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5 Top Glass Bottle Manufacturers in the UK

The food and beverage sector in the United Kingdom is worth about £28 billion. It employs more than 400,000 people. Some of the most notable alcohol brands in the world have their origins in the country. They include London Gin, Single malt Scotch, and Irish Whiskey. The common thread that holds the industry together is the glass bottles that facilitate the distribution of these products.

Are you looking for the best glass bottle manufacturer for your business? Let us explore some of the major glass bottle manufacturers in the UK.


Established in 1984, Roetell has years of experience and great skill in the manufacturing of glass bottles. The company’s factory is situated in Jiangsu, China, and spans to 3.3 million square feet. It is fitted with 8 production lines that produce about 400,000 units a day.

The options of glass products Roetell produces are vast and encompass almost all industries. Cosmetics, food, soft drinks, and medical firms are all accommodated in their portfolio. In stock, they have more than 5000 units in a variety of designs. Upon request, they also produce unique client concepts.

Roetell prides itself on a worldwide network that supplies the needs of customers across the globe and pick and place automation. Regardless of where you are located, they are capable of fulfilling your order.

Ardagh Group

In 2006, the Ardagh Glass Group of companies purchased what used to be Rockware Glass in the United Kingdom. It was this move that cemented their presence in the glass bottle manufacturing business in the country. The UK head office is located in Knottingley supported by other satellite locations. In a wider scope, the group has an international presence in 12 countries.

The company’s plant in Knottingley produces glass bottles for alcoholic beverages, food products, and the pharmaceutical industry. They vary from flint, amber to colored bottles depending on intended usage. A robust in-house design team works with clients to deliver concepts that fit their specifications.

Multi-lab Ltd.

Located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Multi-lab began as a family endeavor in 1984. The company has since grown to become a local supplier and is also a notable industry player in Europe.

Multi-lab operates in the niche of quartz and high-purity natural glass. Their specialty mostly serves the pharmaceutical industry and medical laboratories. Quartz glass is preferred for items such as lab crucibles and beakers due to its ability to handle high heat. High-purity glass is equally important for the clarity it provides during sample analysis and experiments.

The company does its own quartz fabrication in-house and has a research and design team that keeps evolving their designs.

Wains of Tunbridge Wells

Wains is a family-owned business that began in 1963. The company is located in Tunbridge Wells and has about 25 employees.

The Wains factory manufactures a variety of flint and colored glass bottles that are suitable for food and beverage packaging. On the other hand, pharmaceutical and chemical companies are more partial to their light-barring amber glass bottles. Niche productions such as dropper bottles and spray bottles cater to the medicinal and cosmetic industry clients.

In order to serve different scales of client business, they maintain a flexible manufacturing line. Through it, they are able to supply both small and bulk orders.



The United Kingdom is one of the largest world economies and has trading relations across the globe. Such avenues give businesses the opportunity to flourish both locally and at home. Some brands such as The Body Shop cosmetics are today world-renowned entities.

It would, however, be impossible to attract international pairing if your product packaging is unattractive. For this reason, glass bottle manufacturers around the world remain crucial to production and retail. If you are in the market for one, you now have a few leads from this list to help you make your choice.

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Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell