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Top 10 Glass Olive Oil Bottle Factories and Manufacturers

Glass containers are an essential part of storing and dispensing olive oil. These bottles ensure that the product arrives to the consumer in perfect condition and is able to maintain its taste and aroma during storage. Finding the right one out of many olive oil glass bottle manufacturers can make all the difference in ensuring that businesses get the best quality glass oil bottles because they understand the specific needs of olive oil packaging.
Fortunately, below is a compiled list of the best olive oil glass bottle factories and manufacturers so businesses can easily find the one most suitable for their needs. Read on to learn more about the top 10 glass olive oil bottle factories and manufacturers!

Roetell – China Olive Oil Bottle Manufacturer

Roetell Logo

Location (Headquarters): Jiangsu province of China, with its headquarters in Xuzhou.

Year Established: 1984

Product List:

Roetell is one of the leading China olive oil bottle manufacturers of customized glass packaging for the food, beverage, and cosmetics industries, with over 39 years of experience and expertise. Our product range includes glass bottles, jars, vials, and containers for sanitary, medicine, home, hospitality, health and beauty, and food and beverage applications.

Their wholesale olive oil bottle factories boast of a mature and efficient production process, including surface finishing, turnkey decorating, labeling crafts, and integrated supply chain management, ensuring prompt development, production, and delivery of high-quality, innovative, and eco-friendly glass packaging solutions. We also provide warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions to ensure timely delivery and quality control. Our commitment to eco-friendly production and quality management is evident in our low minimum order quantities, R&D division, and after-sales service team.

Roetell’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in its comprehensive approach to service. They offer support and guidance throughout the entire packaging process, from design to manufacturing and shipping. Their after-sales support includes quality feedback to help clients improve their products and processes.

The company has successfully worked with companies of all sizes, understanding that small entrepreneurs may need extra time and assistance to fully explore their options making them one of the most reputable 500ml marasca glass olive oil bottle factories across the globe. With a proven track record of success, Roetell’s clients can trust that their packaging needs will be met with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

39 Years of Industry Expertise and Refined Production Procedures

Roetell is one of the best olive oil bottle factories for 39 years, resulting in a mature production procedure that ensures high-quality products for their customers. With years of experience, Roetell has refined its production procedures over time to ensure cost savings and minimum lead times for its clients. They only use the highest quality materials and raw materials in their factory and guarantee top-level customer service from start to finish.

Complete Decorating and Labeling Solutions with Professional Surface Finishing

Roetell offers surface finishing services, including Turnkey Decorating & Labeling Crafts, to enhance the aesthetic appeal and brand image of glass bottles. This ensures that customers receive high-quality products that meet their specific requirements.

Efficient Inventory Management, Logistics, and Warehousing Solutions

Roetell is one of the amber glass olive oil bottle factories that offer comprehensive warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions, including storage. With advanced technology and streamlined processes, they ensure efficient and timely delivery of products to customers around the world.

Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

Roetell is committed to eco-friendly production through the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient practices, and waste reduction initiatives. They strive to minimize their environmental impact while producing high-quality glass bottles and packaging solutions.

Effective Control and Assurance of Product Quality

Roetell’s quality management system ensures that each step of their glass olive oil bottle factories’ production process is carefully monitored and meets the highest standards. From raw materials to finished products, they are committed to ensuring consistent quality and customer satisfaction.


Location (Headquarters): Feuquières, France

Year Established: 1897

Saverglass is a family-owned company and one of the olive oil bottle manufacturers that have been producing premium glass packaging for over 120 years. They are committed to delivering high-quality, customized glass bottles and containers that meet the specific needs of their clients.

With a strong focus on innovation, Saverglass invests heavily in research and development to produce new designs and manufacturing processes that push the boundaries of glass packaging. Their products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide, and they are recognized as one of the leading 500 ml olive oil glass bottle factories in the luxury goods sector.


Location (Headquarters): Mumbai, India

Year Established: 1984

Piramal Glass is a leading glass packaging solutions provider and one of the best clear olive oil bottle manufacturers, catering to a global clientele in the pharmaceutical, home essentials, cosmetics, and perfumery industries. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Piramal Glass has a proven track record of delivering high-quality and customized packaging solutions. 

Their state-of-the-art clear square olive oil glass bottle factories are equipped with cutting-edge technology and processes, enabling them to produce a wide range of packaging solutions that meet the highest quality standards. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability, Piramal Glass is a trusted partner for many of the world’s leading brands.

Ardagh Group

Location (Headquarters): Dublin, Ireland

Year Established: 1932

Ardagh Group is the world’s leading provider of glass and metal packaging products, providing innovative and sustainable products to some of the world’s biggest brands. Established in 1932, the company has grown into a multinational corporation with operations in 22 countries and over 100 manufacturing sites. With a commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, Ardagh Group produces products that are fully recyclable and eco-friendly.

Their product portfolio includes glass bottles, metal packaging, beverage cans, food cans, aerosol cans, and specialty containers like 500ml olive oil glass bottle factories that they produce. With an emphasis on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Ardagh Group is dedicated to providing packaging solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Stoelzle Glass Group

Location (Headquarters): Austria

Year Established: 1805

Stoelzle Glass Group is a global leader in the production of high-quality glassware for various industries, including wine and spirits, cosmetics, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals. This one of the oldest clear olive oil bottle factories in history dates back to 1805 when it was founded in Austria. Stoelzle’s commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability is evident in its wide range of glass products, which are intended to satisfy the requirements of customers around the world. 

