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Top 8 Alcohol Bottle Decoration Ideas

There are so many DIY ways to decorate your house and one of the most common ones is the use of old glass bottles that already served their purpose but are too cute and fancy to be thrown away. You probably have them tucked somewhere in your pantry just waiting for a cool home project. Even if you do not indulge in alcohol and you do not have empty bottles, you can still buy wholesale glass wine bottles and still be a part of these cool alcohol bottle decoration ideas. Let us have a look at some of these amazing alcohol bottle decoration ideas.

Decorative Lighting Pieces

You can make a fun and stylish tabletop lamp using an old wine or champagne bottle. This can be done using led strip lights and voila, you have your new lamp. To add some sophistication to it, you can give it a few coats of paint, maybe red, and it can be used for those romantic dinners with your loved one at the terrace at night. In place of led lights, you can place a candle inside the bottle and light it up. You can place these as centerpieces during parties and events.

You can also buy drinking glasses in bulk and use some for this purpose. Such decorative lighting pieces are perfect for the dining table, bathroom counter, and for garden sitting area. This has become a trend in most households and you will notice them during the holiday seasons such as Halloween and Christmas.

Fancy Flower Vases

Why buy a flower vase when you can simply repurpose your old beer bottles into flower vases. Start by peeling off the labels and then paint the glasses to a color of your choice. You can ask a glass cutter to help you create wider openings if that’s what you want, or you can just use them as they are. 

You can add a cute wooden frame to the glass bottle to give it a better finishing, and go ahead and place your new flower vase on your coffee table. You can actually make this a small business startup and talk to beer bottle suppliers to provide you with bottles at good prices, transform them into flower vases and make a profit out of it. 

Whimsical Garden Pieces

You can repurpose old alcohol bottles into planters in your home garden. They are probably not perfect for real plants but can be used to decorate the garden. You can plant a bottle tree which is good to look at but a really a real tree. You can also use them for decorative flower pieces in the garden. 

Hanging colorful wine glasses in your garden can also give a beautiful and unique look. This alcohol bottle decoration idea wholly depends on how far you are willing to go to make your garden pop. You will need a good number of alcohol bottles for this project, so make it a point to buy wholesale glass wine bottles if you do not have enough in stock.

Backyard Tiki Torches

Are you tired of mosquitoes nibbling on you anytime you try to enjoy some quality time in your backyard? Well, you are sitting on possible tiki torches in the form of beer bottles in your pantry. All you need is biodiesel fuel and a wick, and you have your tiki torch. Let the wick absorb the fuel in the bottle for a while before lighting it up. 

However, tiki torches are a safety hazard to children, and they should not be allowed anywhere near them. Make sure that you turn off the tiki torch when you go back inside and put it away.

Decorative Bird Feeders

This is a perfect home craft for bird lovers in the springtime. Long and wide wine bottles are ideal for this purpose. You can make a simple wooden frame and attach the two together. Also, you can simply cut the bottom of the glass, fill it with bird food and place it on top of a source on your balcony. Fill your wine bottle with bird feed and put it in an upside-down position so the food can be dispensed.

You can add color to attract birds from afar and have an extra one at the side with water for them to quench their thirst after having their meals. Turn this into a money-making venture and buy wholesale glass wine bottles and make these bird feeders for bird owners in your locality. In addition to their unique functionality, these bird feeders are also decorative pieces that improve the appearance of your entire home.

Wine Bottle Chandeliers

When it comes to alcohol bottle decoration ideas, there is no crazy one. It’s you and your imagination, and nothing else matters. This is why you can have wine bottle chandeliers in your home, and nobody should judge you for it, haha. Just make sure you use beautiful wine glasses that would actually look nice and not just basic ones. 

All you need to do is cut the bottom, fix a light bulb inside, with the help of an electrician if you need one, and go ahead and hang them. These pieces are more ideal for a home bar area if you have one or your front patio. Just make sure that they are securely attached to the ceiling, so they don’t fall and cause serious accidents.

Halloween Decor

So what if you do not have pumpkins in your locality for halloween decor? You can still enjoy this fun and spooky holiday by using your old alcohol bottles as your decor pieces. Just paint them orange and draw Halloween spooky faces on them. Another alcohol bottle decoration idea for Halloween includes lighting up your glass bottles to illuminate dim and flickering Halloween lights. Place them on your pathway and on your doorstep. You can also use them indoors if you plan on hosting a Halloween party. Make sure to save them for the next Halloween season.

Decorate with Twinkle Lights

This is ideal for a party. Twinkle lights with batteries can be found online or in retailers like Target and Walmart. They should be threaded into the clean, empty bottle. Tape the battery pack under the back label or place decorations around the bottle to conceal it. Clear beer bottles are perfect for this craft. You can also look online for clear champagne bottles for sale and use them for this purpose. If you want to, you can maintain your twinkle alcohol bottles even after the party, maybe place them in your backyard or garden area to add to the glam.


There is no limit when it comes to alcohol bottle decoration ideas. Depending on the kind of tools you have and the amount of time and creativity you possess, you can pretty much do anything with an empty alcohol bottle. If you need printed glassware wholesale to aid in your designs, do not hesitate to make your order from us. We can also provide you with the best quality alcohol glasses that will make your work easier. Check our website for more alcohol bottle decoration ideas, and pick one that you would like to try out.

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