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Top 4 Champagne Bottle Decoration Ideas

After popping that bottle of champagne at a party or a dinner with your loved ones, where do you keep the bottles? Instead of disposing of the bottles or hoarding them for future memories, why not use the bottles as decorations? Many decoration ideas are available when using champagne bottles. If you want to be distinctive in the fashion industry with your unique decorations, then using Roetell bottles for different decorations is the way to go.

This blog post focuses on the various ways you can decorate your space using champagne bottles. Read on.

Champagne Bottle for Lights

champagne bottle used as a lampshade manufacturer

Making your home distinctive from any house you’ve ever been in is not hard, especially if you are a creative person. The lighting at your home can make the home feel cozy as well as fashionable. Nowadays, there are many lighting ideas that are developing and if you are into the minimalist style, then you don’t need a crazy budget to get it done. First, you can make a chandelier out of Roetell champagne bottles. 

Hang several bottles with bulbs inside using a rope or wires in your living room. Arrange the bottles well so they look organized and appealing enough to be in a room. Secondly, for a lighting fixture, you can use an empty champagne bottle as lighting for your front porch. Cut the bottle and put the bulb inside and hang it on the front porch. This type of lighting fixture will definitely make your home unique in the neighborhood. 

Additionally, you can make a base for a lamp using a bottle. When you have a lamp at home, replace the base with a champagne bottle to make the lamp exquisite. You will need some materials such as cables and bulbs. Other lighting fixtures you can make using a champagne bottle are using string lights in a bottle. You can either use different colors in lights and place them in a clear bottle or use regular light in a colored bottle. Whichever way, the result will be eccentric and beautiful for a home or any other personal space. 

Make a Bottle Wall

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If you have an open space at your home that needs some covering, then here is the solution. Make a champagne bottle wall that covers the space without preventing natural light. Such places are like the veranda or a balcony that you feel is too open. You will need some materials if you are considering this idea. Some of the materials are several champagne bottles, a drill, curtain rods, rubber washers, curtain fittings, and any other additional material you might want to add. You can get the bottles from glass jar manufacturing companies.

Making the wall is simple;

  • Use the drill to drill the bottom parts of the bottles. 
  • Place tubings to identify the top part and the bottom of your wall easily. 
  • The curtain fittings will be used on the tubing to hold the rods and the bottles together.
  • From there, place the rods vertically to create the foundation for the wall. 
  • Place the rubber washer between the bottles after threading the bottles on every rod. This helps keep the bottles in place for the perfect bottle wall.

Making a wall with champagne bottles will bring some cool ambiance to your space. You can use different bottles to make the wall look more appealing. Furthermore, you can place bulbs inside the bottles to provide lighting at night. Imagine having a wall that glows at night! That is a sight to remember. Such an idea would be great in a restaurant or hotel where you have to entertain guests, but who said you can’t have it at your home too?

Interior Decor

glass champagne bottle with decorations manufacturer

Planning a unique interior decor for your home does not need a massive budget. You can create DIY decorations for your home to save money while still making the space look good. There are numerous DIY home decor ideas you can try from making out of cardboard to wood. For a unique touch, colored wine bottles wholesale can come in handy in home decor. You can turn a simple bottle into an eccentric piece for your living room. 

You can use the bottles as vases for your flowers and display them as centerpieces in the living room. A bottle vase does not necessarily need decorations, a clear bottle will do the work perfectly. The clear bottle will provide elegance while still letting the flowers shine. As much as the focus will be on the flowers, one cannot help but notice the distinctive vase. 

Furthermore, you can paint the bottles with various designs and colors to make artwork for your home. If you have empty spaces such as shelves, display the painted bottles in such a space to make the room look sophisticated. Additionally, you can add things like glitter, fabrics, or prints to the bottles. For printing, it can either be an image or messages that provide motivation or some humor for guests. 

Having such a piece in your space will definitely make your friends want to come to visit whenever possible. 

Bottle Decoration for the Holidays

glass champagne bottle with Christmas decorations

During the festive seasons, you end up spending a lot on food, vacations, hosting events, going to parties, and so on. It is a time where most parents spend a huge amount of their savings and if there is any slight chance of saving some money, they will take it. After spending all that money, why not save on the decorations! Make your decorations at home using bottles to save that extra expense. 

For instance, instead of buying a Christmas tree, make one using champagne bottles. Collect many empty bottles and make a tree. The bottle will make a perfect tree that is cost-effective. For additional decoration, add some lighting and Christmas decoration on the tree. I’m pretty sure your kids will be over the moon with their eccentric tree.

If you have a hotel or resort, save decor money by making decor yourself. As much as a big establishment will purchase decorations, you can spend less by making some decorations by yourself. If you have birds at your resort, create bird feeders using champagne bottles. Birds usually make a place feel exquisite and if you want to make them a regular sight, you need to feed them. Wine bottles can make really good bird feeders.

Also, wine bottles can be used as candle holders for those dinner nights you need your guests to feel calm in a romantic setting. Get some scented candles with various colors for contrast and place them on decorated bottles. Get craft jars bulk and decorate them using paint, prints, glitters, or yarn. You can even leave them as they are since a clear bottle will still bring the romantic effect you want. 

Additional Tips

  • You want a quick shelf at home, build it with wine bottles. Make wooden pieces that will act as the surface of the shelf. Take several bottles and place them in pairs on each side to hold the wood in place. Repeat the process until you have a shelf with enough storage space.
  • Make a planter out of a bottle by cutting the bottle vertically and using one half as a planter. Place it in your living room for display.
  • Use bottles for directions by placing them strategically in areas where visitors may need direction. Print words showing where the path is leading to prevent confusion if you are hosting an event in a massive compound.
  • If you have too much jewelry and it gets tiring trying to untangle them, then use a wine bottle as your jewelry organizer. Place the jewelry nicely on the neck of the bottle making it easy to retrieve when you want to wear them.


It is very easy to save money nowadays as there are many ways of doing things yourself in order to save that money. Decorations have become something that can be done at home. Using champagne bottles for decorations is a brilliant idea that needs more awareness. While you are decorating using the bottles, you are also helping in environmental conservation since you will be repurposing the bottles instead of disposing of them. 

Roetell is a bottle manufacturer that will provide you with quality glass bottles to use for decor. Contact us to know which bottles are right for your decorations.

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