With over 200 years of experience, Stoelzle has established a reputation for excellence in glassmaking, and its products are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Today, Stoelzle has manufacturing facilities in Austria, the Czech Republic, the UK, Poland, and Slovakia, and serves customers in over 50 countries.


Location (Headquarters) : Switzerland

Year Established: 1896

Vetropack is a one of the renowned Swiss-based clear olive oil bottle manufacturers, whose history can be traced back to 1896. With several production facilities spread across Europe, Vetropack is a specialist in producing high-quality glass bottles and jars that cater to a diverse range of industries, including food, beverage, and cosmetics. Their product portfolio boasts of an array of shapes, sizes, and colors, catering to different packaging requirements. 

Moreover, Vetropack is committed to sustainable production practices and has made significant investments in energy-efficient technologies to minimize their environmental impact. They prioritize the use of recycled glass in their manufacturing process to conserve natural resources and reduce waste.


Location (Headquarters): Düsseldorf, Germany

Year Established: 1864

Gerresheimer is a leading packaging solutions provider with a rich history spanning over 150 years. The business has built a reputation for innovation and quality, offering customers top-of-the-line products and services. Gerresheimer has a strong commitment to sustainability, which is evident in the various initiatives they have implemented to reduce their environmental impact. 

With over 40 locations worldwide, Gerresheimer operates globally, they have many wholesale 250ml olive oil bottle manufacturers, catering to a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Their strong reputation as a reliable partner for businesses in these industries is a testament to their dedication to delivering quality and reliable packaging solutions.

O-I Glass

Location (Headquarters):Perrysburg, Ohio, United States.

Year Established:1929

O-I Glass is a global leader in square glass olive oil bottle manufacturers for various industries, including food, beverage, spirits, and pharmaceuticals. With over a century of experience, the company has built a strong reputation for producing innovative and sustainable products that meet the evolving needs of its customers. Operating in more than 20 countries and employing over 27,000 people globally, O-I Glass is committed to creating aesthetically pleasing and high-performing glass containers that protect the products they contain.

O-I Glass is not only dedicated to sustainability in general, but they also prioritize sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes. For instance, they have been partnering with 500ml olive oil bottle factories to reduce waste and increase recycling rates. 

This commitment to sustainability is reflected in the ambitious goals they have set to reduce their carbon footprint and promote circular economy practices. Additionally, O-I Glass is committed to supporting the communities in which they operate and has a strong corporate social responsibility program.


Location (Headquarters): Paris, France.

Year Established: 2015

Verallia is a global leader in the glass packaging industry being one of the best square glass olive oil bottle factories, with a presence in over 11 countries across the world. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and quality, Verallia has built a strong reputation as a preferred supplier for many leading brands in the food and beverage industry.

The company offers a wide range of glass packaging solutions, including bottles like they are one of the antique green glass olive oil bottle factories, jars, and containers that are designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Verallia has a strong focus on research and development, with a team of experts constantly working to develop new and innovative glass packaging solutions that satisfy the evolving needs of its customers. Their cutting-edge technology allows them to offer customized solutions to their customers, ensuring that their products stand out on the shelves. With a dedication to sustainability, quality, and innovation, Verallia is the ideal partner for businesses looking for reliable and eco-friendly glass packaging options, including square olive oil bottle factories.


Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established: 2005

Glassnow is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 15 years, specializing in offering sustainable and eco-friendly glass packaging solutions. They are one of the well-renowned amber glass olive oil bottle factories that offer a range of glass containers that are made from recycled and recyclable materials including amber glass. Their product range includes bottles, jars, vials, and other containers, which are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Glassnow also offers custom printing and branding options, allowing businesses to create unique and eye-catching packaging that promotes their brand and products.

Aside from its eco-friendly products and services, Glassnow is also known for its excellent customer service. Their product range includes an extensive selection of glass containers, bottles, jars, and accessories, including mini olive oil bottle factories, which are perfect for small-scale production. 

Glassnow offers a wide range of eco-friendly glass packaging solutions for businesses across various industries, including black olive oil bottle factories, which are perfect for storing and packaging olive oil products. With a dedicated team of experts, Glassnow provides exceptional customer service and works closely with clients to deliver customized packaging solutions that cater to their unique requirements. Their commitment to sustainability and quality is reflected in their products, making Glassnow a trusted partner for businesses looking for environmentally friendly packaging options.


Businesses looking for reliable glass bottles and packaging like amber glass olive oil bottle manufacturers should consider this list of olive oil bottle factories and manufacturers mentioned in this article. With decades of experience in the industry, these clear olive oil bottle factories have a proven track record of producing high-quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly products.

Many of these olive oil round bottle factories like Roetell, also offer custom printing and branding services, which allows businesses to create unique packaging solutions. Roetell is one of the leading China olive oil bottle factories committing to businesses that can get bottles with any businesses who want their own branding and logo printed on the bottles, giving them a distinct look that sets them apart from their competitors. Visit our website today to find out the different bottle solutions for any needs!

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