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Top 8 Christmas Bottle Decoration Ideas

When you hear about Christmas all your thoughts go to the festive season. Christmas usually comes at a time when everyone is preparing to celebrate and have a good time with family and friends. In that celebratory mood, there are many decorative ideas you can add to your home or office to keep the mood going. Christmas bottles have become some of the most used decorative ideas in Christmas, however, you can add some unique decor to the bottle to make it eccentric. Follow this guide to give you creative ideas to add to your Roetell bottle for Christmas decor.

Wine Bottle for Christmas Lamp

Being a wine enthusiast, you probably have a lot of wine bottles that you don’t know what to do with. For the Christmas holiday, you can use these wine bottles for decorative purposes. Lighting fixtures usually add some character to the room and you should take this opportunity and make lamps from wine bottles. First, clean them up nicely to remove the traces of wine. Put lights in there such as string lights.

The lights together with the bottle will produce an appealing lighting fixture that you can use to decorate your home. Wine bottles have various colors, if you use clear lights, the effect on the bottle can produce different light colors, making your home lovely and warm. While putting the lights in, drill maybe two holes so that the string lights can have an entry and exit. For more creativity, you can even connect more than one bottle so the effect can be felt more.

Order quality wine bottles from experienced manufacturers since the quality of the bottles matters.

A Bottled-Christmas Tree

Have you ever thought of a Christmas tree made of bottles? Well, this festive season you must try this idea out. Collect many bottles and create a Christmas tree with them. Paint the glasses with Christmas colors, mainly green to represent the color of the tree. You can use wires to connect the bottles to create the design of a tree. Some bottles will act as the main stem of the tree while others will be the branches. 

For more effect, you can add some lights so the tree can be visible and exciting. Place the tree in a corner where kids will not play with or break it by accident. If you are planning on hosting guests, then this is the best conversation starter you can ever have at a Christmas party. You could get decorative glass jars wholesale from a reliable supplier for making a bottled Christmas tree.

Bottle Candle Holders

Another Christmas idea is using wine bottles for holding candles. Candles have been used many times for many purposes, and decoration is one of them. During those nights when you want a cozy place for you and your loved ones, you can use candles for lighting instead of electricity. Candles are the typical lights. Candles are known to be a romantic gesture and a show of love. If you want to achieve such an aura, then incorporate candles into your decoration. 

Now for more effect, get small jar candles in bulk to use as candle holders. The glass bottles can be of different colors or just clear bottles with some decoration on them. Place the candles on the bottles and set them up in various areas around the house. Moreover, you can integrate scented candles with Christmas colors to make the room look and smell more vibrant. 

Printed Bottles

Printing is always used in many custom items from clothing to packaging containers. For decorative purposes, imprinted wine glasses wholesale come in handy in making your holiday more exciting. Bottles can be printed with whatever you want from words to images that represent the holidays or family. Since you are decorating your home for Christmas, you can imprint images such as Santa, your favorite Christmas movie, words representing the season, or even with names of family members. 

Make the prints playful and exciting, especially for kids. Add some humor to the bottles so that when people read the messages, they can have a good laugh. As always, the incorporation of several colors will always add charm to the bottles and decorations. 

A Bottled Vase

If there is anything that is a normal sight during the holidays is flowers. Flowers are given on most holidays and special days as they represent love in various forms. The many types of flowers you can give your loved ones include roses, daisies, lilies, tulips, among others. After being given flowers, you need a vase to keep them fresh and for display. Bottles can be good vases to keep your flowers fresh for longer.

There are many ways you can turn these bottles into vases. First, you can use the bottles the way they are without any changes; the flowers will provide a decorative effect. For the Christmas holidays, you need that extra touch when it comes to decorations. Add some characters to the bottles such as paint, prints, fabric, and lights. The flowers will then look even more exciting and fit with the other Christmas decorations.

Moreover, if your flowers are many, cut the bottles at the neck so that you open up a bigger surface. This way, you will fit more flowers in one bottle or use mini glass milk bottles wholesale since they come with bigger diameter at the top.

A Bottled Wreath

Having a wreath at the door is a classic decoration during the Christmas Holidays. Wreaths were used to signify that your home is inviting the spirit of Christ. Nowadays, many people use the wreath to show the holidays have begun. It is also a sign of inviting people into your home. Since it is a significant devotion during the holidays, you can spice it up using bottles and corks. Make a wreath out of bottles and you can also use corks for additional effect. 

The cork can be connected using wires or ropes to make a circular shape. A bottle can be put in the middle to add character. Having such a wreath will show your home is unique and you will be the talk of the town. More customization is possible depending on how you want your wreath to look. 

Christmas Gift

Do you know you can use gifts as decorative items? When people display gifts under the Christmas tree, it makes the tree look more lively and beautiful. You can use this idea and incorporate bottles as both gifts and decorative items. When gifting your family members or guests, the gift needs to signify something special. Gift your guests decorative bottles so they can use them in their homes for the coming festive season. 

You can never lack creative ideas of how to decorate a bottle to represent Christmas. When you settle on one or several, depending on the number of gifts, make them and give them away as gifts. You can even place the bottles under the Christmas tree for more effect. To ensure every guest gets a gift, order decorative glass jars with lids wholesale to save money while still being able to appreciate your visitors.

Make Santa out of a Bottle

Who said you can’t have Santa at your Christmas party? Make the party memorable for kids by making Santa out of a bottle. Use fabrics, little Santa hats, and other items that contribute to making a bottle look like Santa. Remember, these items should have green and red colors for Christmas and some white. After making the bottle Santa, display it in a place where it will be visible for everyone. Such places include the Christmas tree, the fireplace, or the table. 

Additional Tips

  • Use colored glitters on the bottles to make them excellent decorative pieces. For this idea, you will need spray glue, a clear coat, and glitters.
  • Paint the bottles with different colors and add some messages to them.
  • Make a chandelier out of wine bottles. Your Christmas party will be so exciting when people see a chandelier made of bottles. You can place bulbs inside the bottles and hang them in your living room. It will be an appealing sight to see.


The holidays are usually very exciting with people rushing to various stores to buy decorative items. Everyone wants their home to have the best decorations in the whole neighborhood. You don’t have to worry about such things if you can make decorations at home. Roetell is a glass bottle manufacturer that supplies quality glass bottles for various uses. Get yourself a Roetell bottle and use the ideas mentioned above for decorations.

Make your Christmas memorable by using these ideas. For additional insights on decorative bottles, get in touch with us.

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