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Top 8 Ways to Decorate Wine Bottles for Weddings

Do you and your companion consider yourself to be sommeliers? Or perhaps you’d want to include a wine theme for your garden wedding? Whatever the purpose, Roetell wine bottles can be transformed into nearly any sort of décor component, from the centerpiece to escort card exhibits.

The wine glass bottle is the theme of metamorphosis for today. Wine bottles are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them incredibly flexible. There are no limitations to what you could do with them.

We all adore the notion of recycling odd materials to create one-of-a-kind rustic wedding décor for your big day — it’s like the foundation of rustic weddings! Take a look at our top 8 ideas for using wine bottles in your wedding décor.

Decorated Aisles

Stake poles or tall trees into the earth to line the aisle of an outdoor ceremony, then hang wine bottles using twine. Adorn the bottles with any complimentary flower, or keep things simple using baby’s exhaling or Queen O’neill’s lace.

Many wine bottles are already a brilliant color, so you won’t have to paint them! These vibrant colored glass bottles stand out from the symmetrical white features and would make an ideal hanging centerpiece for your outdoor wedding reception.

Tables Numbers

Having trouble coming up with a non-cheesy approach to show table numbers? Try simply writing them on wine bottles! The bottles effortlessly fit into most decorations, and the idea is also a simple and inexpensive DIY project.

The tall and slender design of bulk beer bottles makes them ideal poles for hanging table numbers during your reception. You may either paint the regression coefficients on the bottles or hang them from their necks, as illustrated above. In any case, it’s an easy and inexpensive job that even inexperienced DIYers can complete.

If you would like to add extra wine bottles to the scene but would like them to all coordinate, put them all together in the same bottle case. You will still have the wine feelings, but the table will be more elegant instead of more varied.

Centerpieces Made of Metal

Metallics are a wonderful option for more conventional and modest wedding colors. Regardless of whether your color palette is gold or silver, unique wine bottles for sale are ideal for adding metallic accents to your event! Impress your guests with glistening and gleaming décor. All you’ll need is some spray paint!

If you want to try your hand at a DIY project, pick up a couple of spray paints and decorate empty bottles of wine. If you’re combining colors, try to stick to the same color theme because the bottles will most likely be discordant as well. Metallics are the ideal neutral, elevating the appearance of any table.

When metallic wine bottles are combined with a white background, the outcome is beautiful and romantic. While the figure above, featured on Once Wed, is definitely for a wedding dinner party, this style may also work nicely for Christmas décor. More about wedding centerpieces may be found on the next page.


What could be more lovely than a room illuminated by classic candlesticks? Because of both long and thin necks, wine bottles make excellent candlestick stands. Not to mention the transparent glass, which lends a touch of understated beauty. A must-have for any various decorative weddings!

The radiance of white lights emitted by a wine bottle provides the ideal atmosphere for such a romantic occasion. So simple and yet such an effective way to set the tone! A must-have for any rustic chic event. This glass bottle candle holder design is ideal for weddings since you can honor nature’s abundance by stuffing each bottle with preserved delicacies like beans and herbs.

Make gorgeous lanterns out of discarded wine bottles! These lanterns are loaded with rustic charm, making them ideal for any rustic chic ceremony!

Allow the taper candles to drip for a more eerie effect! Simply keep the open fire away from loose textiles and other possible risks and observe basic fire safety standards.

Twine Flower Vases

With only a little twine, you can turn wine bottles into adorable flower vases! These vases are easy to make and would be ideal for a country or outdoor wedding. We adore how they were matched with flowers by this couple! So adorable!

Consider including champagne bottles into your seating arrangement if you want to utilize them to create a focus floral arrangement. While not strictly on the reception stand, this concept here with a staircase as a base—is guaranteed to be a conversation starter at any event. Clear wine bottles may be transformed into attractive and stylish flower arrangements. They are the ideal decorations for your rustic chic event since they are modest yet stunning!

To lend a beautiful, whimsical air to your celebration, place several handfuls of your tiger lilies in different wine bottles—feel free to explore with colors and forms as well! This style is especially effective with blossoms.

If you adore sunflowers and wish to include their vibrant hues into your wedding design, utilize them beautifully rather than cramming them everywhere. You may use an antique wine bottle with some additional decorations to display your actual Sunflowers at your reception. 


With this great Craft idea, you can bid farewell to the usual guestbook! You only need dark black paint plus metallic markers. Your visitors will have a great time autographing the wine bottle!

Instead of a standard guest book, have your visitors sign a glass of wine that you may enjoy on your very first anniversary with a silver or gold marker pen. A quick tip: The greater your invite list, the more surface space you’ll require. Choose a magnum glass bottle.

Make Your Own Labels

Add personalized labels to the wine poured at your ceremony to take your attention to the details to the next level. When put on the table, the wine bottles will seem lovely, deliberate, and part of your wedding concept, rather than cluttered or out of place. Furthermore, this would make an excellent wedding souvenir after the final dish!

Simple wholesale print glasses may be transformed into attractive artworks with a little blackboard paint. Shop for bespoke designs like the one seen above, or go inventive and show off your artistic side! This pair kept their initials simple, but the possibilities are unlimited!

Custom labels allow you to further customize your wine list. Inquire whether your stationery can create a bespoke logo or theme, or go with a plain monogram.

Centerpieces Made from Gold Wine Bottles

For gold sifting, you may repurpose old wine bottles. Use glass wine bottles as accents in your reception space later on. This arrangement will provide a nice touch to the overall look of your room. All you need for this do-it-yourself craft is sparkly glitter and metal leaf glue. This Homemade wine bottle centerpiece is simple and quick to build.

Relish your wedding decor on a budget by using repurposed wine bottles in a variety of ways. You may also insert year digits in cards in all of these wine bottles for dinner parties. Make the bottles more appealing by covering them with glittering scrap sheets and a topcoat.

Used wine bottles, brush, and gold color paint is all needed to build this display. After you’ve finished painting, you may display the painted vials on your small table or load them with wildflowers.


Think of a better strategy and more originality for your wedding shower day to encourage your family and friends. With unique decorating elements and overall décor, you can make this joyful occasion full of joy and entertainment. At Roetell, we make your wine bottle hunt less daunting. Contact us, right away and place your glass bottle order.

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