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Top 8 Green Bottle Decoration Ideas

Green has always been associated with nature, life, and energy. It represents growth, safety, and harmony. That is why most people prefer to have a piece of green decor in their household to get in sync with mother nature. It doesn’t have to be something fancy or expensive, just something green. 

One of the simplest items that you can use as green decor is a green bottle. You are probably wondering how a glass bottle can possibly be considered a decoration bottle. Well, today is your lucky day because I have some very interesting green bottle decoration ideas that might just be of use to you. Read on.

A Green Bottle Christmas Tree

I know this will not be of much help to you now with the Christmas season gone but you can try it out next year. Instead of the same old Christmas tree, try making a green glass bottle Christmas tree and your tree will surely be the talk of the season. You will need a lot of green bottles for this project so you can paint some that are not already green in color. After collecting enough green glass bottles, go ahead and find a tree-shaped rack that you will use to arrange your bottles. 

Be careful not to overload the rack, so it does not fall over. To make your glass bottle Christmas tree even more elegant, you can add led lights inside the bottles so they can light up, just like a real Christmas tree. I know you are already excited and wondering why you didn’t get this green bottle decoration idea earlier but don’t worry, it will soon be that season again.

Green Flower Vase

Flowers almost look good in everything you use to display them. You do not have to go to the store to buy a flower vase when you can simply make your own using your glass bottles. Green glass bottles are particularly a good option for flowers and plants. You do not even have to change the appearance of the bottle much. Just a few tweaks here and there, and you are good to go.

Green glass bottles also make good planters for the garden and can also be used for edging in the garden area. Have you ever heard of a glass bottle garden tree? The number of things you can do with a green glass bottle regarding flowers and plants is way too much to mention in this single piece. You can also get pink wine glasses bulk and mix up your colors a bit. Start with the simplest one, a green flower vase, and let your imagination guide you to the rest. 

A Green Bottle Tree

I know we already talked of a glass bottle tree, but this is different. This type of tree is mainly for the outdoors, preferably the garden area. You pretty much need the same tools as those of the glass bottle Christmas tree but with this one, you have to dig a hole in the ground to support the post that you will be using.

You then have to drill the post so you can insert the handles that will be used to hang the bottles. A green glass bottle tree out in the garden is meant to give an illusion of a real tree, and some people also believe that a glass bottle tree in their home will trap evil spirits that visit their homes. So, it is not just a decorative piece but also a part of a tradition.

Hanging Garden Lights

Some people love their gardens a little bit too much, and it’s okay; no one’s judging. Other than providing you with natural and fresh foods, a garden also creates a tranquil environment in the home and deserves all the care it can get. That is why you should try out this project for your home garden.

Start by putting up poles that you will use to secure the bottles, and then arrange them systematically by spreading them evenly. You can also try out another technique whereby you place the neck of the bottles in the ground, and the rest of the bottle stays above ground to provide lighting for the garden.

Green Drinking Glasses

How many colors of drinking glasses do you have in your home? Or just the basic clear glasses that are common in most households. You can make your own custom drinking mugs using green glass bottles and use them for different decorations around the house. They can be used for arranging pens in your home office and for storing different sanitary items in the bathroom such as cotton buds. You can even use them as flower vases for your kitchen and your bedroom. If you have a set of green plates in your kitchen, then you can match them up with your green drinking mugs for your next Thanksgiving dinner. 

DIY Soap Dispenser

Make your own soap dispenser at home using a green glass bottle. All you have to do is refill it anytime it runs out, and that’s that. This can be your first step to your savings goal in the new year, so get crafting. You can make one for each room in the house and say goodbye to ready-made soap dispensers forever. This green bottle decoration idea allows you to enjoy both the functional and decorative aspect of your craft. You can even make it more stylish using bottle decoupage or simply just adding glitter to it. Simple and perfect.

A Green Glass Perfume Bottle

A green perfume bottle is definitely a must-have for your wardrobe this season. There are different designs of glass perfume bottles and it is almost impossible to settle for just one. The latest design that has captured the attention of many shoe lovers is the bottle green shoes perfume design that is just so beautiful and elegant. 

It is artistic, and you can see how much effort was made into bringing such a design to life. Do not throw away such a bottle even after the contents are over. You can use them as decor pieces for your dressing table or even in your living room. 

A Green Bottle Centerpiece

A green glass bottle can stand as a centerpiece on its own, especially if your house already has a green theme with green as your main color. You can place it on your dining table and drop a few marbles inside, and that’s it. A green bottle can also be placed on the coffee table in the living room, maybe with a few branches inside or a single large leaf. There is no limit to what you can do with a green glass bottle in your home. This is one of the most basic green bottle decoration ideas that anyone can pull off within no time.


Bottle art is something that has been in existence for centuries, and more and more ideas are being invented as the years pass by. You do not want to be left in these crafts, especially if you are obsessed with interior and exterior design. Try some of these, and you might be surprised at how tasteful some of them are. For those that do not work for you, at least you tried.

You can schedule such projects for weekends so you can involve the whole family and get some much-needed family bonding time. In case you need more ideas on how you can use your green glass bottles for decoration, kindly check our website or get in touch with us directly. Now get crafting.

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