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What are the Different Types of Champagne Bottles – Their Sizes and Names

There are different sizes of champagne bottles, ranging from small formats to eye-catching, large bottles. The smaller types of champagne bottles are perfect for mini dinners where one or two glasses of champagne will be poured. The bigger types of champagne bottles, on the other hand, are perfect for festive occasions, such as weddings and engagements.

The demand for champagne is increasing, so be more careful with the design and selection of champagne bottles to help your business grow. Most often, to get the bigger champagne bottles, you’ll have to reach out to a luxury wine bottle manufacturer who has vast knowledge and experience.

In this post, we will explore all the champagne bottle types, their names, sizes, and other intriguing facts about them.

Types of Champagne Bottles

Champagne is the only Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) to use a very wide variety of bottle sizes. While some bottles are universally functional and can be used for every setting, including small and large gatherings, some bottles are specifically designed for large parties and ceremonies.

Below are the names of the different sizes of champagne bottles, as well as their sizes and history.

Mini Champagne Bottle (187.6 ml)

The mini champagne bottle is a very small-sized version that coined its name from an Italian word, Piccolo. This bottle is equal to 1 glass serving of champagne.

Mini champagne bottles are a ton of fun and are very useful for both petite and festive gatherings. They are one-quarter the size of a standard champagne bottle, and they hold only 187.6 millimeters of champagne, which is a little more than 6 ounces.

Oftentimes, they are called splits, which mean a convenient one-glass serving of wine that’s great for entertainment and as gifts. Mini champagne bottles are a perfect addition to gift hampers, and they are also found on airplane flights.

Half Champagne Bottle/Demi Champagne Bottle (375 ml)

Champagne Bottle

This bottle is also known as “fillete” in French, which means “little girl”. The Demi champagne bottle is half the size of a standard champagne bottle. It contains the equivalent of 2 tulip champagne glasses (3 flute champagne glasses).

This is a perfect choice of the champagne bottle for couples and loved ones. It can also be included in a gift box or a homemade hamper.

Half champagne bottles serve as an alternative to mini champagne bottles in cases where just one glass serving won’t be sufficient.

Standard Size Bottle of Champagne (750 ml)

This is the most popular among the different sizes of champagne bottles. It contains six regular sized glasses of champagne.

The standard champagne bottle, which is also called a regular champagne bottle, is typically cylindrical from the base to the middle, and joined by a relatively long neck. It features a punt, or concave dimple, which gives it the strength and ability to withstand the pressure of the bubbles inside. It also becomes handy when the thumb is placed on the dimple while pouring.

Though these types of champagne bottles have the same shape and size, they may be different in density as some are manufactured to be very thick.

Magnum Champagne Bottle (1.5 liters)

Magnum is a Latin word that means “great.” It’s a combination of two standard champagne bottles, meaning it contains 12 glasses of champagne.

Magnums are said to be the best bottles for the aging of wine. That is because magnum champagne bottles have a lower air-to-liquid ratio, which allows the wine to age slowly.

Magnum bottles, which contain 1.5 liters of champagne, are perfect for large gatherings or dinner parties. They help to ensure that the table is not flooded with bottles and prevent the host from corking champagne frequently. These bottles are big enough to serve twelve people at a time.

Jeroboam Champagne Bottle (3 liters)

Jeroboam, the label name for this champagne bottle, originates from the first king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The king ruled the land for 22 years during the late 10th century BC.

Just as Jeroboam means, “he increases the people,” this champagne bottle is an increased version of the magnum size. It contains 3 liters of champagne, which can serve 24 champagne glasses at a time. It’s also called a double version of a magnum champagne bottle.

Just as a magnum, it’s beneficial for large gatherings and dinners, but it functions better as it can serve more people. The size of the bottle is very intriguing that everyone loves to pose with it.

Rehoboam Champagne Bottle (4.5 liters)

This rare champagne bottle is named after Rehoboam, the son of King Solomon, who is also the grandson of King David.

