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Top 5 Patron Bottle Decorating ideas

If you are a sucker for repurposing used things, then this article is for you. When organizing those sleepovers with your friends, you probably include a bottle or two of your favorite tequila to keep the night going. After the night, the house is full of patron bottles, and instead of throwing the bottles away, make a habit of repurposing these bottles for better uses. Using them for decoration is among the most popular ways of repurposing such bottles. Roetell offers quality patron bottles for various uses.

Let’s dive into the various ways you can turn patron bottles into decorative pieces.

Patron Bottle for Birthday

If you need ingenious decorative ideas for your birthday, then you are in luck. Patron bottles are very useful in decorating as you turn them into anything you want. Your birthday celebration requires a lot of decorations, and it can be quite expensive to budget for the food plus decorations. Reduce your expenses by making DIY decorations using craft jars wholesale. For your birthday, you probably need decorations that match the theme of the party and showcase your age.

Paint patron bottles with the color scheme of the party. You can include some beautiful designs on the bottle, so they act as artwork decorations. Furthermore, add your initials on the bottle to signify it’s your birthday. Also, instead of using balloons to display your age, use the patron bottles. Print the age on the bottles and decorate them using things like glitters or fabric. 

If you want a memorable birthday, use these tequila bottles to make it one of a kind.

Patron Bottles for Home Decor

You want perfection from the furniture, decor, and kitchenware when relocating to your new home. Some home decor has been used in many households, making them traditional, but if you want something that will make your home look like it’s in a magazine, then making DIY decorations is the way to go. Making your home decor will guarantee you have a home that is unique from any home you’ve seen before. 

Tequila bottles are a good addition to your decoration. If it’s the lighting fixtures you want, then the bottles will serve you perfectly. Drill holes on the bottles and fix cables to provide lighting for your home. You can even make light for your porch using patron bottles. Buy small size bulbs and insert them inside the bottles. Find the best way to display them on your porch. Moreover, you can make chandeliers with these bottles. There are many designs you can develop for the chandelier so they stand out.

Also, home decor can include things like glitter on bottles, painted bottles, dressed-up bottles, and prints. The bottles can be used as a centerpiece in your living room. You could get decorative glass jars wholesale from reliable suppliers for home decor.

Landscaping Using Patron Bottles

Patron bottles can also be used in landscaping. When you want to focus on your landscaping to make your compound look good, you can add some designs to make it even more beautiful. Owning a home includes the exterior surroundings of the house. Most people only focus on the interior decor, but if you put a little effort into the compound, then your home will be more outstanding.

Patron bottles play a role in making your compound extraordinary. Things like planters can be made from patron bottles. Cut the bottle vertically into two halves. Each half can act as a planter for small plants such as succulents. The plants can be displayed near the main door or near the swimming pool. Also, if you want to attract birds to your premises, provide them food. Use patron bottles to make bird feeders. Bird feeders are placed strategically around the compound to attract various birds to your compound.

Birds make a place feel natural and eco-friendly. Tequila bottles are the best for making these bird feeders as they are durable and not easy to break. Glass is also a friendly material to the birds and the environment. Patron bottles from our company are the best in the market and easier to use for decoration purposes.

Patron Bottles for Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, there are many things you can do to lure in more clients. The hospitality industry is very competitive and grows daily. The industry attracts both local and international tourists meaning you need to think out of the box when decorating your hotels and restaurants. Repurposing bottles for decor is among the most ingenious decoration ideas you can have on your premises. 

At the entrance of your hotel, create soap dispensers from patron bottles. Instead of the usual soap dispenser seen in most hotels, make yours from tequila bottles. Guests will even become excited and always remember to sanitize and wash their hands anytime they come across the dispenser. For lighting fixtures, it is a no-brainer that empty glass bottles can make really good lighting fixtures. 

Create a bottle wall with the bottles. In some areas where you need a temporary wall that still allows light in, make the wall using bottles. Apart from blocking unnecessary onlookers and too much light, it will be a marvelous decorative piece that your guests will remember. You can also add bulbs in the bottles so the wall can provide light at night. 

Also, when serving guests, use glasses that have good designs. Service is also among the selling points of big hotels. Order bulk drinking glasses from trusted manufacturers so your guests can be served with quality glasses. 

Patron Bottles for Gifts

When you want to gift your loved ones, you often try to think of an idea that is unique and mindful of their feelings. Gifts are a way to show your love to your family and friends and remind them that you care for them. The best gifts are customized; make them a gift instead of buying regular gifts from a store. Patron bottles can come in handy during gifting. 

First, decorate a bottle with paints, glitters, fabrics, among others. You can then add some texts such as ‘ i love you, ‘best mum ever, or get wholesale print glasses. These messages make people feel appreciated, and if the gift has been made from scratch, it even makes the gesture more lovely. Also, you can make things from the bottles and present them as gifts. For instance, bottles make a good candle holder, decorate the bottles and buy some scented candles. Present it as a gift to whoever you are gifting. Other things you can do with the bottle are making a jewelry organizer, an eccentric flower vase, a picture frame, yarn-wrapped bottles with decoupage, tiki torches, and terrariums. 

Additional Uses of Patron Bottles

  • You can make lovely kitchenware using patron bottles. It is simple to make them, cut the bottles using a glass cutter and make tumblers. Refine the tumblers at the cut surface to avoid any cuts. The tumblers will be a good conversation starter when you serve your guests with them. 
  • Make platters using tequila bottles. The process is easy; flatten the bottles in a process known as bottle slumping. After they are flat, the bottles act as unique platters.
  • Make art pieces you can sell using the patron bottles. If you have a talent for making art, using tequila bottles will be a brilliant addition to your collection. The art will probably make you more profits than you could imagine since people will prefer buying them due to their uniqueness. 
  • During the holidays, make decorative pieces using bottles. Christmas holiday is the most popular holiday in the world, and therefore, many decorations are required. Save money by making DIY decor using patron bottles. Make a Christmas tree from bottles and add more decorations, make a Santa out of a patron bottle, and decorate the bottle with various things and use it as centerpieces.


In many households, you will find used bottles put in the stores or thrown in the dustbins. Most people don’t know how to repurpose such bottles into useful pieces to use at home. This post highlights the best ways you can use bottles instead of throwing them away. At Roetell, we manufacture glass bottles with various designs, sizes, colors, and closure options, depending on what you prefer. We guarantee our clients quality products that are unmatched in the market. 

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