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What Are the Best Types of Bottles for Essential Oils?


Aromatherapy has recently caught a lot of attention in the health and wellness industry. You’ve probably heard of online influencers and celebrities raving about this type of alternative medicine. And when we talk about aromatherapy, essential oils are an important part of it.

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that are extracted from plants. The oils contain the plant’s essence, hence the name. The aromatic compounds are combined together with a carrier oil, creating essential oils that are ready to use. These are the products that we commonly see being sold commercially.

Using essential oils has plenty of health benefits, which is why it’s a very popular treatment for some common health problems. If you’re interested in essential oils, it’s important to remember that they are extremely concentrated. Thus, storing them properly is crucial, whether you’re selling them or keeping them for personal use.

Best types of glass bottles for essential oils
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Here are four of the best types of bottles for storing and packaging your essential oils:






Roll-on bottles are ideal for oils that you want to distribute directly on certain areas of your body, such as your temples, nape, or neck. The bottle contains a plastic, glass, or stainless steel rollerball on the lid. This makes it easier to apply and blend essential oils on the skin.

The rollerball is removable so you can refill the bottle. There are also different types of rollerball housing that control the flow of the oil. You can choose between high flow or low flow. The roll-on bottle should be made of colored glass, read on to know why.

Roll-on bottle for essential oils






Dram bottles are small vials with droppers, enabling you to precisely take small amounts of the oil. This is perfect for businesses that want to give away samples of their products to customers. It’s big enough to give your customers a sample of your oils but small enough to make them want to buy more.

This type of bottle is one of the most used for essential oils. The aesthetically pleasing size also makes it one of the best-selling varieties in glass bottle manufacturers.

Dram bottle for essential oils
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If you have a diffuser at home, then the euro glass bottle must be familiar to you. This is the ideal type of bottle for essential oils since it uses a dropper or orifice reducer. These allow you to precisely control how much oil you’re going to use.

When essential oils become exposed to oxygen, its aroma gets altered and it loses its potency. This process is called oxidation. Euro bottles with an orifice reducer combat oxidation and keep your essential oils in its optimum state.

Euro bottles for essential oils




Boston Round


Boston round bottles are the standard and most commonly used essential oil bottles. Aside from oils, they are also used to store medicine. This type of bottle has a basic, clean-cut design and features an amber-colored glass. It has a cylindrical shape and comes with various toppers, like droppers, sprayers, and reducers. However, most Boston round bottles in the market usually have droppers.

Boston round bottles for essential oils





Glass vs Plastic Bottles: Where should I store my essential oils?

There’s a reason why essential oils are expensive: producing a small amount of oil requires plenty of plant material. Plus, these oils are extremely concentrated, so proper packaging and storage are important to make the most out of them.

Essential oils must never be stored in plastic containers. The compounds in pure essential oils will corrode the plastic and damage the packaging. Glass bottles are the best storage option since glass is impervious to volatile compounds. Additionally, glass is safe and hygienic to use and is also acid and corrosion-resistant.

Make sure that the glass bottle you’ll be using is airtight. Exposure to air can cause oxidation in the oils, which changes their chemical composition. The result? Reduced potency, less aroma, and shorter shelf life. See to it that the lid of the glass bottle is tightly closed when not in use to prevent oxidation.

Glass vs plastic bottle for essential oils
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Why Does the Bottle Color Matter?

Aside from storing essential oils in the correct bottle material, getting the right color is just as crucial. Essential oils must be stored in colored glass bottles, such as amber or cobalt. The reason for this is to protect the oils against UV light. Exposure to sunlight can make the oils lose their potency and therapeutic effects, a process called photooxidation.

Amber glass bottles have light-resistant properties that block out the sunlight. They create the perfect barrier that keeps essential oils fresh and effective. They also lose heat quickly than plastic or metal does, keeping the oils cool.

You can also store your essential oil bottles in a wooden box to ensure that they don’t get hit by direct sunlight. Keep them cool and dry as well, since moisture can also damage the quality of the oils.

Amber essential oil glass bottles
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Essential oils contain highly concentrated and volatile compounds, which is why they must be packaged and stored properly. There are different types of essential oil glass bottles depending on the usage. Choosing the right glass bottles will not only maintain the oil’s potency but also increase their shelf life.

If you need essential oil bottles in bulk, contact Roetell Glass Packaging. We offer different glass bottle designs, from basic to luxurious. You can also have your own bottle customized for your brand.

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