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Top 9 Vodka Bottle Decoration Ideas

Vodka is an alcoholic drink that originated in Poland, Russia, and Sweden. Allegedly, the drink was invented for medicinal purposes and the alcoholic purpose came after. Vodka retained some of its medicinal value, the drink has been proven to increase the circulation of blood around the body. In doing so it helps prevent heart conditions, blood clots, and stroke.

Eastern Europeans drink vodka to stay warm during the winter. Vodka is also a disinfectant, it can be used to clean and disinfect wounds. The drink is also a relaxer and can help you unwind after a long, busy day. Vodka drinks are packaged in beautifully designed bottles. These bottles can be used for decorative purposes as we are going to explain below.

Keepsake Storage

After you are done experiencing the taste and flavor of this rich elixir you are still left with the question of what to do with the bottle. Vodka bottles come in beautiful shapes and I’m different sizes. The bottles are uniquely crafted by highly skilled workers. It would be a huge waste to both you and the environment if you disposed of these bottles.

 You can instead use the bottle to store memorabilia that holds sentimental value to you. It is the same thing as people using custom printed mason jars as homemade banks. Collect a shell from each beach you visit and put it in the bottle. Add small-sized photos and other mementos and place it in a strategic position, e.g above the fireplace.

Soap Dispenser

We already know that vodka is a highly effective disinfectant. However, this role takes a backstage position as many would like to savor the taste and feel the drink coursing through their body. After consuming the drink you can use the bottle to store some liquid soap or hand sanitizer. Ensure you relabel the bottle to prevent the chances of someone disinfecting their insides.

 Use a clear vodka bottle too so that one can distinguish the liquid inside from vodka. This is a wise improvisation especially during these pandemic times as we are required to always keep our hands clean. You can also get a cheaper beer bottle from a bulk beer bottles manufacturer for the same purpose.

Flower Vases

Flowers bring a specific aesthetic vibe. This vibe is not limited to a specific flower type. It is present in carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, daffodils and many other types of flowers. If you have been racking your brain trying to find a way of decorating your house then flowers are the answer. Flowers are beautiful and come in various pleasing colors.

When placed in strategic positions around your house they create a cool, relaxing atmosphere. Both natural and synthetic flowers have this effect but many generally prefer the former. Instead of using a lot of cash to buy a vase, fill that used vodka bottle with water and place your flowers inside. You can design this DIY vase in any way you please. The flowers coupled with the vodka bottle vase will have a great aesthetic effect.

Bottle Lights

Equipped with only a glass cutter and a vodka bottle you can create a bottle light decoration that could give established decorative lights manufacturers a run for their money. Drill small sized holes at the glass bottom of the vodka bottle. Then wind coil of led strip light through the holes until they fill the whole bottle. Connect the strip lights to a power source, switch it on and voila, you have your bottle light decoration. 

You can also place glow in the dark materials or some fireflies inside a vodka bottle to create bottle lights decorations. This function is not limited to vodka bottles only. Get enough small champagne bottles from a bulk mini champagne bottles distributor to light up your whole house and spread the aesthetic effect.

Planting Kits

We live in highly populated cities. The rate at which both commercial and residential buildings are popping up in every corner is alarming. All of these people need to have proper shelters and other basic needs. Proper provision of these services leaves us with a really small space. These small spaces are not enough for people who love to nurture plants.

You live in a small sized flat with barely enough space to move around. But worry not, you can still practice your hobby of plants nurturing in that cramped space. Fill the empty vodka bottle with soil and place your plant. To maximize the space lay the bottle horizontally and drill off the top part leaving space to place soil. The plants in this case are only for aesthetic purposes, the space is not enough for food crops


A centerpiece is an item in a house or any other establishment that tends to grab everyone’s attention. The item is uniquely designed to perform this role, it should be the first thing you see upon entering a place. All vodka bottles are beautiful enough to draw people’s attention, the issue is whether they can keep the attention for some time. That is the essence of a centerpiece.

There are a few expensive vodka bottles that have been crafted to do this. For ordinary bottles, we probably have to carry out some modifications for them to work efficiently. The modifications are simple procedures therefore you do not need to worry too much. You can paint a creative design on the bottle using several paint colors to make the bottle attractive.


Candles have various uses. Apart from providing light which they are rarely used for these days candles can also be used to enhance a romantic setting. A candlelit dinner out in the open night under the star seems like the appropriate setting for a proposal. Taking the time to create that setting is by itself an expression of love and carries a lot of significance.

You want to create such a scene but you are wondering what to use as a candle stand. Worry no more the vodka bottle in the storage room might be of some use after all. Stick the candle into the opening of the bottle and the heavy work is cut out for you. You can also pour candle wax into the bottle, insert a wick and get your ready-made candle light. A whiskey tumbler can work similarly.

Bottle Lamp

Tired of your normal ordinary lampshade and you want to spice things up and create something extraordinary? Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to design and create a bottle lamp. Get an expensive bottle of vodka from the liquor shop and do not discard the bottle.

Drill a sizable hole at the bottom of the bottle, cautiously move a light bulb through the hole and into the bottle. Then attach the bulb to a wire, the insulated wire should be long enough to reach a power source. Connect the wire to a socket, switch it on and witness your wonderful creation.

Salt And Pepper Shakers

Storing kitchen spices might be a difficult task for some of us. Because of the similar packaging you probably keep misplacing and mixing them up. This can make cooking a daily tiring task which should not be the case.

There is a simple way to manage and distinguish these spices. Transfer the spices from their original housing and place them in clear empty small vodka bottles. Let’s make cooking an enjoyable task again.


After enjoying our quality vodka drinks we are often left pondering on the best way to dispose of the empty bottles. There are very few ways to manage this without polluting the environment. This article provides a solution by showing you how to recycle these bottles by using them for decoration purposes.

These ideas apply across the board and are not limited to vodka bottles, you can also decorate everywhere by getting red wine bottles wholesale.

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