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Top 5 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in the USA

As of 2019, the glass packaging industry in America was estimated to be worth about $60 billion. Glass is fast becoming more popular than plastic because it is recyclable and environmentally safer. Further, it is non-reactive and therefore does not alter the taste of food and beverages.

There are many industries that require glass bottles for their products, thus, a reliable glass bottle manufacturer may be hard to find. Here are some reputable glass bottle manufacturers in the USA you can consider.

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Roetell Logo
Since it began operations in 1984, Roetell has kept striving to improve its service delivery to its clients. Its 3.3 million square foot state of the art factory is located in Jiangsu, China. Nonetheless, the company has a robust intercontinental network and exports to all regions.
The services offered by Roetell are structured to provide a hustle free buying experience. With the help of robot cnc machines, a workforce of 150 employees ensures you are attended to through every step. Moreover, their range of glass products is curated to be diverse enough and anticipate customer needs. In the event that you can not find a suitable glass bottle design in stock, you can collaborate with the firm and formulate it.


MJS Packaging

MJS Packaging logo

MJS Packaging is a family-owned business that was founded in 1885. The company has been passed down through five generations and continues to grow. Its headquarters are located in Livonia, Michigan.

They produce different colors of glass bottles such as opal, blue, green, amber, and flint. The bottles also vary in terms of design and volume. MJS packaging strives to anticipate any and all glass bottle needs you may have. Industries the company serves include:

  • Pets and Veterinary services
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Beauty and personal care


O.Berk KOLS Containers, Inc.

O.Berk KOLS logo

In 1910 Osias Berk founded the O.Berk company. It began and still is a family business albeit of much larger stature. A merger in 1983 saw it morph into O.Berk KOLS Containers. Currently, the company operates from a 200,000 square foot factory in Baltimore, Maryland.

If you chose to take on their services, they have a massive 12000 units in stock that you could choose from. They are manufactured for a wide variety of user needs. Whether for cosmetics, industrial chemicals, or household purposes, you will likely find a product that fits your requirements.

A distinctive service that is offered by the firm is assistance with regulatory compliance. Novel businesses would especially find this helpful during their pre-production certification phase.




Kaufman Container

Kaufman Container logo

Kaufman Container is a privately held glass bottle manufacturing company and was established in 1910. Its main office and factory are located in Cleveland, Ohio. The company does, however, own another plant in Minnesota.

As a client, you can choose between their stock and custom packaging deals. Stock packaging would involve you choosing merchandise that is already in their inventory. They recommend it if you’re on a budget. Custom packaging would be ideal if you would like a unique design for your brand or project. All industries are considered and they offer decorations services too.




Burch Bottle & Packaging

Burch Bottle & Packaging logo

The Burch Bottle & Packaging factory in Waterford, NY is an impressive 50,000 square feet plant. It is a great improvement from its humble beginnings when it came into the business in 1978.

The company has a notable variety of glass bottles. However, it is their household and hospitality related range that stands out. They seem to have found a niche other firms have neglected. Some of the pieces include:






There is undoubtedly a high demand for glass packaging solutions. Still, it is equally evident that service delivery is a differentiating factor. For instance, a glass bottle manufacturer that can deliver to your business subsidiaries overseas is certainly an advantage.

Now that you have become acquainted with some options, you will certainly know which firm can meet your needs.

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Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell