even go the extra mile and collaborate with jewelers to make bottles lined with crystal studs. They are very expensive.

Glow-in-the-Dark Water Bottles

glass water bottles

Another amazing design that takes things to the next level by adding a glow to the bottle. These kinds of bottles could be decorated in the bedroom wall to light up a room nicely with that ambient glow that comes in varying colors and patterns. Some even go as far as using advanced technology that causes the water inside to react to the sunlight and cause the lining of the bottle to start glowing.

Practically, it would be a very good addition for people going camping in the wild as it can come in handy in the dark. When preparing to take some beautiful pictures, you could involve these bottles in perennial hanging baskets, which could create a pastoral atmosphere.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

These are water bottles that have an extra compartment inside that can be used to hold fruits that add flavor to the water. All you have to do is add any fruit of your liking and pour in the water. The two only mix when you are drinking, and this makes the water in the bottle remain clear throughout. The bottles are usually transparent, and they look very good when being carried around. The infusers can be changed at any time and can even be removed entirely if flavored water is not your thing.

Kid-Friendly Water Bottles

These are water bottles that are designed for use by children. They are usually colorfully and playfully designed with easy usage parts like a cap that can be opened and closed quickly. They are usually short and stubby and can be used as toys once the kids have had their fill. The other advantage to this is that they come with replacement caps just in case the original ones are misplaced, something that is bound to happen considering the nature of children around such items.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

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These are rugged-looking water containers that are made from stainless steel. They are the most durable of all water bottles you will ever come across, and they are also free of BPA contamination that’s found in plastic. They are ideal for people who love going hiking as they can be strapped to their bags or their bikes. They are a good alternative to plastic bottles, which are being phased out for environmental reasons.

Glass Water Bottles

glass water bottle
One of the reasons why plastic was invented was to provide something that was not as fragile as glass or fixed like metal. However, custom glass water bottles, although a rarity, are making a comeback in the form of fancy bottles. Most come with plastic caps and are shaped like mini-versions of milk bottles. You can add any logo on custom printed glass water bottles or use a combination of colorful patterns and artwork. But you have to be extra careful when handling them as they are fragile.

Liquified Luxury Water Bottles

glass water bottle
These are the kinds of water bottles that are used in high-end hotels and clubs. They are branded water bottles that are made of glass and are used to serve sparkling water at very high prices. They are usually large and resemble ordinary soda containers. This means they are not meant for outdoor activities. So don’t go around carrying it to your camping trip as that would be an inconvenience. Some come embedded with imitations of crystals and precious stones for limited edition water, another great marketing tactic that ensures sales are maintained at an all-time high all the time.

Haute Water Bottles

Another high-end type of water bottle that is made of glass and comes in unique water bottle designs like a champagne bottle. Most are used by big brands and are branded with their colorful logos and other art forms. They are not ideal for outdoor activities or for people who are hitting the weights at the gym as they are made of glass and come with no handles. They are best suited for hotels or for use at home, where they can be kept in the fridge to keep them chilled. A good example here would be the Evian water bottle brand.

Paper Water Bottles

Another great alternative to plastic that companies around the world are currently using in large numbers. They are designed to keep the water in without seeping out and can be used several times before they are done. The paper bottle (Paper Vs. Glass Wine Bottle) is made from renewable food resources and has the ability to hold all types of liquids, from water to juices and other healthy drinks. They can be recycled once they have reached the end of their life to be used again. In the next content, we will give you some inspiration about how to design water bottles.

How to Design Water Bottles

Creating an innovative water bottle design involves more than just aesthetics. At Roetell, a leader in glass bottle manufacturing, we emphasize combining functionality, sustainability, and style to produce the best water bottle designs. This guide will walk you through the steps to design a water bottle, focusing on key elements like water bottle shapes, water bottle decoration, and the history of water bottle invention.

Choosing the Right Water Bottle Shapes

Selecting the appropriate shape is crucial in water bottle design. Different shapes serve various purposes and enhance usability:

  • Cylindrical: Classic and versatile, suitable for general use.
  • Square: Space-efficient, ideal for compact storage.
  • Bulbous: Ergonomic, providing a comfortable grip.

Designing for Functionality and Aesthetics

A successful water bottle design balances practicality with visual appeal. Consider the following aspects:

  • Capacity: Determine the volume based on target usage scenarios, such as 500ml for daily use or 1 liter for outdoor activities.
  • Mouth Size: Ensure ease of cleaning and drinking. Wider mouths are preferred for adding ice or fruits.
  • Cap Design: Secure, leak-proof caps are essential. Options include screw caps and flip tops, each offering different benefits.


Creating Innovative Water Bottle Designs

Materials and Sustainability

Roetell focuses exclusively on glass, an eco-friendly and safe material for water bottles. Glass is non-toxic, recyclable, and preserves the taste and quality of the water.

Water Bottle Decoration

The aesthetics of your water bottle can significantly impact its appeal. Consider these elements for decoration:

  • Color and Finish: Choose colors that resonate with your target audience. Matte, glossy, or frosted finishes can add a touch of elegance.
  • Graphics and Logos: Incorporate your brand’s logo or unique graphics to make the bottle stand out. Techniques like screen printing, engraving, and decals can be used for this purpose.
  • Text and Quotes: Adding inspirational quotes or brand messages can enhance the personal connection with the user.

Innovative Features

Innovative water bottles incorporate features that enhance user experience:

  • Insulation: Double-walled glass bottles keep drinks hot or cold for extended periods.
  • Infusers: Built-in infusers allow users to add fruits or herbs, promoting healthy hydration.


Steps to Design a Water Bottle

Step 1: Conceptualize Your Design

Start by brainstorming ideas and sketching initial designs. Consider the bottle’s purpose, target audience, and unique selling points.

Step 2: Choose the Right Shape and Size

Select a shape that suits your design vision and ensures practicality. Decide on the size based on typical usage scenarios.

Step 3: Focus on Material and Sustainability

Opt for glass to align with sustainability goals. Glass is durable, non-toxic, and preserves the water’s taste.

Step 4: Design the Aesthetics

Create water bottle graphics that align with your brand. Use vibrant colors, elegant finishes, and meaningful text to attract customers.

Step 5: Incorporate Functional Features

Add features like insulation, infusers, or ergonomic grips to enhance the bottle’s functionality.

Step 6: Prototype and Test

Develop prototypes and conduct thorough testing to ensure the design meets practical and aesthetic standards.

Step 7: Iterate and Finalize

Refine the design based on feedback from testing. Ensure that the final product is both functional and visually appealing.

Step 8: Production and Quality Control

Partner with a reliable manufacturer like Roetell to ensure high-quality production. Implement stringent quality control measures to maintain consistency.

By following these steps and focusing on both functionality and aesthetics, you can create a water bottle design that stands out in the market and resonates with your audience. Roetell’s expertise in glass bottle manufacturing ensures that your designs are brought to life with the highest quality standards.


There are a myriad of other water bottle design inspiration ideas out there made by a number of custom glass bottle makers that are just as unique and interesting as the twenty that made this list. All of them are designed with a specific purpose in mind, and if you are looking to start your own design water bottles, then you have a lot of work cut out for you. For more information on bottles and the technology behind their manufacture, find time to check out our website and have all your pressing questions and concerns answered by our team of experts.
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