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Top 8 Glass Coke Bottle Decoration Ideas

Author: Roe Li

After enjoying your coke, do you throw away the bottle immediately or do you keep it in your pantry for a while? Most people do the latter and it’s not something they plan, it just happens, me included. It gets to a point where there is too much clutter as a result of empty glass coke bottles and you just want to toss them away. Well, I am here to tell you to hold that thought for just a little bit. Have a look at these surprising glass coke bottle decoration ideas and you will be proud of your glass coke bottle hoarding tendencies, for once.

Candle Shelter

Are you one who enjoys the outdoors a little bit much, especially after sunset? If your answer is yes then you probably understand the struggle of finding stable lighting that can withstand the strong winds in the evenings. If you live by the sea then the struggle is even more real for you. However, there is no need to suffer when you have empty coke bottles somewhere in your house.

All you need is to place a candle inside the glass coke bottle, light it up using a lighter or a stick, and you are good to go. This glass coke bottle decoration idea can also be used as dining table centerpieces and you can also place the candle shelters on several counters around your house, including the bathroom. Other than being a candle shelter, glass coke bottles can also be used as candle holders without having to completely immerse the candle inside the bottle.


Glass coke bottles can be used for so many lighting purposes. We have already mentioned how they can act as candle shelters. There are also other ways in which a glass Coke bottle can be used as a lighting centerpiece. For instance, you can fix LED strip lights inside the bottle and use them as lighting centerpieces.

You can also make a glass coke bottle chandelier and hang it in your living room or your kitchen. There is no reason to be ordinary when you can go crazy with your lighting using glass coke bottles. There is no limit to what you can do with glass coke bottles when it comes to lighting. Just let your imagination drive you.

A Bottle Tree

A bottle tree is just what you need for your backyard garden. This project requires several glass coke bottles and a centerpiece that you will use to hand your bottles. You can paint the bottles green to give the feeling of a real tree. Start by digging a hole about 25 inches deep on the ground. Place your post, which is the centerpiece, and secure it with dust or concrete if you have some. 

You will need sideways spikes on your pole that you will use to hang the bottles. Once your spikes are secure, you can go ahead and decorate the tree with your glass coke bottles. You can also get pink wine glasses bulk and mix it up a bit. The only thing better than a bottle tree is a colorful one. 

An Outdoor Tiki Torch

There is nothing worse than throwing an outdoor party, and mosquitoes just won’t let you and your friends have fun. This is especially a hard to ignore hazard during the warm months when the insects all come out. Outdoor tiki torches are your go-to to curb such problems in your home. You just need your glass coke bottles with their caps, a thick cotton string, and some citronella oil or used cooking oil if you do not have citronella. 

Pour some oil into your bottle, insert the string and pull it through the cap before securing it. Light up your tiki torch and keep those mosquitoes at bay. Ensure that you put it out when you go back indoors to avoid accidental fires in the home. Also, children should not be allowed near tiki torches. Glass juice bottles are also a good option if you do not have glass coke bottles.

A Time Capsule

If you are looking for somewhere to safely store away your memories from over the years then look no further, that glass coke bottle is perfect for that. For this craft, you might have to add some tweaks to the glass coke bottle to make it more appealing and elegant. You can paint it your favorite and add glitter to it.

You can decorate a few more bottles for each member of your family and place them above your fireplace where they can access them anytime they want to. Next time you get back from your vacation, you can save those tickets and receipts to remember the fun times.

Hanging Vases

This is one of the most common glass coke bottle decoration ideas. Why buy a flower vase when you can make your own DIY vase from home. Start by scratching off the label carefully without damaging the bottle. You can then paint the bottle using different colors, secure them to the wall and arrange your flowers inside. 

You can also use them as tabletop vases to use as decorative pieces for your dining table, kitchen counter, even your nightstand. This craft can also be taken out to the garden, whereby you use glass coke bottles as planters for different plants and flowers. Consider adding water bottles in bulk if you decide to make this a big garden project.

Coke Drinking Glasses

You probably didn’t know that those old glass coke bottles can be transformed into new diet coke glasses, huh? This can be done by simply cutting off the neck of the glass and the bottom part automatically becomes a drinking glass. Cutting a glass bottle is not as complicated as it may seem, I promise. The first method is by the use of a flame. You begin by creating a line around your bottle, this line indicates the area that you want to cut off. 

You then place the bottle on top of a flame, focusing on the mark you scored. After it has been hit up, go ahead and dip the bottle into cold water, and it will snap at the weak point. Use sandpaper to smoothen the edges of your glass, and voila, you have your coke drinking glass. Easy, right? You can watch other methods online and be careful when handling glass; consider wearing safety hand gloves.

A Glass Bottle Wall

A bottle wall, how? First of all, you need so many glass coke bottles for this kind of project. So, start by collecting as many bottles as you can. You might need different types of bottles, so do not limit yourself to coke bottles. After you have gathered enough glass bottles, take your time to clean them thoroughly and dry them out. To be honest, after this step, you might need a building expert if you do not possess the skills required. A bottle wall is ideal for creating a boundary between you and your neighbor or simply just to surround your veranda. 


Now that you know what to do with your glass coke bottles, do you still want to throw them away? If you feel like some of these crafts are a little much and you just don’t have the time for them, consider selling empty glass coke bottles instead and give someone else a chance to explore their creativity. If you are interested in anything glass-related or want to purchase some glass jars for juice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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