Just as Rehoboam means, “he who enlarges the people,” this bottle serves that exact purpose. It is very functional on occasions where there is a large crowd. The Rehoboam champagne bottle contains 4.5 liters of champagne, which can serve 36 champagne glasses at a time.

These types of champagne bottles are found in gatherings where there are an enormous number of guests.

Methuselah Champagne Bottle (6 liters)

This bottle is named after the celebrated biblical man who is said to have lived for the longest years. He lived for 969 years, and gave birth to his first child when he was 187 years old. Since he’s credited with having lived a long time, he was named after this champagne bottle for its durability and toughness.

The Methuselah champagne bottle contains 6 liters of champagne, which can serve 48 champagne glasses at a time.

Balthazar Champagne Bottle (12 liters)

Contrary to what is commonly believed, this bottle is not named after one of the three magi, at least not according to the Bible, which omits both the names of the wise men.

In fact, this Balthazar champagne size was named years after the Bible was written. The only time the name was mentioned in the Bible was when a reference was made to Balthazar, the King of Babylon (539 BC). He danced the nights away while being besieged by Persian troops and gave Cyrus, King of Persia, victory easily.

This bottle contains 12 liters of champagne, which can serve 96 champagne glasses at a time.

Nebuchadnezzar Champagne Bottle (15 liters)

This name is coined from a Biblical reference to another King of Babylon. In this case, Nebuchadnezzar, who is also known as Nebuchadnezzar the Great, reigned as King of Babylon from 605-562 BC. During his leadership, Babylon became the cultural center of the western world. Also, he took over Jerusalem and sent its people into exile.

Nebuchadnezzar is often referred to as the greatest, most powerful king that Babylon has ever produced.

A Nebuchadnezzar champagne bottle, which is referred to as “Nabuchadnezzar champagne bottle” in French contains 15 liters of champagne, which can serve 20 champagne bottles.

Solomon Champagne Bottle (18 liters)

This bottle is also named after a Biblical character – King Solomon, son of King David. Solomon was one of the most famous Israel’s King with a lot of wisdom. One of the scenarios that confirm this is when he officiated in a disagreement between two women who both asserted to be the mother of a child.

Solomon recommended that they slice the child into two equal halves for them to share. One of the women agreed while the other said she prefers to surrender the child. King Solomon, with his divine wisdom, gave the child to the selfless woman.

The Solomon champagne bottle contains 18 liters of champagne, which can serve 24 champagne glasses at a time. However, this size is quite debatable. While the Comite Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC) declares it to be correct, some other sources claim it can contain 20-21 liters of champagne.

Sovereign Champagne Bottle (25 liters)

This bottle was developed by Taittinger, a Champagne house, to celebrate the debut of the cruise ship, Sovereign of the Seas. The cruise ship was the biggest in the world at the time, so it was worth celebrating.

The sovereign champagne bottle, which is referred to as “Souverain” in French, was the biggest champagne bottle at the time, but now, two other bottles have surpassed it.

A sovereign champagne bottle contains 25 liters of champagne, which can serve 34 champagne bottles at a time.

Primat Champagne Bottle (27 liters)

The primat champagne bottle, which is also known as the “Goliath Champagne Bottle,” measures 26 centimeters in diameter, which is a total of 52 centimeters in circumference. It has a weight of 65 kilos, and contains a total of 27 liters of champagne, which can serve 36 champagne bottles at a time.

Melchizedek Champagne Bottle (30 liters)

This is the largest amongst all the different sizes of champagne bottles. In French, it’s known as “Midas.” The Melchizedek champagne bottle is big enough to contain 30 liters of champagne, which is equivalent to 40 standard bottles.


Starting from the smallest to the biggest, we’ve reviewed the names of different sizes of champagne bottles, as well as their history and the amount of champagne they contain.

In addition, to get the best champagne bottle that won’t easily break or have damage, contact a reliable champagne bottle manufacturer with vast experience in making custom champagne bottles.

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