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Top 9 Whiskey Bottle Decoration Ideas

For most whiskey lovers, we do not throw away our whiskey bottles after enjoying them. We keep them to remember the moments and to admire the beautiful designs. However, you may be starting to worry about the huge amount of space they are consuming and contemplating tossing them away, don’t do that just yet. We have some astounding whiskey bottle decoration ideas for you in this blog. Keep it here and thank me later.

Whiskey Bottle Flower Vase

Aren’t you done with basic flower vases that are found almost everywhere. Try a whiskey bottle flower vase and be unique in your own way. Start by removing the labels and clean the body of the bottle thoroughly to ensure that there is no leftover glue from the labels. Go ahead and paint or decorate the bottle however you want and add some water inside. You can now preserve your favorite flowers in a special way. 

You can also use pink champagne glasses as flower vases without having to decorate them in any way. You can even make several and sell some on Etsy after you have perfected this DIY skill. Once you go the whiskey bottle flower vase, there is no looking back, that’s for sure.

Whiskey Lamp

Instead of your usual nightstand lamp, how about a Jack Daniel table lamp? Crazy, right? This DIY craft is not for the faint-hearted. Your lamp skills have to be top-notch, and you have to be careful when handling electricity. If you are not sure about this craft, you can ask an electrician to help you set it up and you just provide the bottle to be used. Once you have set up your whiskey lamp, you now get to admire your favorite drink before you go to sleep and when you wake up. You can also make a whiskey chandelier by using several whiskey bottles. This is a perfect whiskey bottle decoration idea for your home bar.

DIY Soap Dispenser

Mesmerize your guests with whiskey bottle soap dispensers when they visit your home. A whiskey bottle soap dispenser is not a complicated craft. You just need a nozzle replacement; fill up your bottle with soap and secure it tightly, and you have your soap dispenser. Now you don’t have to get a soap dispenser every time you are buying liquid soap; you just refill this one every time you run out.

Whiskey Bottle Candles

Who doesn’t love fancy and unique candle designs. Candle making has become something almost everyone wants to try out. The main advantage of making your own candle is the freedom to choose your own colors and scents; instead of having someone else dictate them to you. You can use different glass jars to make candles, whiskey bottles included. Depending on the size of candle you desire, you will be able to cut your whiskey bottle accordingly. 

You can either remove the labels or maintain them, whichever suits you. If you decide to get rid of the labels, be sure to add some tweaks to the glass to make it more pleasant. You can either paint it or decoupage the glass. Something that fits the type of candles you are making. Custom printed mason jar glasses are also perfect for candle making. You can even sell some of your candle pieces and see what other people think about them.

DIY Candle Holder

Are you one who enjoys sitting outside late in the evening with just candlelight? You can try out this craft for your next late-night dinner on your deck. Use your empty whiskey bottles to hold your candles so they can be raised and light up a wider area. You can also immerse the candles completely inside the bottles if you live in areas with strong winds at nighttime. This is one of the simplest whiskey bottle decoration ideas since you do not need to change anything on the bottle; just use it as it is. You can also look for colored wine glasses for sale and use them as candle holders.

Water Your Plants

If you’re going on vacation, an old whiskey bottle may be used to water your houseplants while you’re gone! Simply fill them with water and place them in the pot upside down at an angle. Take them out and put them away when you arrive home until your next vacation. How convenient is that? Just make sure to have several of them if you are planning on using them in your garden. 

You do not want your plants to die due to lack of water once they run out. You can also use them as sprinklers, fill several of them with water and tie them above your plants after creating tiny holes on their tops. Make sure you spread them evenly, so each plant gets watered. This is the perfect whiskey bottle decoration idea for your garden.

Make Whiskey Glasses

whiskey drinking glassware

For your next house party, put aside the regular ready-made whiskey glasses and surprise your guests with homemade whiskey glasses cut from whiskey bottles. You just need to perfect your glass cutting skills and you can even sell whiskey tumblers online for a living. Use your favorite whiskey bottles and not just any bottle. If you are not good at cutting glass, you can take the bottles to a glass cutter and have them do this initial bit for you. Afterward, you can design the glasses whichever way you desire.

Fun Greetings

This is another fun whiskey bottle decoration idea that you must try out. Most people use door rugs and mats, even cushion covers to print different welcoming quotes to their homes. You can use your old whiskey bottles instead. Start by decorating them by wrapping the bottles using twines and then create large letters that spell the different greetings that you want to pass using your whiskey bottles. 

Go ahead and arrange them in order of the letters and place them near your entrance. This craft will show your visitors your creative side, and they will want to learn to apply the same in their homes. You can even sell these designs on eBay if you are keen on it.

Make a Bottle Bell Wind Chime

With this whiskey bottle craft, start by removing the labels and washing it clean. Go ahead and cut the glass, then discard the bottom half, which you will not need. Once you have finished touching up the edges of the half that you will be using, go ahead and measure the length to determine the length of the chain that you will use to hang it. Prepare the chain and slide it down the glass all the way to the neck of the bottle. 

Make sure that you include a key that is bigger than the neck of the bottle in the middle of the chain, so it doesn’t all pass through. This will mean that you have two ends of the chain, one for hanging the glass and the other end for connecting an ornament that will act as the wind catch. You can use several bottles to create a more dramatic effect. Recycled wine glasses are also ideal for this craft due to their lightness and ability to create sharp sounds.


I hope that these amazing ideas have eased your mind about the empty whiskey bottles in your garage. You can start working on some of these whiskey bottle decoration ideas as early as now and be amazed at how easy some of them are. If you need more glass bottles for more purposes or you are planning on starting a beverage business yourself, we at Roetell are more than happy to be of service to you. Happy decorating!!

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