Top 6 Liquor Bottle Decoration Ideas

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After enjoying the contents of your liquor bottle, do you usually throw it away immediately or keep it for a while as you admire the bottle? The majority of us like to store our liquor bottles, especially those of our favorite drinks. If you have them in stock then today is your lucky day because we have some exciting liquor bottle decoration ideas that will help you improve your space and the best part is that you can do some of them completely on your own, so do not worry about spending any extra money while at it. Let us have a look at some of these liquor bottle decoration ideas.

A Whiskey Chandelier

A whiskey bottle chandelier
Source: Pinterest

Collect all your favorite whisky bottles and create a beautiful chandelier to use either in your home bar or even your bedroom. You can use led strip lights and fit them into the bottles or cut the whiskey bottles from the bottom and install light bulbs inside. Either way, this is a fancy way to still admire your favorite bottles as they save the purpose of lighting at the same time. 

If you do not have old whiskey bottles, you can still use wine glasses or look for champagne bottles for sale, pretty much all types of liquor bottles can be transformed into lighting fixtures. You just have to be careful when you are dealing with electricity and make sure that the bottles are firmly attached to your ceiling so they do not fall down and cause accidents.

Make Your Own Unique Glasses

A glass made out of a liquor bottle
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most common liquor bottle decoration ideas and it requires very little tools and effort. If you know how to cut glass then this should be easy for you. However, you might have to seek the services of a glass cutter to get the precise shapes and sizes that you desire for your glasses. You will never have to buy a whiskey glass if you can make your own from your empty whiskey bottles, smart, right? 

Glasses made from whiskey bottles are also very unique and also strong, especially those made from brands that use strong and durable glass bottles for their liquor. You can turn this into a hustle and make some money out of it by selling your pieces once you have mastered the art completely. Way to become among the best glass jar manufacturers!!!

A Wine Bottle Lamp

DIY liquor bottle lamps
Source: Pinterest

Set aside that bottle of your favorite wine and use it to create a beautiful piece of art for your nightstand, a bottle lamp. This is the best way for you to honor your favorite wine. Since this project involves handling electricity and some complex lamp-making techniques, you might need the help of an electrician to pull this off, or still do it yourself but after watching a load of Youtube tutorials which are totally worth it. A wine bottle lamp is one of the most popular liquor bottle decoration ideas that you will find on Etsy. 

A Planter

A liquor bottle planter
Source: Pinterest

If you are working from home and looking for a unique piece to make your office desk look more appealing and presentable, then this is the way to go. Instead of using the usual planters that you have in your garden, why not use that empty whiskey bottle that you have been tucked away at the corner of your office. 

Add a few pebbles inside and place a succulent inside, and there, you have your little office plant. You can do the same for your garden although you might need more liquor bottles which can easily be found online. Just search small wine bottles in bulk, and you will get more than enough options.

Flower Vases

Three liquor bottle flower vases
Source: Unsplash

Flower vases can be quite costly, especially if you need several of them for an event setup. Most party and event planners have opted to finding other ways to display flowers without having to incur the crazy costs of buying vases. The most ideal liquor bottles to use for making flower vases are bourbon bottles. Their unique shape will give the feel of a real flower vase, just more fancy and unique. 

You can also look for colored glass bottles wholesale and transform them into colorful vases for your flowers and even for sale. This craft is perfect for the home too. It also goes without saying that we tend to appreciate and admire the things we make for ourselves rather than ready-made ones. A liquor bottle flower vase is also a thoughtful housewarming gift for a friend.

Candle Holders

Liquor bottle candle holders
Source: Pinterest

Why go through all the trouble of buying a candleholder when you can just use that empty liquor bottle to serve the same purpose. You can place your liquor bottle candle holders as centerpieces on your dining table during dinners. They can also be used outside for candle-lit dinners in the terrace or out in the field. 

You can either immerse the candle inside the glass completely or just part of it as the other upper part with the wick lights outside. This liquor bottle decoration idea is one of the most romantic crafts and is commonly used in hotels for couples’ dinners.

Make Candles

Liquor bottle candles
Source: Pinterest

In addition to being candle holders, empty liquor bottles can also be used for candle making. All you need to do is cut the neck of the bottle and fill the bottom half with perfumed candle wax, insert a wick and you have your candle. With this DIY craft, you can either maintain the label of the liquor bottle or opt for printed glassware wholesale to turn this into a whole business venture. You can ask your clients what they want to be written on their candles and have it printed for them. Candle-making is one of the most lucrative small-scale business ideas that can easily turn into something major for you if you are keen on it.

Liquor Bottles for Business StartUps

Top quality transparent liquor bottles
Source: Roetell

We have already seen how some of these liquor bottle decoration ideas can become business ventures. One thing is for sure, however much of a whiskey or beer or bourbon lover you are, you can never stock enough glass bottles to run an enterprise. That is why you need large glass bottle manufacturers like Roetell to provide you with an endless supply of strong and durable glass bottles for your business. 

If you are thinking of starting a beverage company yourself, then you need quality glass bottles that have been crafted with expertise and years of experience. This company also offers guidance on different glass bottles and they also provide custom-made solutions to fit specific brands. You can ask for a quotation and get samples of their glass bottles for you to ascertain the quality before you make your final purchase. If you need certain designs printed on your glass bottles, they got you.

In Conclusion

There are so many liquor bottle decoration ideas, and these are just a few. When it comes to creativity and crafts, there is no limit to your imagination; you go where it takes you. You can pretty much do anything with an empty liquor bottle. However, make sure that you are taking extra precautions when handling glass and any other delicate tools such as glass cutters. Check out our website for more liquor bottle decoration ideas and try them out. 

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