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Top 9 Beer Bottle Decoration Ideas

It’s much simpler to commence a day when you know it’ll culminate with beer! But what happens after the celebration is over? The next day, all you have is a headache and, uh, empty beer containers. You can’t meddle with nature, but you can put these beer bottles to excellent usage.

Looking for inspiration? Here are 9 simple methods to avoid clogging your trash can with beer glass bottles and convert them to appear like a work of art. If you have a child, you can even complete these projects with them. Now, let’s take a big breath and browse some fantastic Creative ideas!


Simply clean the empty beer bottles and insert some Xmas or flashlights, and then you’re done! This is an excellent alternative for a modern-looking bedside light. We strongly advise! Simply pack the bottle with lights from around the home and create a stand for it. So, if you’ve wished to perform this DIY, don’t rely on my one-sentence guide; instead, watch many DIY tutorials!

Aren’t tiki torches rustic and classic? But did you also know you can construct your homemade flaming torch out of an empty beer bottle? A linen wick, a glass beer bottle, it is top, and oil is all you require. Don’t fill the fuel all the way up to the brim, as well as a suggestion on how to build wick from a cotton cloth t-shirt. 

Stuff String lights in beer bottles to create a stunning dinner centerpiece. You may also surround the way to your event with beer bottle decorations with lighting for your attendees to follow, and obviously, adorning the site with simple yet lovely wholesale glass jar decorations with lights is a good idea.

Wind Chime from a Beer Bottle

This Handicraft is ideal if you have got a collection of decorative glass bottles wholesale. Even though all of your beer cans are the same color, you could still create this ringing bell if you don’t really mind the monotone.

This post’s basic illustrated hand-drawn algorithmic figure will brighten your day. The most difficult aspect of the endeavor may be slicing the glass bottle. So, during that section, pay close attention to what the columnist has to say!

Beer Pong Championship

Is there going to be a beer pong game? Make a simple Homemade trophy out of beer bottles with this simple concept.

All you need are 3 liquor bottles, 3 planks of wood, a plastic container, a ping pong paddle, and some adhesive.

Bottle Gardens

We all prefer things to be wild, don’t we? What smarter way to repurpose beer bottles than to turn them into a garden? This post will teach you how!

Isn’t it true that there’s no such thing as a language barrier when it comes to creativity? So, despite the fact that this post is in English, you may do this DIY. Wasn’t that a little dramatic? Turn on the translation to find out what he’s up to!

Make beautiful tiny gardens out of beer bottles. If you do have an excess of beer bottles, you may layer them together and suspend them. The finished effect is amazing; you must see it!

If you enjoy plants and landscaping but frequently forget to hydrate them, this lesson will ease your life a lot easier. With all these self-watering beer glass bottle plants, you can cut your to-do list in half.

Make a bottle nursery if you wish to farm while renting an apartment. With these clever self-watering indoor potted herbs, you can effortlessly hook them up on your ledge.

Wall Hanging|Room Décor

Mount beer bottles in various designs to brighten up your room’s drab wall. You must be an artist; go all out with this simple method.

Although the Homemade craft is for standard glass bottles and cans, you can also use it to adorn beer bottles. This Handmade planter can brighten up your bedroom or office space. If you’re building beer bottle lights or using them as flower pots, customizing the bottles at home or at a bottles factory will increase their ornamental qualities greatly.

The knot design in this Craft project helps the bottle seem both simple and elegant. The procedure is also rather simple. Amaan Art Work may offer what you’re seeking for if you’re fascinated in such innovative DIYs and crafts.

Rustic design is popular these days, so a simple braided rope beer bottle can make an excellent statement piece. With a few changes and patterns, you can transform them into showpiece pieces or even decorations for large gatherings.

Salt and Pepper Shakers Made from Beer Bottles

This is a really simple craft project that needs very little work and time. Fill the bottle wholesale with the indivisible salt and pepper combination, holes drilled in the tops, and you’ve got yourself some DIY pepper and salt shakers.

While our minds are preoccupied with elegant DIY beer bottle lights and gardens, we frequently overlook the fact that these bottles may also be used as pepper and salt shakers.

It appears that someone has remembered! The writer from S, Pres. Oh! will walk you through the process of constructing beer bottles, pepper and salt shakers. lemme tell you, what you need is 2 beer bottles, bottle tops, a pointed item, pepper, paint, and salt.

Using a marker, color your beer bottles white and use them as a platform for this basic artwork concept. You or your children may have fun creating basic yet distinctive sharpie patterns.

Chandelier Made From Beer Bottles

Substitute your old pendant with a gorgeous and antique beer bottle chandelier since you’re weary of it. Many YouTubers discuss the complete process of making the chandelier in their videos.

 I’m sure you’d agree it’s a very great project to work on. With small wine bottles in bulk illumination ideas on this page, you can brighten up your living room for any event without breaking the bank.

Nevertheless, there seem to be no step-by-step instructions. As a result, if you are new to such crafts, you can find it difficult to understand the method.

Feeder for Birds

Do you like to feed birds? Or do they routinely look in thru your blinds in the early hours? If you answered yes to any of these queries, we have a great art deco cocktail glasses craft for you.

Create a bird feeder out of a bottle of beer! The Craft procedure is quite simple, and you can likely finish it in 60 minutes if you have the right equipment, supplies, and expertise.

Feed birds with this simple beer bottle handicraft that also serves as a fantastic lawn decoration. Generally, the job is rather straightforward, although the drilling phase is a little difficult.

Soap Dispenser Made from Beer Bottles

Why use a dreary soap dispenser if you can make do with a beer bottle? This would not only look distinctive, but it will also be quite useful and simple to create. You only need a lapel ring to transform your quasi beer bottles to threaded versions, then you’re ready to go!

Repurpose your liquor bottles by inserting a liquid pump and transforming them into soap dispensers. You may change the hue and style to match the general concept of your kitchen or bathroom and toilet.


Empty beer bottles should not be thrown away. Beer bottles ought to be repurposed so that they may be used to feed plants, birds, and even give warmth and light at times.

All of the above 9 beer bottle crafts are straightforward and enjoyable. Choose your favorite concepts and contact a reliable glass bottle supplier like Roetell, to supply you with glass bottles, finally, let your inner imagination run wild!

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